Underoath - It Has To Start Somewhere Lyrics

If my tongue is the blade
Then your hand is the gun
One of us ain't going home tonight

If my tongue is the blade
Then your hand is the gun
One of us ain't going home tonight

This is what fear tastes like
Go ahead and make me numb

No way around it, no one inside
I was never listening 'cause you were never right
Never right

You've got me wrong
How did we end up like this?
I've lost myself
Please, God, give me a chance
You've got me wrong
This is all so damn useless
I'm done with you
I'm done - this is so damn useless

I don't believe at all
That I'm the monster you make me

Don't understand it
Don't need your grace
You were never listening
To the words I said

You've got me wrong
How did we end up like this?
I've lost myself
Please, God, give me a chance
You've got me wrong
This is all so damn useless
I'm done with you
I'm done - this is so damn useless

If my tongue is the blade
Then your hand is the gun
One of us ain't going home tonight

You've got me wrong
How did we end up like this?
I've lost myself
Please, God, give me a chance
You've got me wrong
This is all so damn useless
I'm done with you
I'm done - this is so damn useless

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Underoath It Has To Start Somewhere Comments
  1. Omar Cardenas


  2. porcupine tree

    The first underoath song I heard. Wish I'd discovered them earlier. I was living under the rock of comfort all this while.

  3. Hanz Christian Caño

    what is happening to them?

  4. ChonchentTV

    My friend brought me here

  5. dylan parrott

    this album kinda grew on me (I thought it was ok but I kinda see what they doing when I saw their documentary) this song is dope

  6. DKong1026

    Fuck yes new Underoath

  7. Karen Rae Doll

    Can't these guys EVER play and write some good lyrics? Sounds like a bunch of angry animals banging on garbage cans. All of this stinks just like Garbage. Hard to believe that these cans will be playing with Alice & Chains, a whole different league of their own. I'm selling all our tickets for Tinley Park concert on the 21st of August, unless Alice & Chains play first!

  8. Miss Swan

    As a son of a man who has struggled with religion and pleasing others, this song elicits how I personally feel about organized religion and the concept of God in general. If the rest of the album was like this, I would have bought this in a heartbeat, but sadly this album is a BMTH-lite ripoff. ,

  9. Ri2nonerok

    Fearless, maybe you can give some love to Davjs for the music video made for this track? Its just as badass as this song.

  10. Renegade Music

    I don't believe at all, that I'm the monster you make me.

  11. Jim Ell O'Neal

    I need Underoath to know what it means to me to make this album. :')

  12. Vernon Erasmus

    I have each and every Underoath album.. Erase me is not one i will be owning. Maybe make it instrumental and i will buy it. Lyrics is trash. Spencer use to be a good Vocalist not sure who is writing the songs now or maybe because they change record label or what it is. But not my vibe anymore and its crap. So much talent down the drain..


    Vernon Erasmus what dont you like about it? The singing style or lyrics? His vocal and singing is pretty badass. I dont like nu metal etc. And I see this being somewhat nu metally. F**** it, in hooked on this whole album except the last song.

    Vernon Erasmus

    @Ri2nonerok ya it feels kinda nu metal to me aswel.. but the music is good its just the lyrics that gets to me a bit.. if i have to go and compare it with their older stuff.. i guess i just need to get use to it.. i donno..


    actually I do like the last song now, i gave it a try. Sometimes reviews influence my taste as well haha, after reviewing some critiques i can see maybe one or 2 songs might not have been as similar in taste as the previ. However, when thinking about the wongwriting for this album, it might have been the necessary evil to omit some of the original writers on this album to give the rest a chance to make an album on their own. In other words, cant wait for the next album where all can possibly write on it.

  13. Ry Guy

    I think this album would have gotten less hate if they choose different singles. I bet most of the haters haven't heard the full album.

  14. Jennifer Smrekar

    Looking forward to seeing what these guys have to offer March 20th in Moline Illinois with Breaking Benjamin....Can't f**king wait!!

