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Trina I Cheated Comments
  1. Meeko Maison

    I know it's something I really shouldn't do ..... I FELT THAT

  2. Miss me

    Never cheated but this song makes me feel guilty! 😕

  3. Kierra Hill


  4. deandre murray

    2019 we're y'all at !!!

  5. Shea Oxendine


  6. Jayleigh Evans

    i have a boyfriend but man there is this guy that treats me like im the only girl he sees but i love my boyfriend so much and i dont know what to do:(

    12trija Virgo1

    He may treat you like you're the only girl he sees but he's not the only guy you see. Stay with the BF

  7. Felicia Amaya

    Love Trina

  8. Kevina Jones

    Wish they put this album on Apple Music 🙄

  9. sugar386 Redd

    2019 yeaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Destiny villamil

    2019?? August???

  11. Candice Kelly

    2019 anybody

  12. Julius Edwards-El

    The Hebrews were subjects of ancient Babylonia. The Romans are their masters of today according to King James version of the Holy Bible. Demand that the Hebrew pays for the rejection of Christ........Gods love to world.

  13. Julius Edwards-El

    Dear MS. Trina. Zimmerman did with deprived mind indifference murder Mr. Teyvon Martin while Mr. Martin was rocking his Hoodie.

  14. Julius Edwards-El

    Dear MS. Trina. Zimmerman did with deprived mind indifference murder Mr. Teyvon Martin while Mr. Martin was rocking his Hoodie.

  15. CeCe Brown

    Came here from that Instagram video but this finna be my daily song🤣 cause.....

  16. Yazzy yazz

    Trina be having me dead 💀

  17. Melanin Doll

    This been my shit since 2014 fuck a instagram video mfs sleepin on my bitch Trina!Oh and I'm Cheatin😁😭

  18. Rashad King

    This song fye asf 🥶🥶❤️

  19. Dreamii Mariie

    Im cheating on my dude with my ex and it's crazy I'm in love with my ex and ikno it's wrong but it feels so right smh❤️💔

  20. Shal White

    2019 🔥

  21. Queen Scorpio

    I love this song so much it explains me sooo much yo like literally this what I’m going thru

  22. Kiki’s Boyfriend was here

    My first boyfriend his names jarid he treated me like shit he blamed me for things he sometimes even hit me and he cheated on me he flirts with other girls right in front of me so I decided I was done and then when my crush (Jarod’s freind) asked me out I wasn’t going to psss up to opportunity so I said yes I’m gonna break up with jarid

  23. Kiki’s Boyfriend was here

    I’ll tell you the story

  24. Kiki’s Boyfriend was here

    Ok whatever call me a hoe if you’d like but there’s a story behind it

  25. Kiki’s Boyfriend was here

    Who’s here cause they cheating on they boyfriend with one of his friends (NO JUST ME OK)

  26. Drew Drew

    Dam this song fucking crazy. This sht mke a nigga go running for thm hills mane.

  27. HUMBLE


  28. Lale V

    Who’s here in 2k19😍

  29. Alex Wallace

    i cheated... i honestly regret it.

  30. ang 012

    Who’s here from instagram that girl in the car with her boyfriend😂😂😭

  31. Manuel Sire

    Currently CHEATING

  32. brisa ruiz

    Who stills listen to this in 2019

  33. gods child beware who hurts me


  34. Justina Nolan

    Who playing this song alone while there nigga at work😩😩😂😂😂😂

  35. Christina

    Play the song in 1.25 speed faster. Thanks me later

  36. Mina _

    He’s a really good dude and he doesn’t deserve to be hurt.
    But I can’t help myself.

  37. Serving Justice

    The background makes the song

  38. Jayla Osby


  39. Alexis Payne

    I’m in 2019 still listening to this

  40. Detta Boo

    Gotta play this song sometimes to remind them two can play this game 2018

  41. Monica Gilmore

    Love this song

  42. Kay P

    Thinking about cheating tonight because of this song 😏🤷

  43. mostgoofy.chels

    2018 from ig😂😂?

  44. Janaela Irons

    💀💀I’m in love with this song

  45. Shawna Dn


  46. Angela Rukavina

    Trina looks a bit like Beyonce in this picture..

    Miss Queens

    Don't you that beyonce look like her for real i love me some trina lol

  47. loveavcnue

    I cheated and I regret it so much I hate myself I wanna die because she was my everything..

  48. Ashley Loves


  49. Ytavius Walters

    this is one of the real songs

  50. Que_ BTA

    2018 anybody😭😭

  51. LEXY Green H

    This lady can rap and keep it hella real. Great jam tight beat. Your Musicia 🎶is perfect Perfecto. Damn Trinia you can sing and keep it on the real. You signing my life!! Damn this is a tight track. Men are hella stupid sometimes cause when they go out on you nothing seems to bug them. But when the tables turn they don't like it and get all crazy Loco.

  52. Sae E

    “We both cheating” 💀💀💀

    Pig Heartless


  53. Nina'Mae King

    Who's been seeing this song on a Instagram post but been ignoring it but seen a repost and just had to check it out

  54. Andrea Love

    Still live this song heard it 4 years ago still a bang

  55. Gaap Cacanti

    I’m here from Instagram with the girl and boyfriend in the car lol who else?

  56. blah idc

    2018?? If not a bitch bye😋💯

  57. Retro Shank

    I'm cheating all on my diet, I'm just eatin shit.
    And when I'm not eating, every night's a craving fit.
    I know it's something that I really shouldn't do, but I want my cake and want some brownies too.
    Both getting eaten.

