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Treble Charger Red Comments
  1. Keegan Penney

    And to figure this singer went on past Treble Charger

  2. L M

    This is just so R.E.M.

  3. Fatima Almilli

    Is there any meaning to this song?

  4. Aisha B

    An under-rated band. smh

  5. David Wright

    Canadian oasis for sure.

  6. Andrew Cantrill

    One of the first songs I learned; maybe it's one of those things. Not many people listened, but those that did... I'm discounting the later rubbish of course.

  7. Shaggy Rogers

    This is a fucking, like joke compared like 'red' from like King Crimson

  8. Christian Naumann

    This version is clearly the superior one. I was never keen on their pop-punk reinvention, and just thankful Bill Priddle went on with Broken Social Scene, and his own solo work. Such an underrated talent.

  9. L.J C

    Man, I wish girls still wore doc's. I miss the 90s. What a great time to be alive and young.

    Carissa George

    I do :P


    Baby doll dress with doc's or a tight sweater with a short plaid skirt with doc's! Those are personal favorites looks from 90s girls.


    @Carissa George You do you!🤘

  10. Rob Wilkins

    I didn't know young Leland Orser was in a band...

  11. cookingwithjesus

    Even grable next

  12. Lee Gibson

    Deadly Song, so many memories tear 😥

  13. Tanner Key

    sounds like Neil young a little

  14. John Gore

    Whoa, 666 likes when I saw this. No worries, changed that too 667 ;)

    Michael Guthrie

    I changed it to 669 hahaha

  15. google sucks

    Memories here

  16. RedPill Swallowed

    All the Canadians in their early 30s are slowly bringing the view count up on all these awesome Canadian songs from the 90's.....this....Limblifter, Hayden, Age of Electric, Odds, MGB....etc. All awesome.


    RedPill Swallowed love Matthew good band

    Brian Christman

    I'm an American that had MuchMusic on satellite!


    @Jay Queue Limblifter, Age of Electric, Odds, Matthew Good Band had numerous hits. Way to talk out of your ass.

    Steve Ryan

    Jay Queue “How She Died”. Cmon bro

    Steve Ryan

    highervolt my fave

  17. unfortunatebeam

    This is awesome, wicked awesome. MUCH better than their later pop punk stuff, imo. And wow, this must be like one of the first uploads on youtbe, it's like double nostalgia for me, brings me back to both the old days of 90s alternative rock as well as the old days of youtube.

    Brett F

    I think this was out before netscape navigator

  18. CorduroyPaco

    I just stepped into a time machine...

  19. Jacob Lilly

    fuckin amazing song, makes you remember the good ol days..

  20. MattMonk

    Fuck, the memories.

  21. Kar Dar


    Mack Barr

    fuck you

    patrick grondines

    fuck Taylor Swift

  22. Kelly Murray

    Wow I haven't heard this song in forever. Awesome, thanks!

  23. James Forster

    that is so terbel
    you have no freinds

  24. Andrew Schofield

    They were a fantastic alternative rock band... then they sold out I guess. Sad how that happens.

    J Schaper

    Well, at least one of them sold out, and kicked out the one who wouldn't.

  25. Julie Young

    This was treble charger? No way... The guy with glasses isn't Greg norei I'm confused

    Keegan Penney

    @Julie Everson

    J Schaper

    Priddle was the artist of the band. Nori just wanted to make money. Priddle got kicked out by Nori. Band starts doing paint by number music. Nori finds out it is more profitable to produce Sum 41 than have his own band. Band goes on permanent hiatus. How to destroy a briefly great band in 3 easy steps.


    this is for Christie . K . R.I.P  LOVE YOU:(

  27. Jake Saunders

    god I miss the old days


    +Jake Saunders why?

  28. Joe R

    Thank you so much for the original version!!! I have the "TAPE" (for some of you that actually remember those lol) somewhere but have not been able to find it.
    Thanks for posting

  29. Violet McCrady

    Just saw them perform at Roncy Rocks on Saturday. Loved when they played this song especially (and the cover of the Pixies' 'Where is my mind').

  30. Laura Morton

    I came here from Walk Off the Earth's cover... Really great song!