  15. Aya Afterlife

    They were amazing at Warped Tour! They ended my show in Toronto, how incredible ❤️

  16. Jonathan Worley

    Focal point knock-offs

  17. Off Hills

    This band is actually goood

  18. Jeremy Seal

    Is this song anti-God? I feel that this song is blasphemous. I listen to many non-christiwn bands, but I don't like to support anti-God bands. How is Chris ok with the lyrics on this album?

    Raven Hopkins

    Well he's not a Christian, and this was never a Christian band. He grew put of the dogma and sees life outside of the Christian bubble.


    Raven Hopkins How can you be in a touring rock band with all groupies and drugs out there and recieve gods grace?

    N. Joshua Perkins

    What about Aaron Gillespie?

  19. Thirdai_

    Anyone hating on underoath are all fucking turbo virgins.. i've been listening to underoth since Dallas.. and since they were playing shows in random churches around ocala, FL defuniak springs, FL all the way to Alabama... go listen to fucking Skillet.

  20. Klaus Kelberson

    I did not understand the lyrics... I thought they were Christians, but it got weird. Could someone explain?

    Psymon Says

    Klaus Kelberson watch their 3 thoughts on Christianity video and then you’ll see what’s going on

    Klaus Kelberson

    @Psymon Says I'll watch it. Thanks!


    You cant be in a rock band touring w groupies and drugs everywhere and read the bible in peace lmao.

  21. Draike

    Fearless, better promote these guys. The rest of your line up is generic regurgitation. Somehow, Underoath still shines despite the changes and years.


    Draike theyre fuckin veterans. This is Fearless only chance.

  22. Andrew Lashkov

    Это, пожалуй, самый мощный, сбалансированный альбом группы да и вообще, этого 2018 года! Вышка!

  23. Miguel Noyola

    Such a great start! This record would have been perfect put Define the Great Line.


    Miguel Noyola imo define the great line is nothing compared to this

  24. StrikeAgainstMusic

    Heared that song first while playing Warframe, that intro sound sounds like some of its ingame Ambient, so it took a whil for me to get it actually belongs to the song :D

  25. JonathanWolf

    méga puissance nice * *

  26. Taylor Renae

    This entire album is their best, and so underrated and wrongfully hated. I loved the album from the get go, but watching interviews and seeing how this album came to be, and how I've matured right along with these dudes, me being the same age as them, and have grown up with these guys. It makes it to where it my favorite musical album of all time.

    Matthew Stroble

    This is better than changing of the times and chasing safety? Really.

    Jordan Pisacreta

    Have you listened to dtgl or litsos


    Matthew Stroble this is up there is chasing safety. Been jamming the whole album this week

  27. andrewisdizzy

    This track is incredible

  28. Jacob Nathan

    I was disappointed in this album like everyone else sure, but I still like it a lot. It grew on me. But if this song had been the first single released I'm sure the album as a whole would've gotten way more traction. I was at the show in Corpus and 1/4 of the crowd bailed halfway through the show cause they were so pissed at all the new songs being played. I've never seen anything like it. And I just keep thinking if the album had been more like this song that shit wouldn't have happened.


    Jacob Nathan the entire album is sick as f*** and just as good. The people walking off are just pissed they arent in highschool anymore. Underoath did excellent with this new album.

  29. Iwa Meta Cat

    yesss!!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!

  30. Andrew McCamy

    "We're here, and we're fucking shit up." Underoath, 2018.

  31. Darren The Tuber

    This is a pretty bold song, an angry fuck you to god, from the guy whose last efforts (Aaron) were praise and worship albums

  32. Johnny Sahn

    "Don't need your grace
    You were never listening
    To the words I said"
    I wouldn't want to be called a Christian band with these thoughts in my mind either


    The lyrics are not linear in this song. I know what ur saying tho’

  33. Robert Juarez

    This is my favorite song on the entire album! ^-^

  34. Daphne F. López

    Thank youuuu! Underoath por regresar a nuestras vidas.

