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Trey Songz Change Your Mind Comments
  1. SydneyPhotography2019

    I can’t believe how old this song is now. Tbh I thought it was older though!

  2. OG Campbell

    Music was never the aim 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 I just can do it but it not my dream

  3. Kellie McWilliams


  4. Isaiah Hines

    Isaiah. -Trey. Songz. A

  5. Honest000w

    The only difference is these girls look natural and little make up... the video vixens have undergone all kinds of surgery. Probably don’t even recognize themselves ☝🏾

  6. The Metic

    I was 15 when i listened to this ... many things changed . I was freakin 15?!

  7. Saidaganca Mg

    sometimes bad is a good time

  8. Donyae Mcadory

    I got those same shades 😎😎😎

  9. Cutie Sunshine


  10. Fresh Tube

    Sept 2019 any nepali here?

  11. Melika Roethof

    nice song keep it up tremiane

  12. Rikaya Partlow

    "Your mind, your mind, your mind, your mind. Your mind, your mind. Let me change your mind." 🔥❤👏

  13. Jana Kassandra

    Im only here for taeyeon because it was on her playlist LMAO HAHAAHAH

  14. Youssef Fadi

    Let me change your mind ❤

  15. Melissa Feijão Feijão

    papi Trey❤

  16. Anaira Martinez

    Trey songz😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍i love you

  17. Camren C

    I remember the first day this came out tht was a fun day😂💯

  18. Dawn MoonWolf

    fnally, a video without hoes half naked . greta song and great vid

  19. Suh Bangtan

    Thanks Namjoon 💜

  20. Jonathan Santos

    Essa é a Minha Música de qnd me forma na faculdade vai ser a mais tocada na festa de formatura.

  21. Benjamin Jackonia

    Still Bangin 2018

  22. Melanea Souza

    Thanks Taeyeon!!!

  23. rodel vicente

    2018 anyone?

  24. Albert Benitez Kline

    Anyone else hearin the beat sample r comin from 2pac heartz of men?

  25. kikki M

    his eyelashes are so thicccc😭

  26. She Me-Her


  27. dj Misbau

    MTV hits 2014

  28. usernamemaybe

    I'd never trust a man that talks like that lol...but I love the production of this song, it sounds very sweet

  29. cloud20

    Holy shit this is nearly 4 years old...
    Damn I am old...

  30. Schornstein steiger


  31. Rosimeire Jesus

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🤗🤗🤗🤗Jujuy dimas

  32. MayaD TV

    Still my feel happy Jam in 2018!!! I want my life like this everyday!!! #FixItJesus

  33. Dannyboardsx Baordsx

    Dboards @bookandboards

  34. Amanda Gotyana

    I Love me some Trey.........😍

  35. audiodopebeats

    I bet this video was so fun to shoot

  36. Jnai Lard

    I love this song I'm 16

  37. BJSP

    Vim por causa da Taeyeon :)

  38. Albert Benitez Kline

    Beat reminds me of pac heartz of men. Anyone else?

  39. Khalifa Lim

    너무좋아 미치겠다 ㅋ

  40. brebreme10

    MY Favorite song of the album👏👏👏

  41. Willie Matthews

    On repeat in 2017

  42. Rtsha Smallwood

    My daddy keeps talking to me love you Trey Songz

  43. jamie smail

    I love this song

  44. youssef Chetaibi

    TAEYEON tae tae brought me here :0

  45. Talia Seays

    trey. is. my. husband. for. life💞💞💞💞💜💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞. trey💞💞💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  46. Talia Seays

    trey. I. would. love. to. meet. u.

  47. Talia Seays

    trey. sonzy. 💓💋💋💋💋💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘👄

  48. Talia Seays

    trey. trey. 💋💝👄. love. u. hot.

  49. Talia Seays

    I. love. trey. sonyz he. so. hot. I'm. a. fan. of. song. sexy. sexy. man. sexy. man for. life.

  50. Willie James Boyce Vlogs

    This song is dope

  51. Oscar Z

    beautiful Samantha Kumiko

  52. Mohau Mofokeng

    1:45 when he turns around to look at the camera😢😢

  53. Reaill Mclean

    yaa let me change your mind

  54. Alexis Ricard

    Trey songz flip the cup everybody gets a shot

  55. Alexis Ricard

    Trey songz flip the cup everybody gets a shot

  56. Deyvid Maximo

    Brasil s2 deyvid máximo 👊✊😍👏

  57. Adrianna Kinard

    Am I the only one that wishes they could kiss him through the screen?😂🙋🏽

  58. Lilly Leituala


  59. kyampire Halima

    you won mi heart Trey songz

  60. Iszalee Darroux

    the boards brothers are super dope

  61. Tracy Ward

    I love this song😂😂

  62. šüžäñæ qüëëñ

    ooo trey songz why u so fineeeeeeeee i love u tooo much

  63. aimee Nguyen

    I love this song. Maybe I can change yo mind baby

  64. Tyanne Capree

    I love this song!

