Trill Sammy - Leanin Lyrics

Gang Gang
Gang Gang
Whoo whoo

[Born Stunnaa:]
I'm Turnt Up
I'm Fucked Up
I smell like Kush cologne
Yo bitch won't leave me alone
Tell tha bitch to stop calling my phone
Unless that bitch trynna give me fucking donk
Got ha butt naked and she in a thong
Call uber better get cho bitch home
Got a light skin she in the back
You try some fucking shit you get whacked
And I'm sliding in a motherfucking Jag
I'm Turnt up
I'm Fucked Up
I stay blowing on good dodey
I am not a Hooper but everyday bitch
I'm balling like I'm Kobe
You say you getting money nigga show me
(Wea it at?)
Sippin on the lean with my brodie
Codeine fien smoking dodey
I swear I hate these niggas they some fonies
I got the loud
I got the whip
And I got the motherfucking money
Pimp me a white bitch
I don't want the black
I wan't the snow bunnies
If I re up I'm coming with the tummy
Bullets wrap his ass up like a mummy
Sammy hit them with the tech in his tummy
All my niggas boy they coming
Yea they hunting
Sammy in the dungeon
Whippin up a brick
(Brick brick)
Pourin fo's up like a nigga sick
Free my nigga
Yella yean in the pin
(Got damn)
Got damn these haters gave him ten
But we ain't taking no more than a five
Run up in a nigga trap and lay him down

[Trill Sammy:]
I'm leanin, I'm leanin
I'm leanin, I'm leanin
This drink got me feinin
I'm leanin I'm leanin
I mean it I mean it
This drink got me feinin
I'm leanin, I'm leanin
Young nigga I mean it
This drink got me feinin
This purp got me feinin
This purp got me feinin
Young nigga got damn

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    Why you coppying young Mike song Dodi sauce drip

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    glizzy_cash2x this song is older it was taken down and reuploated

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    Dawg young mike fukkn sukks on babys nigguh

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    this needs to be on apple music!!!!

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    Andrew your a foggot

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