Underoath - Vacant Mouth Lyrics

I took this picture in the dark
Spinning in lights till we fell apart
So turn it away, turn it away
You don't know what I've seen
The youth is hollow and so are we
They give it away, they give it away

This is what it feels like, this is disintegration
This is what it feels like, this is isolation

I can't find the light
Inside this empty room, I cannot find myself
I can't find the light
I won't let you down, I won't let you down

I hold on by a single thread
Sweet solitude is so complete in my head, in my head
You watch me dangle there and become just a memory
Like they said, like they said
Like they said I would end up

The youth is marching to tear us down
We built our lives here
We fight their calling
The youth is marching to tear us down
We built our lives here
We fight their calling

Take sides, take sides
Line up and take sides, take sides

I'm so sick of you calling the shots (I'll tear you down from the inside)
I'm so sick of you calling the shots (I'll tear you down from the inside)

I can't find the light
Inside this empty room, I seem to lose myself
I can't find the light
I won't let you down, I won't let you down

So write this down
I'm not using my lungs anymore
This is the last time
Write it down
I won't be your voice anymore

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Underoath Vacant Mouth Comments
  1. 1missing

    Daniel Davison > Aaron Gillespie


    bet $5 he couldn't cover moving for the sake of motion

  2. Sam10020

    I don't believe in god. I'm not religious but I still like the band. Each to their own.

    Marco Tejada

    Sam10020 its not that special to like this band and not be into religion


    then you will go to hell, but i guess u already know that

    Andy Arexx-Siharath

    this isn't a christian band though


    @Andy Arexx-Siharath they used to be...

  3. Bakeshow30

    Best song on the album

  4. bobbey smith


  5. Alexandre Klein

    Say what you want about this album and how you miss Aaron and stuff (aka beating a dead horse), you can't deny this is Spencer at its most impressive and powerful. I'm blown away everytime I listen to this song. Brillant

  6. xXQuickpawXx

    how does this band act as proof of God? makes no sense.
    amazing song though, srsly.

  7. Kiernan Morris

    favorite song on the album.

  8. ozzydakilla

    kinda sucks that i'll never get to hear this song live :( didn't play it both times i saw them live

    unr3al Gaming

    They've reunited, you might still have your chance.

    Daniel Johnstone

    unr3al Gaming nope they're completely avoiding this album and lost in the sound. They're only playing chasing safety and define the great line. I don't know why.. They should just scrap chasing safety all together. It's their weakest album

    Alexandre Klein

    Not anymore thankfully. Illuminator, Emergency Broadcast and Breathing In A New Mentality were played last year. It's a start, let's hope they bring back some deep cuts now that the TOCS/DGTL anniversary tour is over. They're supposedly releasing a new album this spring though...

  9. Sean Messier

    I don't mind this. The only thing keeping me from this was Aaron, so I'm glad he doesn't perform on this album, no offense to him or his fans. Couldn't stand his vocals.


    Spencer is a better vocalist, and Daniel Davison is a better drummer. The result is their best album.


    This and Cries of the Past :P

  10. JeffroTheMan1

    Watch some interviews with the band and Spencer. Do some research for yourself, not that hard.

  11. SarcasticFOX

    FUCK YEAH... this is underoath !

  12. ramond baten

    ahhh my 2nd Favorite song on this album :P

  13. The Real MacLean


  14. 999livedlive

    @tdwpuo i aint got any proof, but look at the lyrics arron wrote in underoath vs the lyrics on the new cd. clearly more christian oriented when arron was writing lyrics with them. he is good at music but i strongly prefer the new drummer and i STRONGLY prefer spencer singing because spencer doesn't sing about being christian. he knows underoath is about music not preaching your religion.i am a musician btw

  15. A Sense Of Hope

    @999livedlive dation set upon "What" you believe, will not and should Not hold you back. It should help you. It should make the writing process flow through you. Every band every group singer song writer has there bumps in the road as well as musical differences, But i just cant see Christ being one of them. one of The differences.

  16. A Sense Of Hope

    @999livedlive pective. I am a musician, and if you are as well, then you would understand that Desiring a firm foundation in Christ and wanting that to be the Root of your music will not and does not hold you back. Thats an excuse. You believe what you believe. And while I believe in Christ/God, i can say that it doesnt hold me back but strengthens my writing process and makes what i do real. Religion and music are two different things. One can go on and argue all day long. But to have your Foun

  17. A Sense Of Hope

    @999livedlive sir or ma'am, i apologize if i sound rude and i dont mean to crash into your conversation with others. But your comment, i couldnt pass it by. Number 1, i will not claim to know what really happened behind the scenes of Aarons departure from Underoath because the reality is, we only know what we hear, what can easily be manipulated, therefore giving birth to rumors. And the only way we know is to hear it from the source, "The Band" and or "Aaron Gillespie". As for the musical persp

  18. 999livedlive

    @theaop one other thing they kicked arron out because he was keeping it too much about relgion and they werent having it, he was holding back there musical cpabilities as evidenced by there first cd without him. damn christians.

