Underoath - My Deteriorating Incline Lyrics

Where Am I
Someone please turn on the light
I'm not fine, I'm not fine
How can I find my way from this little cellar they call life

Down here I tear out my veins and tie them to the chair
This goes on and on and on
Unraveled in contortions, I run for the door
This goes on and on and on

Hold on to my own destruction
I fall face first, I fall face first
Watch me descend, I'm on display
This cycle of human decay
I feel it lurking in the corners
I watch it tracking up my arm

I am the anchor, I am the anchor
I am the anchor, I am the anchor
Bound to my existence, bound to my existence

I make peace with the parasites I live among
Paralyzed, I watch them colonize as I sit here and just fall apart

The beggars and choosers are all the same
The default reaction will never change
So I catch a glimpse of my own reflection
From a shard of glass left on the floor
The beggars and choosers are all the same
The default reaction will never change

It's time to restart
Reassemble what's left of my body
It's time to restart
Pick me up and walk away

Uproot the anchor, Uproot the anchor
Uproot the anchor, Uproot the anchor
Walk right out the door, Walk right out the door

I'll change for the better
It can't get much worse
I'll swallow my own pride
And then accept defeat
Accept defeat
Accept defeat

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Underoath My Deteriorating Incline Comments
  1. Jahrell Gardner

    Where am I?!! The intro makes me dance spastically

  2. Tristan Lindsey

    2:36 -- that breakdown, my lord!!! UPROOT THE ANCHOR!

  3. bobbey smith

    fucking amazing!

  4. Endseeking

    Does this song remind anyone but me of the parable of the prodigal son?

  5. scott olsen

    Lol, are you serious?

  6. Alexandre Klein

    Still this this kinda Poison The Well-y (similar clean vocals and the bit at 0:16 sounds so much like them too which is a good thing)

  7. tonyAJ420

    Actually its their best album

  8. scott olsen

    Only good song on this shitty record

  9. Jøseph Mui

    My neighbors must hate me.

  10. The Real MacLean

    you mean TWO of this sickest guitar hooks

  11. Skylar Rice

    Great video. Definitely like how the lyrics and intro are displayed.

  12. The Real MacLean

    buy the album from the store and listen to it with high quality speakers

  13. EMANUELsonic

    "ON AND OND AND ON!!!!!
    HOLD ON!!!!!HOLD ON!!!!HOLD ON!!!!HOLD ON!!!"
    I love scream this part

  14. DinosllGollRAWR

    Best Underoath album to date!! Now dont get me wrong i know that Define The Great Line was good but i love this album soooo much more. Why you ask? well thats simple, Underoath has somehow managed to create such a unique and awesome sound and not many people or bands can say that!

  15. aligatorsandcrickets

    @BigGangsterDan its easy even in drums!!!!(if thats what you mean).,., lol

  16. Daniel Barrera

    This song is hard yo!

  17. dewinged420

    for some reason it gives me an old Deftones feeling.

  18. dewinged420

    definitely my favorite off of Disambiguation. Spencer is a fuckin beast.

  19. Moshi, yo

    @hoods444 Definately best song on the album!!

  20. kury906

    @Tylerfeague not even close bud. that was death metal.

  21. Alex Zurita

    This song has one of the sickest guitar hooks I have ever heard from an UO song. The groove is just fucking stunning.