Underoath - Rapture Lyrics

Old familiar face
That bitter taste
She's been hangin' round too long
That crooked tongue
So pale, so young
Makes me warm

Take me to the darkness
Hang me out to dry
Tangled in your legs
In the webs of your lies
Lead me to the rapture
Set my body free
Higher than the flames
Set blaze inside of me

There's no turning back
There's no coming down
I'm forever lost
There's no coming down

Oh, I'm skin and bones
Pale as a ghost
Well I know that I should be moving on
But in your embrace
You know I'll never change
Hopeless I am chained down on my knees

Take me to the darkness
Hang me out to dry
Tangled in your legs
In the webs of your lies
Lead me to the rapture
Set my body free
Higher than the flames
Set blaze inside of me

There's no turning back
There's no coming down
I'm forever lost
There's no coming down

When you call my name
I'm never far away
When you call my name
I know there's no escape

Take me to the darkness
Hang me out to dry
Tangled in your legs
In the webs of your lies
Lead me to the rapture
Set my body free
Higher than the flames
Set blaze inside of me

There's no turning back
There's no coming down
I'm forever lost
There's no coming down

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Underoath Rapture Comments
  1. SpeedyCash 94

    2:34 - 2:44 When you come home with F's on your report card

  2. Tory Chappell

    Remember when underoath never said the F*** word.. lost respect for them when I saw them like and he said the F word all the time

  3. Eli shifter

    Its not bad and this is cool but I just praying to Spencer and Aaron so that don't go crazy over popularity and depression or mental health

  4. Cory Fire

    Forza really out here censoring the line “hang me out to dry”...

  5. CityCAT

    He looks like brutalmoose if he was swedish

  6. CreyzRBG

    forza horizon 4

  7. Lex Leigh

    Underoath is obviously accommodating millennials these days. They just need to go ahead and change their band name or something. I hope they realize this sounds like shit 😂🤣

  8. Aries

    Horizon XS, am I right

  9. Omar C

    No man, se fueron al re mil carajo, Volvieron con todo, los amo. Saludos desde Argentina

  10. Rebel Skully

    You just got to drift aggressive with a mustang to this song 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  11. Mickey McLane

    Listen to they're only chasing saftey. Then listen to this. 😢 everyone's gotta make money I guess. The age really shows.

  12. Raphaël pluim

    This the most epic song ive ever heard

  13. Carazy123

    This is probably the first song I’ve heard by them, and while it seems it’s not their original style, this is what I like. So I think it’s fantastic.

  14. ignore this name

    Literally any other song in FH4: im sleeping

    this: _WOKE_

  15. Diego Rodrigues

    This music is fucking good

  16. Fahri Kashmir treveller

    I think this vocalis is kellin Quin 😂

  17. ParabolH

    I’m not huge into newer rock so I rely on bands I found when I was younger. Is this define the great line? No. But it isn’t terrible either. And at some point all bands change, for better or for worse.

  18. Helter Skelter

    Kellin Quinn approves

  19. Kriztian Ville

    damn! the are back

  20. Джек Бентон

    I came not from Forza Horizon..
    I came from FLATOUT!

    Captain FALKEN

    Hell yeah


    You mean fallout?

  21. Shahar Arpove

    Hii everybody this is the Underoath fun site + news + photos + magazine scans: http://underoath4ever.simplesite.com/

  22. Jason p's Gameing and roller coaster review

    At the korn concert last week this song got me in a mosh pit it was great

  23. Vincent proulx

    3rd favourite!

  24. Zell dincht

    There is no pre or mid trib rapture. Only after tribulation.

  25. Thanadol Jarujinda


  26. bootles

    This is so uninspired just like BMTH's new sound. There's no spark anymore...

  27. XGN Horizon Rex

    When your song is only popular bc of a racing game😂 still a good song though

  28. Raindrop

    This feel when you came not from game.

  29. Dave Anthony

    Just saw them last night with Korn and Alice In Chains. Underoath is a great band to see live. They stole the show.


    Dave Anthony man that’s a awesome line up

    Rustin Jackson

    I went so see Breaking Benjamin and the stole the show once again, even the pianist is hype lol

  30. Killem ALL

    Please bring back the old singer.

  31. Kumiko Hyuuga

    Love this album. Loved them live. Nothing but love : 3

  32. Sili Cookie

    This sounds kind of like three days grace with their new singer.

    ᐯ 卂 丨 几

    Similar to "The Mountain" by Three Days Grace, haha.

  33. Pao Cabrera

    This sounds early linkin park-ish

  34. Nick

    the album cover looks like a baphomet..just saying

  35. PrincessAnnabel

    Love Underoath 😍😍
    Aaron ☺️😍❤️

  36. K P

    He is coming into this...think collaboration

  37. K P


  38. Matěj Potrusil

    Marilyn Mansons old wall from SAY10?

  39. InfinityPotato

    This track has a lot of Sleepwave vibes, I love it!

  40. Forgotten Arctic

    It's not Disambiguation, but it's also not bad. Too bad the album is R-rated. I might buy it if it wasn't.

  41. Underground Warrior

    Am i the only one who actually love it? I don't see it sounds generic, it's just something different and good.

  42. JonnyBgooD 007

    Sad to say this genre is dying and this is the result of Underoaths change in music. Adjusting to times I guess

  43. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Thnak you spotify for playing this randomly. I never this band. Wow!