  19. 999livedlive

    @theaop How the fuck are they proof of that? christian logic LOLz. 666, underoath are good musicians.

  20. Jonathen Hill

    underoath playlist in progress

  21. Corporal Slip-TiT

    yes yes yes and YES this song is makes me want to eat my own vomit

  22. 1missing

    I wish I had a camera. It's honestly not as difficult as it sounds. Fun as all shit to play too

  23. Drew

    @FloatingFireworks okay i gotta try that

  24. azrael77839

    holyshit , fucking amazing Drum Intro xD

  25. crazyinsanechicks

    I like UnderOath just as much now as I did before Aaron left. I don't like watching live videos on YouTube because I miss seeing the red hair flying around behind the drums, but they sound just as good now

  26. majlathda

    @thiscuzimstupid You're absolutly right! i think Underoath was better with Aaron,but they're magnificently fine without him.and it's not just becuz You're stupid :D

  27. Jonathen Hill


  28. Sam Savage

    @stephenarnquist this is just one song off the album :) lol

  29. FloatingFireworks

    @theaop Underaoth+running= epic

  30. xXQuickpawXx

    I'm so glad someone made you in charge of whats good or not. Ever think that maybe the world doesn't revolve around you and that this music was made for people who actually like screaming/yelling in the music they freely choose to listen to? Its hard to wrap your head around it I know but it might actually be true! :O
    Heres a thought, go listen to music you like instead of being an asshole and judging things you have no authority on.

  31. Dan Richards

    @dandaman21 exactly. they should have changed their name when "chasing safety" came out. "act of depression" was what underoath was. this shit just sounds like an ETID rip-off.

  32. hexspell

    the new album is so good, and imho this is one of the best on it

  33. theaop

    I workout on a daily basis and I put this song on repeat when I go for my 5+ mile runs. MOTIVATION!

  34. SycamoreHill14

    Love the flow of the instruments. Perfectly done. Love this band.

  35. sedimenjerry

    This my favorite song off of this album. One of my faves from them period. I had no idea how awesome Spencer is singing. This album definitely sounds different from their past ones but I love it

  36. Kevin Hurt

    I love Underoath to death. Hell, they're the band that got me into all of the music I'm into today. They're probably my biggest infulence. But I'm listening to Disambiguation, and even though I like it, I've just gotta say that they've changed a LOT from the older stuff. Not bad, just different. It's almost like they're a completely different band. Still, I love Underoath, and they continue to hold a special place in my heart as one of the few bands that I truly admire.

  37. ben tischler

    this, is amazing song :D

  38. ben tischler

    @bambam69 and bass covers lol

  39. augusthour4

    what the heck!!! i didnt know spencer could sing!!!!! :D

  40. theaop

    If nothing else, this band is proof that God truly exists. Absolutely incredible group.

  41. theaop

    @sporker90 Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

  42. xOromis95

    @bambam69 there are some drum cover of new songs of Underoath... in the channel of dtyson777

  43. Richard A.

    the end is sooo epic.

  44. ALuna

    @crazyfourskittles i wouldn't say spence is a better vocalist than dallas or aaron, they all have their own style i just give props to the new drummer and spence who kept the whole of the Underoath style almost completely intact. Underoath is still an amazing band :3

  45. Sean McQueen

    anyone else reakon it sounds like aaron at 1:18?

  46. XTXcalVinXTX

    yes i know what you're talkin about

  47. Gabriel Mendoza

    hey our band is influenced by underoath so thanks guys

  48. Louis Mellini

    1:48-2:21.....sooooo EPIC. LOVE IT!!!!

  49. drumsofdom595

    @NirvashZ I'm working on mine, i'll have it up by the end of the week, just working on 1:48-2:12, it's tricky

  50. podolski1760

    anyone else hear At the Drive In in the intro?

  51. Anthony Kerr

    @crazyfourskittles I always liked aaron's drumming, but his singing is what really kept me from liking them much. I'm glad he's gone. They are much more badass now.

  52. tehmadbeserker

    @crazyfourskittles i pretty much an old underoath fan who doesent listen to new underoath. BUT THIS SHIT IS DOPE

  53. Daniel Garcia

    So much better without Aaron.

  54. Kyle Kojack

    First time i heard songs from there album i acually didn't like it at all
    but the more i listen to it the more i see how great spencer is
    He stepped it up so much since aaron left
    I truley think Spencer is much more talented

  55. Gjorge Rivas

    @1821roro Who gives three fucks which songs are tough

  56. Gjorge Rivas

    You High school/Middle School pricks just want "tough screaming" and shit..... Listen to the music and the lyrics... its beauty... its UNDEROATH!!!! Aaron or no Aaron.

  57. thefireman867

    @1821roro thats more of opinion there is No need to call him dumb as shit man really have some character bro

  58. Seth Getz

    not my favorite sound that they have released, but not bad.

