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Travis Tritt Leave My Girl Alone Comments
  1. Dave7mm Hunter

    This is a great song you made SRV and Buddy Guy Proud !!!!

  2. Larry Tillery

    Imagine how good it would've sounded if he would have had a real Blues guitarist play this with him!

  3. Deborah Smith

    This song makes me want to strip

    Dale wetzel

    Deborah Smith go on girl, get nekked!!!

  4. DeathbatNation1991


  5. Anthony Lundell

    Sounds like "too many dirty dishes" Albert Collins ,-) Gooood blues

  6. Vic Crosscountry

    This is ROCKING BLUES!!!

  7. Mel Dubin

    Ain't nothin but the blues ----- go on soul man

  8. Christy Williams

    he is sing my favorite song because It me

  9. Christy Williams

    it remains me

  10. Murp h

    Go on bluesman💫!!

  11. Patrick Anzaldua

    It's got Harmonica Guitar Organ, and Piano, but it is missing the saxophone. But hey it's all good. It's just that every time I hear this song I imagine hearing a saxophone play a little mix from the Roseanne theme along with his solo after a guitar play it's part.

  12. William Lewis

    If you've never heard Buddy Guy you're really missing out. He is the bridge between classic blues & rock. Eric Clapton calls him the world's greatest guitarist. "Damn Right I Got the Blues" is the greatest blues song & album ever.

  13. William Lewis

    Stevie was not the was Buddy Guy...the man who Influenced Hendrix the most among other greats.

  14. Ryan Atwood

    I love Stevie, but his was not the original. This is a Buddy Guy song.

    Jodee B.

    He never claimed so. In fact he thanked him and paid tribute to his good friend. Love SRV's version though, especially Austin City Limits version

    murp h

    ??? Why would you talk about Buddy and Stevie ???? TRAVIS IS PERFORMING ____ where is the contest ___ these guys are artists not ballplayers

  15. Matt Jaggars

    This is great...I hate it when country music stars do blues songs in a "country" style...this is straight up blues, just like it oughta be...rock on Travis...

    Jodee B.

    100% agree

    murp h

    What the hell are you talking about ???? Music is either good or bad !!! Categories are irrelevant !

  16. Thunder Alqisi

    this makes me want to hit the highway again !

  17. cjohneen Morrow-McAndrews

    Except there is NO one like the original SRV