Trent Tomlinson - For The Life Of Me Lyrics

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Trent Tomlinson For The Life Of Me Comments
  1. The dark King 1212

    For the life of me I just can’t get over this girl even tho I know she’ll never love me back......... it sucks people

    Cadi Parker

    I feel for you. Life is fucked like that. Someone incapable of loving me back told me about this song...and here I am. Wondering why the universe brought us together in the first place 🤷🤦

  2. Amie Kelly

    This could be my favorite love song written. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Mitchell Layne

    OH my i love this so much this would be the one i love the most KIDDO love u miss u and ur dad coming over

  4. Joanna Gibson

    Welcome back!! Lovin' every song!