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Trina Chandelier Comments
  1. Amy Keyes

    This sung hard love Trina & kashdoll

  2. Marrium Mosin

    Detroit meets Miami yasssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Vicious Beauty

    I’m the woman is the year, where my prize at?

    Every morning wake and bake then off to that cash!

    They’re featured together on “Options” also!

  4. I'ts me

    Oh yeah shez back!!!!

  5. Netta Sims

    Love all Trina music, kash doll bae 2

  6. Herlin Jordan

    Trina got barz....that's my bish

  7. George Edwin Jones II

    Kash Dolllllllllll !!!!!!!!

  8. Tygr Allure


  9. Lil Kim

    Got some New Music for my Old Ride!!! IDGAF Straight BUMPIN TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Manny Rossmore

    The Boss is On!

  11. Carlos Moody

    Two of da baddest Boss Ladyz finally did a Collab

  12. Khadijah Jamilah

    I'm glad Trina & Kash Doll are working together

  13. T R U E K E Z Z

    First Dislike!👎☺

  14. T R U E K E Z Z

    I dont like it but ig im still first