Underoath - Reversal Lyrics

Deviate my life [x14]
Deviate it [x8]

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Underoath Reversal Comments
  1. InfinityPotato

    Deviate my life
    Deviate it

  2. Apollo

    Am I the only one who hear "JESUS IN MY LIFE" ?

  3. Bruce Wayne

    Would this not make for a perfect slenderman music video? Just gonna throw that out there for the world.

  4. BeanieIsAwesome

    He's saying "JB ate my lunch", and at the end, "JB ate it".
    Obviously, Justin Bieber ate his lunch.

  5. Drew

    this album is full of epicness

  6. timmytouched

    Deviate my life

  7. Daniel Gillis

    @meganiscooolio Lol yeah. but the first time I heard it I couldnt help but think of tv ate my life.. aha

  8. Megan

    @Dgills890 hahaha, he's saying deviate my life. ;D

  9. Daniel Gillis

    T.V. ate my life?

  10. SeraphBuchanan777


    hahaha nice.....

  11. S21urcle

    sounds like something id hear from nine inch nails not saying this aint amazing love when bands branch out and try things

    Joseph Bastidas

    I thought the same thing first time I heard it

  12. nomoresalsa

    Sickk Basss

  13. rocktheflare

    @UnderoathCHK seriously said. i am soooo impressed by this album, its really good. the people who dont like it i think never really gave it a chance cuz of aaron. but its their loss i guess

  14. UnderoathCHK

    wow.....wow.....uhh...wow. Just when you think these guys put out their best album they will ever put out....2 years pass and they hit us with something EVEN BETTER.

  15. Drew


    The lyrics are

    "deviate my life"
    "deviate it"

  16. Outermainstream


    The funny thing is, "TV ate my life" still makes sense to the title of the song. T.V. kills the brain, causing people to "de-evolve" or go through a "reversal" from having sense to being senseless. Therefore, they are unable to live life productively and contribute to society.

  17. Outermainstream


    Don't forget Beethoven's third movement of Moonlight Sonata :)

  18. John Sutton

    @BubbasLightninggoer I do believe the term is eargasm:

    1. noun. The sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music.

    ex: I nearly had an eargasm while listening to his performance of Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto.


    and shostakovich's string quartet 8 second movement

  19. Brandon Bridgewater

    @sharkbaitstudios Cool! I played the song backwards- it sounded the same. Try it.

  20. Brandon Bridgewater

    Cool! I played the song backwards- it sounded the same. Try it.

  21. Stotle Cespedes

    @unresolved777 wut r the lyrics then?

  22. unresolved777

    TV ate my life, FTW??? =D
    LOL, that's what it sounds like to me, "TV ate my life. TV ate it!"
    But it's still cool, and yes I know the lyrics.

  23. Hannah Cutler

    1 minute and 44 second ear orgasm.

  24. A Sly Black Guy J

    He's saying, "Deviate my life, deviate my life... Deviate it, deviate it" and so on... Best 1 minute and 44 second of my life.

  25. iamTheNinjaHobo

    i wonder wat it sounds like in reverse

  26. Drew

    There is so much WIN in this song

  27. Trently123

    See if he ends my life

    See if he ends it?

  28. Michael Wood

    ohhhh shit that was intense

  29. SIMHA

    i thought it was keep me alive but idk

  30. kury906

    tv ends my life?

  31. Stotle Cespedes

    i wonder wut the lyrics r?

  32. Jon Snow

    @johnhimura1000 yep... with ABR dude.. XDDDDDD

  33. Jon Snow

    they are in solid state now???

  34. seth makitra

    1 minute and 44 seconds of pure awesomeness. This song killed my cat.