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Travis Tritt Small Doses Comments
  1. Jerry Pruitt

    travis you just might be the one that brings real country music back. GOD i hope so.

    Nathaniel Mills

    Clay Walker too! he released this song called "She's Easy to Hold" sounds like George Jones at his best! Glad these guys are fighting to bring real country back

  2. Tim Barber

    Travis got me into Country Music and is my favorite country musician! The man can sing anything!

  3. Connie Sewell

    Yes, please. Sippin.❤

  4. Patti N

    When I first heard Chris Stapleton I thought he sounded like Travis Tritt. Travis has always been one of my favorites.

  5. Jimmy White Songs

    My man singing the hell out of a country song!

  6. Cindyjean Stover

    I’m looking for the new cd💕

  7. Carolyn Hardt


  8. Kristal Price

    Love. These.

  9. Sonny Lemoine

    God Bless you Travis. Real country for sure.
    Most excellent days for you and yours. ✌🇺🇸

  10. Cyndi Jones

    O M G, two of the GREATEST. Love good ol country music

  11. Rick Bentley

    I've always said it and it's as true today as ever: Travis Tritt can sing his songs better than you, and he can sing your songs better than you. He's amazing.

  12. buster smith

    Luke Bryant ?? Make me sick !!!!! 🐽

  13. Dusty Looney

    Travis is a great singer that's for sure .One of my favorite singer

  14. MsAmericanMaid

    His v!oice is taylor made for country. REAL COUNTRY!

  15. Whiskeynaught 1

    Dam, i don’t know why but i felt that one.

  16. Francis Copeland

    50 people are Luke Bryan fans. Just sayin

  17. John Yoolie

    It sure is refreshing to hear Travis Tritts voice again! I like the sound a bunch! Ima a fan , have all ways been , and will all ways be....

  18. Rick Nelson

    Life on life's terms only Travis and Chris can put it into words

  19. rob roy

    God Bless America for giving us( the rest of the world) country music. A fan from South Africa.

  20. TL R

    Hope the current pop/country artists are taking notes from travis and chris. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  21. Jamie Bong

    Travis you are like fine wine because you just get better with age!

  22. Kimberly Grimm

    Been in love Travis Tritt since he came out! He still makes me weak in the knees! He is country and will never go pop! ❤

  23. Chris Lucas

    Love the warning label! Haha we need more real country on today's radio!

  24. choir anthony

    By the way, one of the reasons I love this dude, is because he's the first professional (and only) I've ever seen teach people how to play his music. To me, that's just BADASS! God bless you Travis for your unselfish heart.

  25. choir anthony

    I had to give it a thumbs up for the "warning" hahahaha! That's rad lol!

  26. Jodie

    We need more of THIS country. Good to hear ya Travis. <3

  27. Janet Carter

    As a recovering alcoholic and trying to heal the pain in my heart, I can say it is working with Jesus! People can drink all you want but it will just destroys people's lives! My friend of 26 years drank himself to death, literally. He was 52 years old. I have been sober for 12 years and it wasn't easy. This song makes me want a shot of everclear. Prayers for all people who are struggling with alcoholism write a song about the struggles with alcoholism please?🙏👆❤🙋‍♀️

  28. Jason Davis

    Finnallyyyyy!!!! Real country music!!!!!!!!!

  29. donna br0wn

    Good😇💕It’s hard to see someone walk away with your heart💜

  30. John Thompson

    Just what I needed tonight real country music at 1'40 in the morning just amazing keep it country 😁 from Ireland

  31. Michael McSwain

    George Jones wanted to know whose gonna fill their shoes...Chris Stapleton steps up and says..I Will...writing songs for artists like Travis...that's how we fill the shoes!

    Dusty Looney

    No body can fill geroge Jones shoes .

    Michael McSwain

    @Dusty Looney I agree, that's why the key word is THEIR shoes...not

  32. Walter HENDERSON

    Travis Tritt was my favorite til Chris Stapleton so this is fitting.