  31. Richard Dryfist

    I just snagged the NC17 cassette for 25 cents the other day.

  32. john

    I miss this song so much...

  33. sam brown

    they are playing mosport this weekend

  34. Twyla Amiro

    One of my favourite songs ever. So much meaning for me. Saw them twice in concert. Never disappointed.

  35. Mark Pattison

    95.1 and 100.7 THE ROCK Sarnia, lambton and windsor, essex......:)

  36. vhd14

    Taylor Swift's new song brought me here...wanted to hear a good song that was called "Red"

  37. bizophone

    This is a fantastic, under appreciated album. Unfortunately Treble Charger got lumped into the whole Can-Rock buzz of the late 90's and fizzled out. Lots of good bands from that era that died out.

  38. Aidan McTeague

    While I don't really like the Dean Blundell show, the rest of the broadcasters like Josie and Fearless Fred are great personalities who still have a lot of respect for good music like this.

  39. stew dent

    man that's so weird I just heard this song on the edge today

  40. Mr. Bludclot

    amen!!! the source for the best alternative in the 90s..PERIOD!!!

  41. freegamingsolutions

    this version sounds more raw in a good way

  42. Jeff Kahl

    this is the better version for sure! they shouldn't have fucked with a good thing.

  43. Jeff Kahl

    back when CFNY was actually playing good music

  44. ifitscool

    The show has good and bad days... he's far from a Guru. ;)

  45. Mike Jones

    dean blundell is a god among men, you are dumb

  46. Ancient_Ys

    good old treblecharger.. i heard they changed their band name though.. who knew this band before they changed their name is awesome!!

  47. Powermetalman

    I really hope they record a sixth album

  48. pmd44

    A shoegazier Neil Young.
    It seems so odd that this is the same band that ended up doing American Psycho.

    Andrew Cantrill

    yeah, that's F*cked up isn't it, this song is great

    David Wright

    They have bills to pay just like everyone

  49. pmd44

    With a Neil Young vibe too.

  50. pmd44

    I like the early sound of Treble Charger. This kind of reminds me of slowed-down Husker Du or something.

  51. Toronto Social Review

    Reunion show at CMW was absolutely amazing! Bill's back, and they're better than before!

  52. Toronto Social Review

    They're back, played at CMW for the first time in 9 years! Check out my video response.

  53. somedoodinva somedoodinva

    I still have the CFNY promo disc that contains this song, before ANY album came out.

  54. fumbler8

    Sooooo much better than when Nori sings lead. This is one of my favourite songs from the great. Also, the first guitar solo I learned came from this song!

  55. adrenalinerock11

    Bill looks a bit like John Lennon with his glasses on. I hope he'll wear them onstage again instead of contacts.

  56. Salty Mittens

    @lightninglj I guess they listened to you. :)

  57. MisterK812

    Treble Charger >>>>>>>>> Sum41... without question.

  58. davie96667

    i wish this band was still together. breaks my heart

  59. Sara Firlotte

    I miss when treble charger were good before that pop punk shit.

  60. 1Cloewen

    This was the first video I ever was a fan of on MuchMusic.
    The newer album version is totally differet.
    This is real Canadian rock music. True and amazing.!!!

  61. CMNess

    This Reminds Me Of Oasis, But Canadian

  62. WalkinshawWülf

    wow how can i not find this song in itunes? too much of a great tune or would the amount of downloads crash itunes (y)

  63. Lustrum - 0005

    i can get all their collection on torrent but NC-17 is not available as torrent..
    NC-17 being the main album I want to get back above all rest. I had a signed copy of the album way back then but disappeared.

  64. Alex Correa

    @KillingJoke696 Holy shit. 4 years ago!

  65. Honnid David

    Whats wrong with American Psycho?

  66. Liam Donaghy

    @jtorin76 102.1 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. MattMonk

    Even as a kid, I knew something tragic had happened when they released American Psycho.

