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Trina Thug Song Comments
  1. John A

    Boosie just talking to y'all. Damn y'all really fucked in the head. Awesome track.

  2. Tashena Adams

    I loved it

  3. Lameshia Reaves

    #BOOSIE #TRINA 🔥2019.

  4. Kerell Marrow

    Nah should've put lil Wayne on this I'm waiting on Trina and lil Wayne to reunite do a whole album together definitely would be a five mic double platinum album if her n lil Wayne did a whole project together

  5. Laterrica Bacon


  6. dre darko

    Boosie Killt This

    This Shit Go Hard

    10 Times In A Row

    Fuck Me Down
    Fuck Me Down
    Fuck Me Down

  7. Charmayne

    Yasssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Kevin Brown

    This shit so fyre....will be vibin to this for all through 2019

  9. M J

    Boosie is cancelled.

  10. Jaye Bee

    Who gone be playing this 10 years from now? Me

  11. queen bee


  12. KePancakesss

    I can't take boosie serious after he farted on live 😂😂 this bitch jam tho 🖤

  13. Crystal Shay

    Damn this shit hot 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Jammie Evans

    Okay, so this immediately went on repeat... 😍

  15. Atir Clark


  16. MsKeka0269

    Not feeling boosie part

  17. Metahuman Turned Model

    Boosie? Automatically cancelled Trina do better...


    Metahuman Turned Model smh Boosie a LEGEND...u gotta do better

    b2l. cam

    It's a Southern ting. We don't expect everybody to understand

    Metahuman Turned Model

    @b2l. cam You must ain't see the video of his baby mama exsposing him or the other videos showing who he is now

    b2l. cam

    I don't get into their personal lives. I just like him as an artist

  18. Chiquita Fox


  19. Morris Young

    This some fly shit to smoke to whole EP litt

  20. sweetnsexy40

    My favorite one on the ep