  33. Jacque Barton


  34. Hayley Bailey

    love it💙❤ God i miss country muisc like this#realcounrtymusic👍

    Country Music Cruz

    little suggestion, you should check out the new song by Clay Walker called "She's Easy to Hold" that's as country as it gets!

  35. Shannon Smith

    This is an awesome song.Chris is a great lyricist.Ex.”Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore”,”Whiskey And You”,”If It Hadn’t Been For Love”,etc.So proud he is from Eastern Kentucky.Best voice in country music hands down.

  36. amazed66

    I always thought they had similar sounding voices and a bit like Ray Charles too.

  37. Stephanie Redden

    Appreciate your channel.

  38. Dj Hoftender

    Where's this music been

  39. TheMingoKid

    Dig that [ Warning Label ] !!!!!! Sad the direction CM has gone.

    Country Music Channel: Blue River

    thank God there's still people fighting for real country

  40. EatAtTheDanglingDiner

    Everyone and their fucking real this and that comments. What I like is real. This is real country. Why don’t they make real music anymore. Fuck those people.

  41. southrnlyfe

    Saw Travis a week ago. Great show!

  42. Brandon Marquez

    These two have such unique voices

  43. Steve Lynch

    Imagine this is whats missing on transgender country stations REAL COUNTRY MUSIC,

  44. kristy sickles

    The “warning” in the thumbnail brought me here! Thank you!! I’ve missed his voice

  45. Justin Bond

    This is badass!

  46. Mister JC

    Congratulations dumbass. You uploaded a seven-year-old song

    M Border

    First time I heard this I'm glad he did...guess I'm a dumb ass too

  47. MrMusic 2019

    Those 37 dislikes are the people who dont know what real country is sad :(

  48. Kimberly Grimm

    Love Travis Tritt! I've been a fan of his since he first came out !!

  49. She runs

    Warning: real country! I love it 💕

  50. gaskan666

    I doubled up. but it still hurts

  51. Marty Sheldon

    Why this song wasn't a single and #1 smash hit, I'll never know.

  52. gaskan666

    WOW this takes me back to when country was good. 30 years just flew by. Dam I am old.

  53. Daniel Hopper

    Whiskey ain’t working anymore Tritt and Marty Stuart... one of the best true country songs ever ...

    Elizabeth F

    my dad alway had that cd playing when I was little! Don't give your heart to a rambler was also great 😄

  54. angus42868

    Two real artists.

  55. HW Keepsie35

    reminds me of You Look So Good in Love by George Strait.

  56. justin stewart

    Travis Tritt has been my favorite country artists since I was a little fella in diapers. Now I’m in my late 20’s, a huge Chris Stapleton fan. To see these two collaborate on a song is a dream come true.

  57. Machanic Man

    Yes sir Travis tritt I've missed hearing your voice its very refreashing, that's to Chris as well keep em coming, thank ya,

  58. Jeff Rae

    36 down thumbs.... those bitches need a ass whoopin. This is some real country!

  59. Thomas Chambers

    Chris Stapleton sucks

    Elizabeth F


  60. FordTech


  61. Alma Naylor

    love Travis and Chris both. real country can't get any better.

  62. Dolly Price

    I like this

  63. Lori Robinson

    It's about time Travis sings something decent. I miss his old tunes.. Love this one.. It's like the OLD country music I love and miss.. TY :)

  64. Nick P

    My first country singer I liked. Old school country. Great voice. Legend

  65. Joe Ricard

    I grew up a city boy, and found out about Travis when I hit 40.. huge music fan. Travis is in my top 5 greatest voices I’ve ever heard

  66. Charles Wisniewski

    Absolutely love 💙💙💙

  67. TheWayOf Cailinn

    Chris Stapleton, I'm his biggest fan. I've been a fan since he was JOMPSON Brothers and Steeldrivers.

    weasle min

    I think he was best in steeldrivers

  68. Carolinablue Bear

    QUESTION ** Does anyone know if Travis Tritt sang backup for Julie Roberts songs? I swear I hear him in at least one ☝️

  69. Carolinablue Bear

    Yeah. You still got it 👊🙌🌟🎤🎼

  70. M E L R O S E

    My 6 year old daughter loves Travis Tritt. Hearing her sing “howwwwwlin at the moooo oooo oooon.....ahhhh ooooooo” makes me feel like I’m doing something right! Travis Tritt will always be my favorite!

