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Trina Bitch Bad Comments
  1. ahmed karam

    2019 😍!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐸

    NBA Reek 3


  2. Ess Guy!

    Aint she tho !!!

  3. Kandy Rain

    Hearing this for the 1st time....... and I LOVE IT!!!! #ClubBanga

  4. Ahlaiya Phillps

    This the jam men

  5. Xena

    this my theme, only, I can't keep the money it goes on bills and food. :P

  6. Xena

    Hos* the way you have Hoes spelled is the way you spell a water hoes...yeah they be similar and all, but different spelling :P so yeah it be Hos :D Nice on the color of the lyrics. <3

  7. Towin House

  8. keveione

    Trin bean

  9. selena watkins

    This song old but it's still the shit forreal

  10. Xavier Ceballos

    My shit