  65. Raven Manuel

    trey trey 4rm the trey ward #wop

    Aaliyah keene-forbes

    Raven Manuel true true

  66. MayaD TV

    My feel Happy Jam!

  67. Evailson Santana

    Does anyone know that glasses is this?

  68. Evailson Santana

    Alguém sabe que óculos é esse?

    Lhuan Habhrahan

    Evailson Santana não

  69. Angellyrics _Angela Ayako

    amazing pick up lines in this song very very fresh lol

  70. Bent Bnt

    me too Good musciKiss

  71. Gabriel Henrique

    Cadê os BR´s?

    ale oliveira

    aqui mano

    Lhuan Habhrahan

    Gabriel Henrique aqui

  72. SydneyPhotography2019

    I love this song!😍😍

  73. Nina Uh

    gosh I love trey songz

  74. Bảo Minh

    i saw my girl when i listened this song. so good

  75. Xenia Aby Mangli

    Ayyyyeee 😍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 my song 💟👍🏼

  76. Nazrene Joy Loria

    who's the fuck malak laabidi shit ka wala kang kwnta at pangit mo

  77. Nazrene Joy Loria

    ang pangit mo man malak kpal mo tlga shit makabadtrip k kung cnu ka malak

  78. Nazrene Joy Loria

    who's the fuck malak kapal mo Na sbhn c taeyeon ah hayop ka

  79. Nazrene Joy Loria

    malak shit k kng sino ka kpal mo

  80. Fashionana

    treys runs and oooos melt my heart even though the message to this song is wild. I hope I'm not the only one.

  81. Enticing Beaut

    Ooh shit doing the cabbage patch and dip dance! Song breaks down...bringing out the wop. Let's get it! Lol
    Love you Trey lol

  82. tommy sparks

    what city was this in , cause every girl in this vid was sexy

    Justin Kil

    greenpoint within Brooklyn, NY

  83. Kidd Kumbiaa

    THIS JAM IS 🔥🔥 BRINGS ME THAT 90's & early 0'0's reminds me of another jam or did he used a sample song?

    Natalie B

    I agree

    Debbie Henderson

    Dunno but it's pretty hot..

    Marilyn Van de brink

    Kiddkumbiaa Breezy

  84. Serkan Kylan

    Your mum brought me here

  85. Lucie motýl

    love 😊😊😊

  86. satya priya

    taeyeon bought me here

  87. Hola Adlin

    taeyeon brought me here

  88. Aimnam KK

    teayeon bought me here...

  89. Onése Vanessa

    my nice has to listen to this song to sleep

  90. Angeles González

    I love this song

  91. Malek Abidi

    Who's the fuck is Taeyeon ? I came here because Trey is HOT !


    +Malak Laabidi speak on it!!

    no body

    And who the fuck are u? 😊

    sasa Canass

    +no body lol

  92. NPRacing Tube

    Change Your Mind

  93. Caleb White

    I do not care what anybody said
    This video is awesome
    Trey is awesome

  94. Miss N

    Trey has a lot of black females in his music videos unlike some other artists, love this video btw

    terrica coney

    David Razberry agree

    Ivan V

    Andrew S lol but he has more black girls bye

    John Smith

    Ivan V why are we counting, just enjoy the video. When I watched this video, I didnt once think to count how many women of each race. We have to stop looking at everything through the prism of race.

    Rikaya Partlow

    @John Smith we're counting because too often, black women are underrepresented not just in music videos but literally everywhere. Can y'all let us be glad a Black man is representing the sistas for once? Foh.

    John Smith

    Rikaya Partlow Just because people observe that a group of people are being underrepresented does not mean that something insidious is going on. In the field of education women teachers vastly outnumber men teachers. How do we explain this? Is it because of our unfair or unjust society and culture. Or is it because woman in general terms have the skills, and are more interested in becoming teachers. If you expect that everything in society to be represented equally. Then you are expecting the impossible.

  95. ain hilmiya

    I'm here cause taeyeon listen to this song

  96. kevin Buhia

    came here for #teamtrigga and who the fuck is taeyon? hahaha

    fidel okaya

    irk!!!😂😂😂 is that even how the name is written...

    fidel okaya

    +fidel okaya I meant ikr!!!!

  97. Jane Millie

    SNSD TAEYEON bought me to here