Underoath - A Divine Eradication Lyrics

Between motionless and this retched state of digression
Treading on the line that I drew from my own compliance
Let me feel it rain down
I cannot wait any longer
Let's get something straight
I am not, no I am not who you made me out to be

It's the awakening of my bodies inner consciousness
The fraction of my sleepless numb existence

Rain down now, on me
Rain down now, on me

Pick and pull apart my limbs
Push me down now from your throne
Oh, I feel it now
Drag me down now to the floor
Press the point into my skin
Oh, I feel it now
Oh, I feel it now

Something will have to collide
To end the constant spinning of cycles strung together
And I'm crawling in the streets
Where is my fix
Where is my fix
Where is my fix
Where is my...

I stand alone in time
I stand alone in time
I stand alone in time
I stand alone in time

When they spun away, I fell apart
When they spun away, I fell apart

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Underoath A Divine Eradication Comments
  1. FJordn0TM

    Who had the idea to make the letters bounce in time with the kick? You da real MVP

  2. bobbey smith


  3. Tarkus Emerson

    People who are confused of why it repeats, it's called a breakdown. So is "my deteriorating incline" and "Everyone looks so good from up here" from Define the great line

  4. Collapsing Faith

    He was in Norma Jean.

  5. Collapsing Faith

    Any good musician worth his/her salt knows that Daniel Davison is one of the finest drummers out there. The guy's technique is RIDICULOUS!

  6. kaumithepig

    There's a reason why it "repeats" it matches the meaning of the song....which his habitual an crippling addiction to coke in which every day it was the same thing of needing an finding drugs

  7. Chris P Nugget

    @JAdlon2012 typically i would agree with you but not with this song in particular. although the song seems to "repeat" there is a lot of complexity with the rhythmic standing withing the song . the song is deceptively complicated with its heavily influenced syncopated approach to your commonly used 4/4 time signature. this reason in it self puts a lot of enjoyment in listening and counting to the song for one that understands these concepts but can easily go over ones head that does not...

  8. Shawn McDonough

    @JAdlon2012 It's called a breakdown, and appears in tons of metal music. See Norma Jean for example.