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Trey Songz Jackin For Beats Comments
  1. Diamond Apache

    I turned lots on to this mixtape

  2. Ęmoussę

    Did that.

  3. Z Sage

    My freestyle over this

  4. andreww2111

    This fuck nigga

  5. northnorthxo

    i dont care what anyone says, dude killed this whooooole shit!

  6. 808MixMaster

    1) biggie smallz - skys the limit
    2) eazy e - boyz n the hood
    3) Big L - put it on
    4) Big Pun - still not a player
    5) Tupac - i get around

  7. David Freeman

    @str8outofda27 skys the limit biggie smalls

  8. Elijah

    Tupac- I get around

  9. D'Quane Morten

    Im From DC, Check Me Out If You Do Not Mind /watch?v=vBMQU158Ids remix of this song

  10. Olbert Waickey

    doesnt touch pac

  11. John Miles

    Trey kilt that hope he do a rap album

  12. Le Sephiroth


  13. GMF Tv


  14. dj 22

    This nigga trey suck at rapping more than he suck at rnb

  15. kidkid153055

    that freestyle on Eazy's beat was sick

  16. prince keshon

    this his best freestyle

  17. Morgan Baber

    I still think this nigga couldn't touch Big L he did alright though

  18. Brandon Hearst

    My Nigga Trey killed this whole joint!!!

  19. berywyte

    goood look @wbrooks123

  20. Wes Brooks

    tupac i get around

  21. berywyte

    what is the last beat he rapped over???


    He frunted

  23. Roger Acevedo

    Ice Cube did it better

  24. Lets Talk About It

    Murked get around miss all da ppl classic beats trey ripped it R.I.P

  25. Chris Harris

    i would love to hear him freestyle to these songs seperately

  26. Ed Leveque

    @KMas89 Big L Put it On

  27. Steph Brown

    he murda da E-Easy

  28. jspears19

    @MrElijah566 i dont know about murder

  29. jspears19

    he did his thing on this it wasn't superb but its better than others out there

  30. mannyfresh

    skys the limit and you know that you can have whaat you want , be what you want ;)

  31. iGhostLuna

    @KidLeeza, The Notorious B.I.G. ft. 112 - Sky's the Limit

  32. Moe Gainz

    @BEASTMOD3xSW1 Dont Wanna Be A Player - Joe

  33. str8outofda27

    wat is the first beat?? ii knw the song but ii forgot the name of it?!!

  34. Kevin Marcel M.

    whats the beat from 1:10- 1:53?

    Ravens SuperBowl 55 Champions

    Kevin Marcel M. Put It on by Big L


    whats the beat at 1:54

  36. jerelcoles123

    @lokedog5583 thnk u

  37. aubrywill

    "It's only one night baby go back to ya life" baby. People that say Trey can't rap just wanna hate on him because he's so talented good looking and gotta swag about him that the ladies love. #Don'tJudge

  38. lokedog5583

    @jerelcoles123 Tupac "i get around"

  39. jerelcoles123

    whats the beat at 2 min 33 seconds ,, originnal

  40. Kendra Butler Kearns

    Trey ate that