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Trina She Bad Comments
  1. plusmeme

    Name of the instrumental anyone

  2. Crystal Smith

    I luv Da baddest.Trina ...Bitch where is your fawk is your rachet ness .where is your fun.where is your ghetto ness some times you have to turn down some volume of have beautiful country ass voice all who I would like too see you work with Y.G. Sza or Bibby ....

  3. Dayquan Halmomd

    Team Trina stand up

  4. Trece Taylor

    I💛This track!!🔥🔥

  5. Uce Nari

    Horsemen Family - Feels Like Magic sampled 💯 #ALK #NZ

  6. Krushaad Lyons


  7. Metahuman Turned Model


  8. Bebe William

    Yeah. This my favorite one💎💎💎

  9. aniria canali

    Loveeeeee this💙💙💙💙💙