UGK - 7th Street Interlude Lyrics

[Pimp C:]
Styin' on the grind, I been down for mine
Steady Pushin' white at 16
Fuckin' hoe that's fine, smokin' on the kind
Used to mix the wine with the lean
Now we sip soda with the Barre
20 inch blades on the car
Choppin' on the road, blowin' on the dro
Shinin' in the sun like a star
You can't stay rich if you a bitch cause hoes can't hold no bread
Fuck, 2 million niggas need a daddy other pussy niggas just scared
Tell your bitch to let me get some head
You ain't no pimp I knew you was a clone
I already hit nigga, it ain't shit nigga, I done left your bitch alone

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UGK 7th Street Interlude Comments
  1. Jared Alford nobel

    Hardest verse ever

  2. Deandra Murphy

    Who still bumping this in 2019

  3. Olga Gamero

    RIP the real Sweat James Jones

  4. Sleezy Monday

    Nothing like a Friday night of backshots and the jams

  5. Deroi Stewart

    I'd paid top dollar for two more verses from both of them on this beat. Too real! Too trill! UGK 4 LIFE!!

  6. who datt

    UGK 4 life. 2019


    Miss dat boy forever mane #Texas 🇨🇱🇨🇱

  8. Angelica Torres drowning in this one.RIP CHAD BUTLER*UGK FOE LYFE!!!!!!!ON YA MOMMA✴✴✴

  9. slappy happy

    Nice splice! It was split up on the album. Tight work mane!

  10. Ya cultural narator

    now it's sip soda with the bar 20 inch blades on the car. pimp a legend forreal

  11. Boost Maliesr


  12. Boost Maliesr


  13. Trill Og

    hoez can't hold no bread....

  14. zast30

    Tum bout

  15. Juan Martinez

    Pimp c forever

  16. Lucius Babino Jr

    I wish this song was longer!!

  17. B Wheels


  18. Northside Donnie

    Mane this ride too hard. Wish it was longer. #RIPCHADBUTLER

    Killian Ryan

    Northside Donnie these use to be the song we’d smoke out to when we were just driving to the store right down the road

  19. Shamir Bryan

    This is so fucking hard. Fuck! These two were so good together. They went together like pb and j.

  20. Kato O'Dell

    My motha fucking jam until the end.

  21. Turbo Kp....

    just left visiting the pimp grave site ......

  22. Victor Moncada

    🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 Htown to Port Arthur Texas !!!

  23. slipperachie Da`capricorn

    Ain't no jam l ok r this r.i p pimp thanks for everything

  24. T. Ben

    This stayed on repeat back in the day!

    Leandro Rodriguez

    And it still does

  25. Mr. Yezzir D

    Yezzir. Ugk 4 Life

  26. jeremy taylor

    best pimp c verse ever!!

  27. jeremy taylor

    " I already hit, nigga it aint shit, I done left your bitch alone" lol r.i.p pimp c

  28. Quentin QBlood Bloodworth F.C.F.

    lived on texas ave 409 texas #rippimpc

  29. cody saunders

    My favorite verses in history easily thanks for putting this together I bought this album 3 times n every time its like fuck 40 seconds only of the realist rap ever fucckkk

  30. two210

    Not bad man.