  59. ebony

    Daniel is so god damn good.. my god. Favorite song off the album

  60. David Marsh

    Damn, seems liek most people love this song. Decent song, wish I could appreciate it as much as everyone else X/

  61. dude488

    Underoath lives on! Not gonna lie i am diggin the new drummer AND the heaviness of this album!

  62. Hiddenundercover

    This May Be...
    The 2010 ULTRA FantasY band of Awsomeness
    UnderOath Rocks ALL!

  63. Brian Gould

    @cthulukiller how do you put the cds in your xbox

  64. Kameron Lavender

    @tabers2436 lol, actually that's the first thing i did when i bought this album, i popped it into my xbox, downladed it, and went to town playing black ops to this album. lol, great advice.

  65. Aaron Bame

    @TheLightOfClouds you mean head banged?? haha =) ive actually never heard some1 say "headbash" haha! imma start saying that now dude =) thank you!

  66. gamebustadog

    @dljdljdljdljdlj I guarantee your 100 thumbs ups.

  67. Sebastián Contreras


  68. Ram Ram

    this osng has a NICE drum beat! props to dan

  69. Stephen Sweet

    @bambam69 Yes for real!!!

  70. Troy Bourgeois

    @superdude1o1 ANd?

  71. Rob Branscome

    @BIGDADDYDUKE2 that's a great song, for sure in my top 5 from them, but I felt that whole album lacked what underoath usually has in every album

  72. johnathan

    @curaidh That guy with the big mustache just so happens to be daniel davidson:p
    Ex drummer of norma jean.

  73. johnathan

    @alorte4146 Yeah.
    The notes for the guitar arent that hard to tell.
    I know a bunch of UO songs from previous albums and all there stuff is basically the same notes but different rifts.
    Not saying thats a bad thing, because almost every band does that.

  74. Chris Gray

    @SkateSF10 I respect you for that :P

  75. AnthonyFamiglietti

    The last like 35 seconds of this song are just mind numbing. Finally got my CD and hoodie in the mail today. Great day, album is currently in it's seventh play through.

  76. AnthonyFamiglietti

    @matt0trixxx Co-founder of norma jean, yes sir, go buy some old norma jean, he's a monster.

  77. iamTheNinjaHobo

    one of the biggest reasons i love this album so much is that since spencer has taken over all the vocals he can rlly showcase his amazing voice.

  78. Allan Kemp

    I dunno about everyone else than seems to think this is amzing... But this new album kinda sucks compared to their old stuff. I knew they couldnt pull it off without aaron!

  79. Troy Bourgeois

    I love the new drummer. So much.

  80. robertneville777

    @alorte4146 Dude I totally agree, I know I hear some good guitar riffs on this album, especially in A Divine Eradication, but maybe the mixing drowned it out?

  81. Daniel Jordan

    @SkateSF10 Plus I'd rather be a true fan and support them by buying their CD!

  82. Stebokanebo


  83. Luke Fisher


    yes yes yes yes

  84. Matthew Eason

    It sucks how A Day To Remember is headlining their current tour.

  85. JUSTINsingyousuckbro

    @tscoots95 lol, you mean the other way around. tdwp is influenced by them.

  86. adrian james

    i love how underoath continues the band without one of their biggest members and they still fucking rock !!!!!

  87. Eddy Gomez

    The mustache is going to make Underoath beast. That drummers mustache...his fur.

  88. Gunita Singh

    @Exodus825 hahaha right on

  89. A Sly Black Guy J

    Wow, wow, wow, wow! Such an amazing song! No band has ever effected me the way Underoath has. Man, I thank God for this band...

  90. kury906

    beginning sounds like evergreen terrace!!

  91. Katie Lane

    @SkateSF10 Same here. Plus, the 9th is my birthday! :D

  92. Blueone117

    if I didnt know Aaron was gone, I still wouldnt know after this. The musical style of the band has gone unchanged since the departure of aaron. People were skeptical that the sound of the band would be changed after Aaron had left but it doesnt seem so. Aaron will still be missed though.

  93. johnathan

    @pray06 Better?
    More like thrash/garbage metal...
    All dallas wrote about was dying and God.
    And you say those little "emo kiddies", dallas was a little emo kid according to his writings.

  94. johnathan

    @SuperJohny666 I agree.
    I mean supporting a band is cool and all but if the d/l link is right in front of you, why not go ahead and cop that shit ;p

  95. johnathan

    one of the best songs from the album!
    I gotta say, there isnt a song I dont like off this album.

  96. Brian Gould

    @MrWestie194 play black ops while listening to this

  97. h0pesfall

    that's what I said

  98. andresruval

    @Danz2003 lol me too, i couldnt resist the temptation, i jsut got a mail that my cd has been shipped :D im so happy lol! i wont listen to anything else in a long time

  99. Lateralusmaster

    Underoath, Tool, Thrice, A Perfect Circle, and TDWP are the main bands I will spend money on to get their albums and not torrent them. They deserve every penny of it.