  44. ophelia mj

    DAMN! <3

  45. Shane Myers

    I know this is UnderOath.. but this sounds way to much like Sleepwave. ( Spencer's old band after he left UnderOath)

  46. CptHandsome

    This is what non gmo, self prostate checking, and kale eating ass crums say "they have evolved their sound. People should just accept it. A band cant stay the same forever "

    Daniel! At The Disco

    CptHandsome i wasnt born in their heavy metal times but this still is better than there only chasing safety (jk that was the album)

  47. Kamber Kigin

    This vid gives me Writing On the Walls vibes in a really cool subtle way, yet this video feels fresh and modern

  48. Christian Hutchinson

    Is this a Christian song?

  49. Gidgyz0rs

    Forza Horizon 4 brought me here.

  50. Matthew McRae

    I love hearing how all their styles have evolved and coalesce together in the band, keeps me coming back. Sick jams boys

  51. Bossman Holess

    Smashing pumpkins got heavy as fuck

  52. Its Fynn

    Sounds like throne from bring me the horizon

  53. Levi Magruder

    I like the new music! I hope Spencer returns to his natural hair color the blond is not my favorite haha. I kinda wonder if he died to match the colors of the album.

  54. J Skyler

    audio quality is bad. my iPhone on spotify gives better than this...

  55. Karol Ferment

    Best song from the horizon xs !

    Carlos Anguiano8223

    Did die trying get removed??? That was my favorite song on XS
    It never comes up now

  56. Blaze the original

    🤘🏽 almost a year since hearing this

  57. harry mcfatterson

    Just saw these guys , rock on !

  58. Unkilld l

    great song get going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Mary Watson

    Very cool!

  60. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Thank you spotify for suggesting this song. I love this song wow it's great af

  61. Juswan

    This is AWFUL

  62. James Sudbury

    Wow you guys suck

  63. Hcaz Htims

    Lmao this is so trash

  64. The Sh1ttyGamer

    awesome film clip. reminds me of the 90s

  65. Christian covers not so Christian songs huber

    This is a great song not is good is writing on the walls but still great like if u agree

  66. roguespear54

    Thought this was a great album. Reminded me a bit of Lost in the Sound of Separation thematically

  67. Megalon Video

    They've definitely changed. But I love it.

  68. Travis T-Bone

    Is it just me, or does this song kinda sound like Redlight king - Bullet in my hand??

  69. Nico K.

    Sometimes the voice sounds like Nickelback lmao🤣

  70. Nasser Shehadeh

    This song is great.

  71. Leon Subbotsky

    very good. addictive

  72. Bora Dincel

    get over it haters

  73. Savage Art

    I came here from forza 4

  74. Avarice

    This one of the dopest music videos.

    I like how they've kept that refined style from Disambiguation but added more fire to it.
    Fucking brutal.

  75. GhastBA

    They offer something new, and people is disagree. For me still sound underoth thanks.

  76. Doris G.


  77. Mike Lemley

    This isn't underoath. Idc what they say, this is garbage.
    they're lying to themselves underoath. Lol

    Daniel DelaCruz

    Mike Lemley are you the same person that you were 10 years ago? Most things change in that amount of time.

  78. Secular Spectator

    Is that you Filter?

  79. Adamisonfire

    Everybody is a fuckin critic nowadays. Just shut up and listen and knock off all the bullshit negativity. Any of you fuckers hating on them do any better? Ya, didn't think so.

  80. Paul DM

    glad that they're back. although I loved their old albums especially Disambiguation, Chasing Safety & The Changing of Times.

  81. Cemal Özdemir


  82. Takiii_kun




    PDTA: ¿Alguien de latinoamérica? Like y país... :v

    Juan Carlos

    Yo también los amoo, soy de Honduras

  84. Seth Samples

    Hi! I’m a HUGE Underoath fan! Except the new album is too different, and they cuss. And the first two albums are too weird. And The Changing of Times is barely listenable. They’re only Chasing Safety’s production is really bad. Lost In The Sound Of Separation is too heavy and frantic. Disambiguation doesn’t have Aaron. I only like Define The Great Line.

  85. Oleg Desiatko

    вот молодцы , распались , а теперь воскресли и разнесли обалденный альбом

  86. Jack Marston Child

    THIS WAS OUR FIGHT SCENE MUSIC AT THEATER yesterday 450 people enjoyed our work

  87. Bayram Mammadli

    Great 😍😍😍 I Love Underoath ❤🤘❤ from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 🇪🇺

  88. Samantha Girard

    This is epic. People complain too much. If you don’t like their new style, don’t listen.

  89. AWS OPS

    So goood great job guys. This whole album sticks in my head. I sing all these songs without meaning to. Which means you have created something worth remembering. Kudos guys Kudos.

  90. nick drew

    I remember going seeing them live did not know how thay were came a fan of them right when I hard them

  91. Off Hills

    This band is really awesome

  92. Pedro Laporaes

    i like underoath... Brazil tour????

  93. jesse hayes

    Wow... terrible

  94. JustPressPlay

    Ok so I know the band hates the video... which is their choice, I respect it. That said, I freaking love it. The symbolism here is just mind-blowing.

  95. Sergio Ramirez

    he who hasnt gone through some crazy shit in their life may cast the 1st stone. People This is definitely Underoath. Hear the music listen to the lyrics and FEEL the passion! They have continued that solid passion 💪 to this very album. It’s an art you can’t just make out of thin air it takes sacrifice and beatings from life to understand it. This album you can feel it and we need to share it with our new generation of listeners. Thank you Underoath for sharing your passion with us. 🙏 much love ❤️ keep going we need you to keep inspiring us!

  96. lluri corey

    Por mucho y jamás superado
    El mejor trabajo de ellos es
    Define the great line

  97. Samm Gerling


  98. 1298 Tomcat

    From flatout2 to forza horizon 4 👌

  99. MayTheLordDeliverUsAll

    This is Underøath?


    they blamed god for their drug addiction