  35. Just A Hufflepunk

    I am going to listen to this song every time I start something new

  36. Carlos Campos

    it's definitely growing on me, kudos Undeoath

  37. Leroy Najatahn

    This song is liberally an angry letter to God. The presentation is STELLAR (thumbs up emoji here).


    Dear god why do you think im bad? Ohh baby keep suckin while i snort this and get ready for my next show.

  38. Lord Megatron

    it's all worth reaching for

  39. diuxdrums

    5 songs of the new album should be like sunburn songs and then it will legendary album. At this moment its just correct.

  40. Cecilia Garza


  41. Nicolas González

    What a perfect opening track

  42. Daniel Cortes

    So perfect song thank you underoath- for share your world with us

  43. Joey Edward Stock

    Great Song

  44. RaffesP GaminG

    insane song 🤘🏿

  45. mastrgamr

    Easily best song on the album. kthx

  46. Ryan M

    hell fucking yes. Toronto warped lets go

  47. emocobra666

    Good good song

  48. mitch strange

    sounds like...the devil wears prada ...with post hardcore rythms, sounds good for me.

    Michael Canada

    mitch strange prada was influenced by underoath

    mitch strange

    Michael Canada oh.. thanks for the info dude!

  49. Pavol Janík

    What a beautiful song to start the album with. This song summarizes Underoath

  50. htttp. lamentation

    noticed again c:

  51. Norman Folkes

    Noo fairrr u guys said april 20th... im dyinggggg

  52. BigBig5

    Great opening song for the new album.

  53. THSNDS

    It has to start sometime
    What better place than here
    What better time than now

  54. Brenton Judd

    This album started strong and sure as hell finished strong

  55. Isabella Rodriguez

    yess yess yessss

  56. htttp. lamentation


  57. Jhonatan Lemache

    Me encanta oír a un underoath que suena a Underoath!

  58. Tiffanee Blue

    If my tongue is the blade
    Then your hand is the gun
    One of us ain't going home tonight


    Those are some great lyrics.

  59. Jerry Mouse

    Ok, ok.. nice, this is refreshing. I was kinda worried after the rapture single lol 👍👌

  60. Luffy Joke.

    Chris's work on this album has been fantastic. the electronics are pure pleasure. Pay attention to 2:08 all the way to the drop at 2:29 and onwards. Heaven.

    Joseph Bastidas

    Luffy Joke Central Seriously. He was one of the highlights on the record

    Jonathan galvão

    For sure. He learned to play finally (or he had little space on the band due to "guitarristics" tendencies) and I am loving it.

    Mark Lenon

    seriously!! he creates such a mood for the production!!!

  61. Anton Sanchez

    Easily the best song on the album

    Michael Canada

    Anton Sanchez agreed

    dingus malingus

    No frames a close second

  62. Cool Spartan

    Uma das melhores músicas do álbum

  63. Dhiego Gracieti

    BR porraaaaaa!!!!

  64. G a b ý

    Primer comentario español :v

    Angel Cervantes

    Gabriel TMLDark orale, estaba preocupado por eso

    Erick Fuentes

    Gabriel TMLDark no podía faltar un pac man :v

  65. Joey Bingham

    This has the signature UO sound. What an opener.

    Jesse Clark

    First impressions don’t like... will see later

  66. htttp. lamentation

    i like wake me the best so far, i wonder if me spamming is annoying or instresting

  67. skovie

    My favorite song on the album so far.

  68. Athos Oliver

    Aqui tbm 🇧🇷

    Dhiego Gracieti

    Athos Oliver É claro que tem... BR com bom gosto da aqui com certeza!!!!

    Felipe Pires

    Bora discutir sobre o disco na página/grupo do Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/underoathbrasil ;)

    O famoso crime

    Opa com certeza, o som desses caras é bem parecido com BMTH

  69. Jason Krane


  70. Douglas Alves

    The name changed!?


    What do you mean?


    Douglas Alves the name of what? Underøath has always been called like that and the album was also planned to be called 'erase me'