Travis Tritt - No More Looking Over My Shoulder Lyrics

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Travis Tritt No More Looking Over My Shoulder Comments
  1. Dee Ferry

    Xfabulous, I love Travis Tritt's voice

  2. Jaime Garrett

    no more looking over my shoulder

  3. Coxy 37

    This whole album was my childhood, full blow nostalgia trip

  4. Keith Sage

    I played this song for a old friend from the States, he is black and he said this a black man's song ,it's his story. Fact!

  5. Eldar Ranger

    I've forgot what movie this is off but I loved it as a kid and this song made it so much better

    Backwoods Chief

    Fuze outlaw justice. that's where I found it!!


    The movie is also known as The Long Kill.

  6. douglas gregory

    This songs tells my story so much when I was growing up.True Country.


    Yup..Damn Right.


    @ANGELA Alvarado ye doin good in fact getin betta each day..howz you puppy..?

    ANGELA Alvarado

    @OUTLAW COUNTRY the puppy is spoiled! He is hyper hops around like a bunny hes silly!


    @ANGELA Alvarado lol.. i love to watch pups play there so need eyes in the back of your head..

    ANGELA Alvarado

    @OUTLAW COUNTRY i know he's a lil trouble maker he jumps up on the couch but cries because he can't get down


    @ANGELA Alvarado thats too funny..but why not spoil them thats what there there for bet you children love him..

  8. Douglas Ross

    underrated is the word everybody I know thinks hes a badass

  9. joseph hovermale

    great song from a great somewhat underrated artist. of course all of Travis's stuff is great. this song inspired me to take a look inside and it changed my life. If you really listen you can draw inspiration from many of Travis tritt's songs.

  10. Michael Rosenthal

    The guy can sing and that's all. Whatever else is going on with these comments... just YouTube BS guess.

  11. Michael Rosenthal

    Fabulous lyrics and arrangement! Travis OWNS this song!

    Anthony Hunter

    Um, I actually own this song. I make $1 every time he sings it.


    @Anthony Hunter your name is not Michael Petersen or Craig Wiseman so i don't see how that is possible

    Anthony Hunter

    Oh boy... sorry to cause you concern "niceboyz77" (really? That's Your handle?). It was what we in the "know" call a "joke"; but feel free to take offense at a harmless joke that meant nothing to me.

    Anthony Hunter

    *ahem* BTW Michael, you might want to recind your earlier statement about Travis Tritt owning this particular song, "niceboyz77" will be calling you out on this next...


    Be careful sir statements like that can have bigger repercussions than you think. 

  12. Michael Picente

    Great song. Really good for when in a bad spot.

  13. nikki harris

    Amen, It was so hard to forgive those who had realy hurt me. Then I did it for me, not them. I found it isn't saying its okwhat they did, I just can't drag around the hate if I want to grow.

  14. Lona Edgington

    pretty much says it all...

  15. WeatherTop Roofing Services, Inc.

    This is outlaw true couuntry. This song tells a story, more of a ballad.