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Trick Daddy Bout Mine Comments
  1. Jay Rod

    This song was way before its time!!

  2. chino Dollars

    Trick lost his fucking* mind on this track

  3. Mc001Rem002

    Bass is hard in thus one

  4. Anthony Whyms

    Trick snapped


    Anthony Whyms truly

  5. Lorenzo Hill

    Thor it up 4 i blow it up

  6. Made bOy

    My life's soundtrack 💯🔥✊

  7. Tauro Jones

    Most niggas get rich get ghost.... I went out and got guns united my folks!!!!!

  8. Garret Krause

    most people get rich go 👻 i went out got guns and reunited my folks💯

  9. Ced Rob

    That's Rick Ross on the 2nd verse.

    Doctor Duct tape

    Ced Rob He from Philly? Pshh

    Lonnie Dawkins Jr.

    Philly cigars homie

  10. Ced Rob

    That's Rick Ross on the 2nd verse.

  11. ThaDude1

    This dat shit you play when..1. a Nigga got a warrant and ain't goin back.2. You in over ya head with the beef shit.3. You down on your luck and touchin eerythang  movin.4. You just got robbed but the plug want his money or else.

  12. Gambinoafrofunkrock

    Classic album to southern hip hop Lost tribe cat on the second verse went in , i miss this era and type of music

  13. Mike Jones

    IF U SCARED, go to CHURCH!

  14. Mike Jones

    where YOU!

  15. Mike Jones


  16. Mike Jones

    Yeah y'all know dude told the World how he felt! The" MAYOR".

  17. miamicat305

    I remember when this drop,my white chick had surprise me with this CD when I stay in Orlando. A Miami Classic.