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Trick Daddy Thug Holiday Comments
  1. B R

    This was that shit back in 02-03 when I was in 8th grade mannn

  2. Jeremy Sandidge

    shit brings me right back to my early childhood! ❤️

  3. Dalinn Wineglass

    2020 I’m still here 4 it...Trick this will always bring tears 2 my heart no doubt 🔥👌🏽🙏🏽🤞🏽

  4. Demetria Hemmingway

    He was ok looking bCk then idk wat happened

  5. Qveen Kayy

    Y’all Go Check Out His Restaurant Down South! It’s Called Sunday’s Eatery! It’s Delicious & Everything Is Cooked To Order & He Also Be At The Restaurant Too!

  6. Nykyta Lyons

    This song will neva DIE ❤️

  7. Goldie Fritts

    God is thick and thin luck comes and goes and i know beause i got kids to raise

  8. Marcellus Preston

    Who rocking in feb 2020?

  9. Aleah surprem

    I crieddd😞

  10. Markiaa DaNae

    This that “get me thru anything” song 💯‼️

  11. Jolisa Lumpkin

    Love this Song❤️

  12. Backwood Girl

    Same issues different year. 👑When will freedom ring. 2020. When we stop following trends (new form of slavery) and unite as one. Be free be yourself!!!!

  13. Corinne Lelis

    This song deserves top notch credit. Shame they don't make it like this anymore. Youngins really missin out.

  14. Nucci Pryear

    I’m 33 years old them youngins don’t know what Real is but for the ones that do all good

  15. Jarvis Carr

    I cant believe I made it to be 31...It truly has been a thug holiday for me.

  16. Half Died

    The forgotten one's this for all you. Black white Latino Asians Russians Armenians Christians Muslims Buddhist anything or anyone forgotten in life Much love and Respect to you all Forever Worldwide 👣🎶🎤🎧🎙️📺🌦️💧🌠🌌🔭🌙🌉🌌🌃🌆

  17. Kenyi Walker

    Facts! LaTocha Scott's name should've been in the intro. This is one song where one couldn't do it without the other.

  18. Desmond Baker

    RIP to all my love ones 🙏🏾💙

  19. Jason Pauley

    What happend too this music 🎶.
    Damn we need the 90'$ back real talk

  20. Kera Jackson

    2020 ❤️

  21. Anastasia Chandler

    Meaningful song. 2 of the best.

  22. Dani WHite

    Rip Kobe #blackmamba

  23. The Real Tavi

    RIP KOBE 🕯😔💛💜💛

  24. Byron Coleman

    I'm 12 years old and know this whole song I was only two when I came out I think this might be my fav song!!!!!

  25. Renata Conage

    2020 still listening♥️

  26. BigChief OnMoncrief

    3:54 They Was Vibin Wasnt They 💯

  27. Serina Savant

    ❤My favorite song by trick daddy🌎⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💕 makes me cry still and it's 2020

  28. Erica Gabriel

    Here 2020 🔥

  29. Latosha Stanback


  30. katherine roberts

    Still here in 2020!! Yes Indeed!!

  31. Christina Oneill

    If it wasn’t for all these religions all these Muslims Jews and “Christians would know that they was all Gods CHILDREN 👶


  32. Blaque Diamond

    Love this song 2020

  33. The Empress Tarot

    2020 anyone

  34. Baker Act

    Who in here 2020?

  35. bangbang kill


  36. Slaughter House

    2020 still listening 🔥🔥

  37. Miami Dolphin Man

    Trick daddy has a good heart even though he's a thug

  38. Miami Dolphin Man

    Who listen to this in 2020 this song is the truth

  39. Freddy Cupples

    Crazy. Been jammin this song since 2003 and never knew there was a video. Let alone an amazing video.

  40. pluto bills

    This song is still priceless 2020

  41. jojijik Wkoko,l

    2020 anyone?

  42. Chris Dellett

    I saw him get jumped, beat up and robbed at a club outside Jacksonville. Thought he could mouth off on stage in the wrong club....

  43. John Oporia

    Ummmmm I feel this now when this came out I was a kid and ain't know no better

  44. Ronnie Flamez

    Trick daddy use to be so fine 🥴

  45. QueenB 1969

    1-12-2020 ☕🌿💨 Im callin out all my THUGS in the GHETTO🙏 I miss you cuzzo BRICE AND DEREK #R.I.P.💔

  46. BlessedLena89

    One of my all time favorite songs even in 2020!!!

    QueenB 1969

    Me too 1-12-2020

  47. Alfred Chaney

    R.I.P. 5thwardWeebie

  48. Ebony Anderson

    Stil my song to this day !!