  68. Peter Alexis

    @angryhart you tube converter (google)

  69. Walter's Heart

    I knew these guys....great bunch...and this song certainly takes me back

  70. evilsnakes1

    they made american psycho and all that other absolute garbage way later when that cunt nori had taken over the entire band. bill priddle continues to make solid alternative/folkish music (working, at times, with broken social scene at times (much more his style) , not to diminish from his other output). thank god for sum 41 which put an end to treble charger since nori effectively bailed to manage full-time. i remember i eventually hid my nc17 cd so no-one would make fun of me.

  71. Abby Rex

    oh I forgot how much I love this song....miss you TC

  72. MiBzAn

    jeez.. haven't seen this video in a million years.. thanks for uploading it :)

  73. momurda99

    I remember this song in the summer of 95... used to think the singer was such a nerd... But the song grew on me and was good. Plus that native/aboriginal chick was pretty fine :p

  74. Adam Coe

    @thegirl44 how do you know Jim Chevalier? are you from Sarnia?

  75. Owen Perry

    CFNY.... definitely.

  76. Jeremy Barnes

    We played with these guys in Welland many years ago (Maryjane). Great guys. Was a fun time. So many of the local bands from then are impossible to find now. I'd kill for some Grasshopper - Anyone wanna go to Neptune?

  77. Geoff .Street

    Great Tune...!!

  78. JimB667

    ahh when my love of music was just taking root... great song

  79. Scott Russell


    C'mon, Nickleback isn't THAT bad. At least you know what you get with Nickleback...honest Rock n' Roll. Justin Beiber on the other so much!

  80. Mike Scott

    ahhhh good old skate boarding days

  81. LifegrindX

    When Treble Charger was good ... ah, thanks for the memories!

  82. CareandCompassion

    @gibsonrd1 hey hey you're totally right! yeah I was gonna say they have weakerthans vibes, and Dinosaur Jr. is a good description to for the solo.. damn, Ive always known this song, I just never thought about it, kinda wrote TC off as a shitty pop punk knock off band from Xfm alongside sum 41 and simple plan, etc, but this nineties stuff is actually amazing

  83. Adam Ellis

    TC was amazing back when Priddle was around, then they abandoned their unique sound to adopt a radio friendly fluff sound, like a poor man's Blink 182.
    Man, NC17 was a great album, and its sad most people only know the latter stuff from TC that wasn't nearly as good.

  84. camacp

    I remember spending a disgusting amount of money on this album, it was hard to come by back in the day. After Self=Title I just needed more TC. The mid 90's had so much great music come out of Canada... now we just have Nickelback and Justin Bieber.

  85. ace hood

    sounds like james taylor

  86. srv2low4me

    I want this TC to bring out a new album. Awesome sound, then they went down the

  87. pinedavideos

    Man I was a kid watching this vid on MuchMusic. I loved it so much. Still do.

  88. Punkrockaddicted

    I haven't heard treble charger since 2002, I only had the "hundred million" videoclip, so I may not be an expert, but I enjoyed those moments.

  89. Zsmart

    @logansibley22 Yup it is.

  90. logan sibley

    this isnt treble charger os it?

  91. Detoxicated

    How can you not know this? Shame on you!!

    Anyway thanks Morris for your comments. =]

  92. Lightning LJ

    please come back treble charger, today's music sucks

  93. Morris Palter

    Yes, I was. I'm Morris Palter. I started the band with Greig and Bill, about 1.5 years before Rosie joined. WAY back when we started we were called Warehouse then became NC 17, then became treble charger. I played on the albums NC 17 (Red and 10th Grade Love, our 1st two vids), Self = Title (Even Grable and Morale our next two vids), then most of "Maybe It's Me." I played on "Ever She Flows" and a few others. After tc, I did my masters and doctorate and now am a University Prof.


  94. CellisVallen

    I loved/ love this song Miss Treble Charger xD

  95. Morris Palter

    Cool to read a lot of the comments. Glad to see there is still lots of support for the early treble charger music (that I played drums on!). Happy New Year everyone.

  96. naw1t

    fuck the Edge for killing Martin Streek

  97. ThatGuyNamedTim

    doesnt even look like greig nori

  98. chd2193

    Ok uhhh...I've noticed most TC vids hav gone outta synch with sound and visual. Also, they're uploaded by Detoxicated.
    Why is this???

  99. Boomoutgothelights

    Yea, back when music was actually good.