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Travis Tritt Something Stronger Than Me Comments
  1. jan mejia

    Love love this song,all I can do is pray,why do men have to cheat and drink and hold abottle, and drugs ill never under stand,and let a home family life go ,its been 10 years im still single ,i have my lil dog my grown kids and my grandkids ,God you got this Peace love pray,love all Travis music every day it keeps me going.

  2. Hayley Bailey

    Travis tritt😍😍😍

  3. Kim Miller

    Whys this song never made it to number one on the charts...I'll never know. Number one for me from Travis

  4. Jen Anderson

    Fiance committed suicide 2 months ago....definitely need something stronger than me...

  5. Joseph Eline

    wow u just gave chills u responded three days after my best friend my sister past away

  6. Joseph Eline

    thank u Donnie skaggs

  7. Joseph Eline

    i wish I could find something stronger than me my way is failing in this life

    Donnie Skaggs

    Hey Joseph. My name is Donnie Skaggs and I am one of the writers of this song. I know where you are coming from--I don't know how you got there but I do know that the answer is to stop carrying more weight than you were intended to carry. Let go of the past, let the future be what it is gonna be and love right now cause right now is all there is.

  8. Kyle Schnoor

    Favorite song of all time... Travis Tritt is the best

  9. Robbyevan Perot

    literally saves my life...this song is a testament of my life

  10. cuzimhappy

    One of the best songs he's ever done!

  11. William Price

    an amazing country artist  I have heard all of his songs if you love his music type in cold hard rain its a song he had co written with gary rossington from the lynard skynard band out of all of his music cold hard rain to me is his best

  12. tanya newberry

    LOVE IT <3

  13. David Seay

    Travis has gotten me through a lot of hard times in life

    Sharon Rogers

    David Seay Me, too, man. Are you related to Amber Seay? The late Johnny Seay?

  14. dotymirl

    Love this !!

    David Seay

    Travis is the best

  15. mike miscio

    youre right Kathy

  16. mike miscio

    there is only travis. through everyone else out. i wish i could find something stronger than me. 

  17. Kathy McLain

    This song touches a person down deep in side. Thin k so many can relate and been in that place. Travis rips the soul out of this one.