    Francesca Menotti

    ypu are! I grew up on Travis Tritt and Clay Walker, I think they're the most underrated in country music!

  71. Sandra Miller

    I always Loved Travis Tritt a Elvis Presley. Their my favorite singers.

  72. Sodirty thedirty

    So every comment is going to end with " real country"

  73. spiraljoe1273

    Comfort food for us 50-something country boys who miss REAL COUNTRY

  74. Jarred B

    Well.."Country's Back "!

  75. James Young

    Love Double T. That's right. One sip at a time.

  76. scott threatt

    That's real country not that Luke Bryon shit

    Jeremiah Alan

    scott threatt Exactly! I can’t stand Luke!

  77. James Pennington

    Really miss old school country please bring it back

  78. sgalways

    Love this & have always loved Travis!! Best country singer of our time, hands down. He is hardly on the radio because he won't kiss ass! Still sells out concerts, though. Travis has tried & true fans.

  79. Jeff Haire

    It's nice to hear from you Travis Tritt...been awhile!

  80. OpinionsGetYouBanned

    Look up the word real

  81. jamricsloe

    George Jones would be proud

  82. Lindsay Ledbetter

    I love Rock but I always liked Travis. Aww the memories.🤩

  83. Caleb D

    This song is from his album in 2004 lol. Still great though.

  84. Marilee Woods

    love Marilee

  85. steve mayes

    Hell yeah!!!!!! Great music, the man is remarkable. Keepin it country !!!!!

  86. Thomas Grawunder

    Love the warning, better than “warning its nas garbage and Cyrus trying to get his name back out”

  87. rose bud

    Another well written song by Stapleton - soulfood. Tritt does it justice another one of my all time favorite singers. WTG Chris

  88. Garland Booth

    Dear lord I wish this was still what the radio played, not the clap track pop we get now

  89. VIP johnny 3

    together doing a song? they would have to be on video to tell who was who, both are great singers as well as musicians. listen to im to blame by stapleton, you would swear it was tritt if you didnt know any better, also stapletons wife should be credited to his career also, she does exceptional work on his back up vocals.
    both are definately heros of mine. and this may piss osme folks off, but from sdomeone who named his son waylon, i put both up on the stage with waylon and willie and the other great ones before them.

  90. Mike Cip

    Travis Tritt still badass!!

  91. Joseph Langman

    I saw him live in 2000 his band was delayed so he played by himself with nothing but a guitar a chair and a microphone. Without a doubt the best performance, his voice is amazing!

  92. Marla Hamm

    One of my favorite country singers. Puts his all in it. Makes me cry at times. Love his music.♥️

  93. Abram Porras

    Bad ass song

  94. Spirtual Gangsta

    I love the tone of his voice, it's so relaxing

  95. steve welburn

    Fantastic lyrics !
    Would have been perfect for George Jones R.I.P

    Dave Alan

    steve welburn I was thinking the same thing.

  96. Conservative Californian

    Very nice, Travis is still great!


    Y’all do realize this song has been around since 2003-2004 right?


    who cares? if people believe it's new and spread it around what's your problem with it? Do you need to feel smart cause you know this was on honky tonk history?

  98. Jason Jones

    Finally some real country.

  99. Country Music Channel: Blue River


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    Mtn Mama

    I'm subscribed!! When was this released? Chris Stapleton wrote it👏👏👏❤🇺🇸😍

    Julien Gommard

    fantastic song

    Mtn Mama

    @Julien Gommard ,Yes!

    Joey Taylor

    Hey my kkk

    Mtn Mama

    @Joey Taylor What does that even mean???🤔🤔