    Jessie Z

    Retro Shank hahahhaha amazing

    Allure Trena

    *I HOLLERED shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    moon&moon ika

    hahahhaaaha thank youuuu xD



  58. K A.

    I'm cheating , and I'm caught up in the mist.

  59. Audreyyy

    Im bout to prank my nigga with this song lmaooooo brb

  60. Will Hudd

    I DONT CHEAT, This song is the reason Im single. BANGING THO

  61. Darlene Parker

    Using this song to be petty towards my man all 2018 🤗

  62. Tri Tetke

    I've been cheated on, got hurt and I would never cheat on anyone but that's NOT gonna stop me from boppin to this

  63. sugar386 Redd

    love this song 😘😍😘😍

  64. Nicole. Reneé

    My dumb ass thought that was lala on the cover

  65. Tamara Mitchell

    this song snaped

  66. natalya jayde

    Let's be honest half the people listening came from that Instagram video with that girl and her boyfriend

    Jaella Simmons

    most definitely 😂

    Han Han

    natalya jayde

    Idalmis Mendez

    natalya jayde stg

    its me dessy

    natalya jayde ik i did

  67. Irene G

    The lyrics got me dead but it got a good beat to it

  68. Irene G


  69. Fix Them Edges Pls

    Felt this

  70. doyoung is my lord and savior

    this is me to my 26 biases

  71. Darion Robinson

    Chrous x2]
    I'm cheating, and I'm in love with who I'm cheating with
    And when I'm not cheating, everynight's an argument
    I know that's something that I really shouldn't do
    But I want my cake and wanna eat it too, we both cheating

    [Verse 1]
    I cheated, I cheated, we played this game that we both needed
    You were undefeated, walked around so conceited
    Temporary love is what we pretended we needed
    Or were we really pretending, cuz now I can't believe it
    Look at how I fill this card up, we yelling that we leaving
    Knowing it'd would never last, it's only for a season
    That you go back to her, and I'll go back to him
    When I think of how you do me, I start hating him (I hate you)
    I don't know why I'm there, and you don't know either
    Maybe just cuz it's convenient just to say that he's my nigga
    Or is it just convenient just to say that she ya bitch
    And when you doing her, you think of this (you think of this)

    [Chorus x2]
    I'm cheating, and I'm in love with who I'm cheating with
    And when I'm not cheating, everynight's an argument
    I know that's something that I really shouldn't do
    But I want my cake and wanna eat it too, we both cheating
    [Verse 2]
    Every night is an argument when I'm not with you
    I got a guilty conscious cuz I know my nigga see you
    Late at night I'm not in the mood, I'm acting funny
    Every conversation I'm talking rude, I'm acting funny
    When he be touching on me, I swear it's not the same
    I remember one time I called him your name
    I played it off though, but who's to really blame?
    We're playing a deck of cards, it's a dirty game
    The sad part about it is he a good nigga
    The temptation got me turnt up forreal nigga
    I'm cheating, and I'm caught up in the mix
    Tell me when you're with ya girl, do you think of this?

    [Chorus x2]

    I know that I'm wrong
    But this temptation is taking over me
    I mean the way that it makes you feel
    I feel defeat
    He's a really good dude and
    He doesn't deserve to be hurt...
    But I can't help myself


    Angela L

    Darion Robinson god bless u

  72. Selina M

    Where is the dude with the lyrics when I would need him?

  73. Oh True

    Who’s here after seeing the video on Instagram 😂 with the girl An her boyfriend. (Btw follow my ig: @grvcii_ )

    Killa Kenz

    Omfg 😭😭😭

    kymanie 123


    hennessy amira

    bruh meee😭😭

    West side Princess

    Oh True omg meeeee😂😂

    Breanna Ponce


  74. Trina Joseph


    Rodney Henderson

    Im witcha, it's not important or nesarry. You tell me, out of everyone that say they keeping it 💯 ain't. An if u dating or married please don't cheat no pay back if he or she done it to you just tell them.."You going straight to Hell no water, no prayers, just you old 🔥 🔥 🔥 an Trina been in the game to long, no need for a song for f**king up. Just don't go disappointing Hearts smh.

  75. dmc c

    Real facts 👍👍👍

  76. Latrice Dixon

    I'm cheating ha I love u bish


    Every body cheats only if u not happy in the relationship

  78. ms. Justice for everyone

    I love my main side nigga frfr

  79. Sandra Palmer

    I love this song I'm cheating

    Sandra Palmer

    I want my cake and eat it to

  80. dee lee

    This is as reAl as it get. Frfr👍💣

  81. Felicia Amaya


  82. curtis mckenzie

    27 yrs old now ❤ being independent

  83. queen bee!!

    in reality shit crazy 😩

  84. Texas Yellow Rose

    So conceited temporary love. When I think of how you treat me. I start hating him.

  85. Coriandra Faye

    That's my girl I love her

  86. Janea Hampton

    yes trina

  87. Alexander Boomhower

    This song is so catchy

  88. parisnelson74

    I Love this song

  89. Alice Hildwein

    I just heard this for the first time an I like it!

  90. JUICYRED 70

    they cheating fuck them!! enjoy the ride but be safe doing it alright! In single thank god so when I do get my new boo I pray he don't cheat on me cause if he does im cranking this mutafucking song up loud as it can go u already know❤❤❤🐶🎈🎁💕💚💓💛💙

  91. Jeveonia Bryant

    I love this song Man she really came threw

  92. Paulus Dingara

    i love the track trina still keeps it real.she never fall of the map.

  93. Felicia Amaya

    tell well he be out doing he's thing so am out to

  94. Felicia Amaya

    we'll shit he had he's si way not I have my cake to