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Trill Sammy Nah Foreal Comments
  1. Michelle Mims

    Man this lame ass nigga took my nigga song Yung cuz nah fr ft peso man y'all go check it out cuz we got to put a stop to all these lame ass rappers taken ppl shit but that's ok he ain't gone stop he got more better shit then that go check his new shit out

  2. Roscoe 23

    Official audio

  3. 51Kourts Records


  4. Tredarrious Horne

    Nah fr fuck how a fuck migga feel

  5. Jefe Siete_777

    This song is too damn short!

  6. D.a And puki

    Trill sammy and lil baby need to make a remix to dis

  7. VintSafe

    this music videos lit af

  8. Jared Su

    Trill sammy fell off. But he will on top again watch.

  9. Adonis Ramirez


  10. Jonathan Bruce

    461 dislikes?? Y’all some jealous fucks face it🤫😂SQUARES


    Love Sammy but can't fuck with him this song.

    Obvious he took migos flow.

  12. Yung Voorheez

    Love the artwork

  13. Horn Canguio Willie

    Que pasa?

  14. Kemari Zzz

    The real Sammy is back 🗣💰

  15. Robert McIntosh

    Check out 👑 C.y Tha Don 👑 new single video shoot coming soon

  16. ExtremePayback


  17. Julcap

    Yeah fr its gonna happen y'all better pull up

  18. Stuart James

    Weres video at mush

  19. qbbb

    short af though

  20. Cristobal Díaz Cruz

    Why just 1 minute?...the song it's great but the fucking time madafaka....

  21. JayDa Kidd

    Trill you my mans and shit but wtf G, only 1:28😭

  22. Trilly Kid

    wheres the vid

  23. NoisyMike Young

    All y’all that’s sayin trill Sammy fell off... re-evaluate yourself

  24. Cherelle Cleveland

    Slow down on the lean yungin

  25. Cristopher Padiia


  26. lilsimidagoat

    I liked dis

  27. PbloCC KD


  28. killa mouse

    Thriller than thrill Sammy 🔥💯


    Sammy is back with another banger but it’s to short 😪💯

  30. Hood Hokage


  31. Pi Chives

    Nah fr this some booty nah fr trill Sammy fell off nah fr russ can take this L

  32. DMG Goofy

    this ain't no damn music video

  33. Gliizy Jet

    I fuck wit it juss a bit short🔥

  34. Martin Shkreli

    this is a good mumble rapper song

  35. That Boy Drxlln

    Nah fr stop click baiting videos when it's not a video

  36. SELO MMA


  37. syrup papi

    Sounds like kap g

  38. Ray Eli

    When you thought the picture was gone fade into the music video... i sat and waited for a few seconds

  39. KCKing1975 !

    Tuck Ya Chain Now This Garbage!

  40. SirSplashAlot

    Trill Sammy has been dropping just straight Banger's


    this to much sauce...

  42. Another Juan

    Why does Trill Sammy look like Obama in the thumbnail?

  43. Quizzy SSBU

    Trill Sammy stay dropping hits

  44. Gavsace

    He forreal gay

  45. lil chainz

    Nigga went ghost ever since his chain got snatched

  46. Official F.l.i

    Heat on my page 🏄🏄🏄



    i would say it hot but it dont matter anyway

  48. kaSh

  49. ShakiiiSlime

    Is Worldstarhiphop start to do Clickbait?

  50. Victory Beam

    this lil nigga just got some more tats. he got turnt out. he was just a normal lil guy and now he sounds like a migos extra haah.

  51. #silentgangonly

    the beat ass idk where he found it lol

  52. her

    he fell off ever since his chain got snatched


    He must be running out of money lol

  54. Kaminari OnDaBeat

    the edits are so fucking cool

  55. Pakk Pakk

    No music vid

  56. mmac071

    Na fareal this shit trash

  57. OFFICIAL HIT SQUAD PAGE This shit trash

  58. Suba


  59. LeakMusic

    hey guys i just started rapping i'm trying to make it but i need my name out there can yall plz check out my new song trust me its good i would not promote anything trash if you like the song follow me on ig Leak_Bx so you can be apart of the gang

  60. Spazzed Out

    Listen To My New Song
    King Munna - Munna

  61. truly adrixn

    Thumbnail 🔥🔥

  62. Young Rod

  63. Lil Terps

    Greatest clickbate of all time. I dig it 🤣🤣

  64. King Jones


  65. Eduardo Roberto


  66. Keaynan Garnett

    Why niggaz be trolling and capp'n on niggaz who really makin waves don't hate on em encourage all our artist to do dey shit!? Trill Sammy is hard asf Idgaf what nobody say about dat!!

  67. Grizzley Gang

    Video they said😴

  68. Johnny Saint

    im a fan of sammy but even i gotta admit hes fallen off...

  69. NeTro Apollo

    False advertising it’s a audio. Bye

  70. Mighty Waffles Twizt

    video ?

  71. Drey Castrov

    knocking off yung pinch

  72. Angel

    "Don't mean it", "Do not disturb" and "Feel better" in that order

  73. Savior P

    nah for real u lying no video

  74. nihilisticaf !

    Nah foreal this shit catchy lmao

  75. WavvyFM

    Daaamn who directed this

  76. Jimmy Lee

    who? 😂


    Worldstar don't make me have to stop support yuh channel ight, stop fooling me wtf

  78. Michael Camp

    Why the fuck it say its a music video??

  79. Mac N Yay

    *PLOT* *TWIST* : not actually a video

    Fendi Supreme

    Mac N Yay

  80. Dee Jay

    Aye this nigga goofy

  81. toomuchslime

    Too short for something so smooth 🔥 🔥

  82. r II

    Na he never fell off, he just stopped making music for a while. Famous Dex on the other hand went on for a while just dropping straight trash, but dropped an alright album kind've came back. But trill just dropped a dumbass song rn doe 😂😂😂


  84. 6 WAVE

    Don’t watch this video❗️❗️

  85. Richard


  86. Fred E Krueger

    He was cool but this Straight ass lmao👎👎🤣🤣🤣

  87. king of emojyz

    Song is NICE👍

  88. REALS

    *H E L L* *N A W H* 😂

  89. TyB.DaeDay

    This bih bouta have millions of views cause its short but he aint fall off he in his on lane

  90. Jaidaaa James

    This lit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. Alexandru Antal

    there is this guy called nines.check him out blud

  92. Alexandru Antal


  93. liljmoney

    Nah fr this shit ass

  94. Chris Fenton

    Here before they change it to official audio😂😂💪💪