Underwood, Carrie - Do You Think About Me Lyrics

That first cold September night
You were the blanket holding me tight
You were kissing me and the Earth stood still
You said we don't have to, I said I will, yeah
We ran in when the thunder came
You told me sugar melts in the rain
Don't want to watch our love go to waste
So we ran inside 'fore it was too late

Oh I, Oh I, I'm not even trying
Oh I, Oh I, but I can't stop smiling, yeah

Do you think about me
Like I think about you?
Do you think about me
Like I think about you, yeah?

I moved on to another town
Wrote you letters 'til the ink ran out
When the clouds rolled in I grabbed the keys
And played that song that we used to sing
I met a boy a lot like you
It's funny how he used to sing it, too
But he was always just a little out of key
So much different than you and me

Oh I, Oh I, I'm not even trying
Oh I, Oh I, but I can't stop smiling, yeah

Do you think about me
Like I think about you?
Do you think about me
Like I think about you?
Oh, yeah

Sometimes I wonder if you wonder
What it could have been like
When you're sitting there drinking coffee
Are you thinking of me
When it's thundering and raining outside?

Oh I, oh I, I'm not even trying
Oh I, oh I, but I can't stop smiling
Oh I, oh I, it's sending me flying
Oh I, oh I, but I can't stop smiling, Yeah

Do you think about me
Like I think about you?
Do you think about me
Like I think about you?
Do you think about me
Like I think about you?
Do you think about me?

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Underwood, Carrie Do You Think About Me Comments
  1. Ross Lamadrid

    This song makes me happy and sad at the same time

  2. solafa adam

    who listen in 2019

  3. Melanie Bryant

    Carrie Underwood music is wow gone Carrie Underwood

  4. Kimmie Regan

    I no I was just a joke and u never expected me to take it seriously but I did back when we met over a17yeRs and I no u don't ever remember me or what me in your life and all baby daddy s feel the same way I was just ust a fool to believe. In this life o of love and soulmate crap

  5. Laney Metcalf

    I think of my ex when i listen to this song... like if u agree❤

  6. Laney Metcalf

    I think of my ex when i listen to this song 😢I miss him so much! Who else is thinking of their ex's???? please like if so😘

    Jenna Johnson

    I think about mine too 😔

    Brenna B

    Laney Metcalf Me

    Brenna B

    And he hurt me But I miss him so much. 😪😭😣😖😫😩😢🥺

    Elizabeth Bartlett

    @Brenna B i know how you feel he hurt me but still i miss him and love him so much and i would do anything to get him back 😔

    Brenna B

    Elizabeth Bartlett he doesn’t deserve you. Now that I’m over him. Mostly😂. You deserve better and he does not deserve you

  7. Sofia SanchezWoolever

    love it

  8. shyest gurlie

    I had this crush on this guy back in first grade i am in tenth now and he left in 4th grade and i finally told him how i felt and even though i had a major crush on him he had to leave after he left i heard this song and i fell in love with it and i still think about him so when i remembered this song i smiled!! SHE IS AMAZING!!

  9. Biljana Petrovska

    It's so catchy :)



  11. Matthew Poling

    :-) O:-)

  12. Matthew Poling

    It is beautiful

  13. Eliminator

    This song is really great.

  14. Brooke Bos

    I just heard this song for the first time through this video, and I love it! I can wait to learn it and play it on guitar! :) gosh! every time I hear a new song from Blown Away, I love the album even more! and this lyric video is amazing! :)

  15. jiminsBooty

    <3 Do you still think about me <3

  16. Todd Lasater

    im going through all the songs on the blown away album and im seriously thinking of buying it because this song is totally awesome

  17. Cate Thomas

    When it Rains in Ocala =')

  18. Meaghan Schlueter-Roes


  19. Shallon Nicole

    Makes me think about if my crush thinks about me to

  20. Tessa Cazares

    This song make me always think about if my crush and if he does think about me!!!

  21. Carla Conaway

    She's a great country singer!

  22. Danielle Phillips

    1.kiss your left hand
    2.say your crush name
    3.close your hand
    4.say a school day
    5.say your name
    6.open your hand and look at it
    7.post this to 15 songs and your crush will say he likes you and ask you out on the day you chose

  23. Alysha Thom

    10 people are stupid! This song is amazing!

  24. April R

    I love both Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. I've been listening to Taylor longer, though not much longer than Carrie. I absolutely love both of them!! They are amazing and they are both my idols :) I look up to them both! I'm hoping to one day be like them. I want to be a country singer like they are. I love them both and they inspire me to be a singer myself :) Could you guys please check out the covers of some of their songs on my channel. I would greatly appreciate it. Comment too?? Thanks

  25. Yenah Joe

    This is so relatable

  26. brooke mcquiggan

    carrie underwood in umbelivable just saying !! the best country singer and it will be a long time before they ever find another amazing artist like her !!! :)

  27. Nativa O'Brien

    Why does it even matter who is better? Just listen to the music if you like it and don't listen if you don't like it.. Even if one artist is more country than the other, it doesn't mean that they have any less talent

  28. Sadie Hoyt

    people are stupid these days,well exept me and my BF

  29. Angie Nieto

    i'm younger of what you say carrie is foucus to and i like more carrie underwood than taylor and i'm a teen-y

  30. Carly Duquette

    omg this reminds me of my life...