    QueenB 1969

    So nice 2 see you 1-12-2020

  49. MrScrappyG

    Reminds me of my home boy who took his own life RIP Jroc fly high bro

  50. Kristiana Mayes

    2020 I'm here remembering

    QueenB 1969

    Me too too 1-12-2020 💔

    Tish Moses

    Same here

    Claudia Whitfield

    Kristiana Mayes PERIODT 💜

  51. SMyungin TV

    2020.....after trump started a war 🤦🏽‍♂️


    2020 still my song

  53. Lamar Howard

    Dedicated that got killed in Kenya

  54. victoria

    pray that my brothers in the military are safe... lord knows i couldn’t take anything happening to them right 🙏🏾😔

  55. Donyel Hurd

    Shit hitting right now..

  56. JeVorah Siggers

    2020 Anyone 🥰🥰

    QueenB 1969

    Hello 👋1-12-2020

  57. Jrunken_Junk

    Trick was the man 😏

  58. Joehowaid Belair


  59. Sapphire Cotton

    The thing I like about this is it talks about god and family and the things he went through👏🏽👏🏽prayALLWAST

  60. Youngboy never broke again


  61. Samantha Howard

    Rest in Peace Nipsey Hussel this hits me Everytime I hear this 🙏💙💙💙

  62. Joyce Taylor

    It's 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and it make me cry cause it's so true about everything

  63. Michael H.

    Him in Class A's makes me think soup sandwich.

  64. Rose LuxxeTv


  65. Courtney Elie

    Hold we had two world wars, then biggie and Tupac pic showed up. That was real.

  66. RAWTWT

    God bless Trick, FLA'z #1 poetic prophet

  67. _chocolatecupcakes_ Nicole


  68. mookie george

    T2D remake this video yo and show they ass what you talking about. This shit here is 1more of your TEACHINGS

  69. Portland 207

    God begets? Haha!

  70. BabyKorey Kopasetik

    Miami is a very beautiful city

  71. Anthony Brooks


  72. Tawana Coppee Lawrence

    Rest up my husband Kendrick Coppee Lawrence I love and miss u so much this was our song I miss him so much I pray I get through this.😢😢 my thugga,my back bone,my husband is gone I'm so lost without u black boy I promise I will forever carry u in my heart till I meet u again.

  73. Jessikah I’m 2 F’ N REAL

    12/27/2019 still my SHIT!!! Favorite song Ever by TRICK DADDY

  74. supreme link

    this is one of my fav songs im still listening to it dec 2019

  75. Angel H

    2019 WHERE YALL AT??

    Eldridge Franklin

    I cried the first time I heard this. And I'm crying now listen today

  76. E.T. LFG-OOO

    My Niggah no lyricist bet he got a gift

  77. zackyworld neish

    Dec 20 2019 3️⃣0️⃣5️⃣🕉☸️🔯☮️💙

  78. Jesus John

    Dec. 2019

  79. AnnoyingTiger888

    This came out in 2009 and I only just heard it now? Tf

  80. Jayquesta Williams

    This my favorite trick daddy song cause he ain't just talk about the soldiers that in the military but our homeboys that died too

  81. Michael Cook

    I dont agree with him on half of his history lesson but always loved the tune.

  82. Cjay Wilson

    "go ahead you can cry."
    It's official


    Man this shii touched if yhu u have been going threw some shii like this comment😭👍🏽💯

  84. Neff Surpris

    I saw Trick Daddy in concert in Riveria Beach Florida performing Thug Holiday and it had me moved in so many ways this song never gets old because people are still going through it as we speak

  85. ladaca 2098

    December 1, 2019🔥🔥🔥 -LaShonda Denise C. This brings back so many memories. 🐊Florida babe 4EVA! 🤘🏾👅🔥

  86. JayGee #SwoopNation 248

    This was on Tupac’s level trick never gets enough credit ❤️

  87. Carlton Johnson

    They’on Do Giveaways like that In the hood nomo

  88. Micheal Doyle

    😭😭 Mack me think about my friend. Who was in the military

  89. Mike German Chocolate

    Funny how so many comments say they love this classic song from back in the day but when country artist make music like this for their audience it doesn’t get viewed as old after 10 years instead it lasts forever and will play forever. People we gotta do better if our artist drop gems stop putting on shelf keep that energy going because we are making this type music fade why you think people be saying music ain’t like it used to be and they don’t like todays music? Keep the classics alive and artists will make similar instead of creating the wheel with watered down music! There are people on here saying they forgot about it like man cmon this song is legendary it should be like michael jackson thriller album go forever! Stop killing our own music calling it old so every generation will know about it and keep the flava going

  90. Jennifer Lee

    Rip. Abraham!!! Fairway park dreaming!!!

  91. Assane Unruh


  92. Nun Ya

    He so fine goddamn😍

  93. Team Player

    November 21 2019
    Who else still riding???

  94. Dee Chandler

    This is really true

  95. D S

    November 2019 and still listening

  96. Eriya Baked

    2019 😎👑🖤👑🖤