  31. Catherine Kelly

    would love to see Carrie Underwood in concert she is playing in ireland next month would love to see her i need to get the money up for the tickets first. I agree with you Carrie is way better the taylor but i like them both but Carrie is way better

  32. Autumn Stone

    Me and my ex's used-2-b song

  33. Samantha Dalton

    This is an AWESOME song!!!!

  34. elska1999

    Story of my life. \3

  35. Samantha Smith

    this sounds so much like what i went through. love the song <3

  36. tswiftfan823

    I salute to you, fellow Youtuber!

  37. tswiftfan823

    Taylor was dominantly country in her first album, if not purely country. She has some country sounds, though, and I'm very disappointed that pop-dance songs are released instead of her country and/or folk ballads like All Too Well and Stay, Stay, Stay, Carrie's leaning to pop now though, but she still has enough country songs to remain in the border. ^_^

  38. Mia Cummings

    All in all, these two are different branches of country. TSwift is popcountry with her teen-y country and relates really well to teenagers and young adults still in high school/early college while Carrie leans more towards what Faith Hill used to be trying to appeal to those in the 20-35 age range. Both singers are excellent in their own branches, but it's totally comparing apples to oranges :) Two amazing artists in their own respects!

  39. Rough Rider02

    Carrie Underwood is more country than Taylor. Of course I'm not dissing on Taylor Swift, she equally has a good voice and all that, but when it comes to country music Taylor Swift, everything that I heard of hers so far is too mixed and sounds very close to pop music.

  40. zrwr00

    i'm loving this song... but most of all im loving her dress :P so beautiful

  41. whitedovegrl66

    Do you think About Me.

  42. Trish Bickel

    Why can't we all just listen to the beautiful Music Carrie has to offer us and not worry who is better....... :D <3

  43. laurbear16

    i love carrie i'm seeing her in concert and going to the Q&A session tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  44. black16800

    how many of u want old u tube back

  45. alllUnscripted

    Je ne pense pas que cette chanson vienne d'un film... car c'est une assez nouvelle chanson.
    (I don't think this song has been a part of a movie soundtrack... But anyone please correct me if I'm wrong!)

  46. Henry

    Taylor is one of thousands artists out there don't have great voice like Carrie. But she is the most successful female artist these day. That tells something...

  47. Anna Bulkowski

    This song reminds me of The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks :)

  48. EgyptianPride1998

    I think I broke the replay button....90 000 of those views are probably mine :P

  49. 4ashit

    I'm soooo like this song!

  50. Dyf Mnds

    ca vient de quel film deja cette musique ?

  51. Kailey Larson

    I'm going to her hometown for her concert on November 21st!! Tulsa Oklahoma baby!!!! :D ill finally be able to fit in with my cowboy boots and hat! :)

  52. tswiftfan823

    With all respect to your opinion, it would be nice if you would avoid doing comparisons of two awesome artists. I'm a BIG fan of both but I'd like to avoid any feuds or quarrels that could be caused from your statement. Many thanks, though, and long live country music! :)

  53. Erika Rose

    i just saw her in concert and she is absolutley as amzing live as on here!:) i know i will probably get crap for saying this but..... Carrie Underwood is soooo far better than Taylor Swift. Sorry guys. i like her too but carrie is WAY better shes beautiful and she has a WAY better voice:)<3

  54. Lbjasonc

    I like this song, can't get it out of my head.

  55. David Pihl

    Yeah, okay, I get that (:

  56. Kiranumbra

    The chorus.... Exactly howi feel about my best friend/ best guy friend, Anthony.
    Oh I, OhOh I-I I'm not even tryin! Oh I, OhOh I-I But just cant stop smiling! Dooooo u think about meeeee... Like I think about youuuuu?
    -3-3-3 I love that cute, funny, awersome boy to death!

  57. tswiftfan823

    I would delete it once any feud starts. Until then, as long as this place is calm and stable, I think deleting his/her comment would be unnecessary.

  58. David Pihl

    Hey (: Would you please delete XoomOyVey's first comment before another confrontation between Carrie and Taylor fans begin? I personally am a Carrie fan all the way, but that doesn't mean I don't like Taylor as well, but this person writes, and I quote: "Keep it up Carrie, TS [aka Taylor Swift] does not hold a candle to you although she seems to feel she's better than everone. A litle humility goes a long, way,youve got it all."

  59. Addison Blair

    it means your background which is the cover on the album "blown away"

  60. Jaclyn Smith

    i have a new song for the talent show this year :)

  61. Jonnae Chantele

    I close my eyes, and I can picture me singing this to my special someone.

  62. tswiftfan823

    Might I just ask, but what do you mean by excellent cover? ^^