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Travis Tritt If I Lost You Comments
  1. Doranda Bullis

    😥 it hurts still

  2. J J

    Walking dead

  3. J J

    No sunshine.....I lost it all

  4. Debra Johnson

    Baby I miss You !!!

  5. Sara Morrison

    My husband I could not bear to lose you. Its not my choice to leave. I hope and pray for your forgiveness. My mind can't seem to keep up anymore. My soul is tired but will fight forever just to keep you and our life together

  6. Jeff Jungk

    When I hear this song I do cry I am a 33 yr man bc I lost the love if my life she left me and when I hear it i start to cry

  7. Debra Grajeda

    I cry went her this song

  8. QuadCowgirl Tubes

    I love Travis tritt

  9. Michael Jackson


  10. Michael Jackson


  11. Tiffany Boone

    5-4-2011 I lost my daughter Madison in a car wreck I do anything to have her back.. No parent should half to endure the pain of burying a child.. Things never be the same the day god called my 👼 home my life changed for ever... I miss her so much.. Rip Madison Blackmon 🕊😥 my angel

  12. Dreamers Rock

    This dude can sing 👍

  13. Darlene Blackburn

    Touched my heart

  14. David Hopkins

    this song made me think of someone that i never want to loose and today she told me that she felt like crying because no one cares about her like i do but i cry every time i hear this song because it makes me think of her.

  15. Nicole Aguilar

    i am here in 2019

  16. Ronald Tarchala

    gittin back in touch with my southern roots... been gone way way too long... Lord get me back to North Cackalacky... I miss her sooo badly...

  17. Opal Bargo

    Hank Williams jr

  18. Diana Hayse

    Tears!!!! Love you to someone so very special to me.

  19. otis jackson

    I met Travis tritt years ago many times in person and he is not friendly at all

  20. Billie Bingman

    Love you 😘 Barry Dale Ward 04/01/19

  21. Wayne Lodrigie

    I can't have you tonight so it's not pay for me to lick live anymore see you in heaven

  22. Mary Hodgmond

    I lost you now how do I go on.

  23. Joyce Hewitt

    I love this song

  24. Jennifer Patton

    Just to sweet! Yes you're 🌥️❤️ can go on. It's hard, but you can.

    Mary Hodgmond

    It is hard

  25. Bonita Perkins

    If I lose you I don't no what i would do whit out I don't no what in this world I lose you in my life and I would love to have you in my life

  26. Bonita Perkins

    A beautiful smile and a beautiful lady ones said she would get married again

  27. Bea9800

    This song goes to both of my babies

  28. Miguel Aguirre

    This song makes me wont to cry

  29. Kim Hood

    Me too made tears flow down my face's too

  30. Kim Hood

    That places in my heart . my heart be die with out him god just take me home too. He my soulmate for life. He make's me whole.

  31. Kim Hood

    If I lost my husband there would be no one to fill my heart up

  32. Tabatha Gilbert

    I meant I do love you baby I'm exhausted I have to leave us to god .if you love me you will understand .

  33. Tabatha Gilbert

    I love this song this goes out to my other half I'm exhausted I can't do things the way they have been I do you .but I just can't anymore I'm leaving this us in God's hands.

  34. Christy Rowland

    I lost u and u came back where u belong

  35. gabogugu

    very sad song and beautiful at the same time


    What a truly beautiful and emotional song by Travis Tritt and the caring nature of Al is a blessing to have a friend like him (Al). This makes me think of my daughter who is getting married in two (2) weeks time; I definitely don't know what I would do if I lost her, Her mother left me after 25 years of marriage. This is pure country music that sings about family, togetherness and friendship. The song put a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I am someone who places everyone else before me and I'm told that isn't good for my wellbeing. Don't think anyone can change the DNA and be someone else. I had four (4) loves in my life; 1) to be a Police Officer, 2) to get married, 3) have children and 4) see my grandchildren grow up. However, due to my divorce I hardly see my grandchildren. My son doesn't want children; he says it's because there is too much troubles in the world but I believe it's due to my ex divorcing me, it hurts me deeply to know he has been affected so much that he doesn't want that to happen if he had children. I love Al also, wish I had such a friend.

  37. Michael Jackson


  38. Tyler Kennedy

    This makes my think of my two daughters one that is biologically mine and one is not but I have been with her since the day the love of my life found out she was going to have a child and I don't even know what I would do with out either of them

  39. christy harrison

    How many times have I heard this before.

  40. Charlene Rowe

    Tears in my eyes

  41. Sean King

    Lost my fiance 12/13/2018 our daughter will be 2 in November

  42. Mharicel HagacerWL

    my husband been looking to this video,just to show me,now i found it,its really makes you cry....😞

  43. Yonnie Mccullough

    As a man also ive gone through this exact thing.If I lost my little girl I dont know what in the world I would do.I love my little Lisa Marie so much.

  44. Erika Outdoors

    Great music!!! Calls me back to the mountains of North Carolina, and back to the days where family was family in person....not just on Facebook. The good times are gone. 😞

  45. Debra Singleton

    Heart breaking video. Love him.

  46. John Martinez

    What a powerful song. Great lyrics.

  47. Joyce Hewitt


  48. jennifer ianson

    great music and videos of happened

  49. Purple40Ice

    Still watch these and I still cry

  50. Alex Brewer

    one of my all time favorites

  51. Wes Hunter

    Thank you T for keeping it real and real country

  52. Naratine Sagidon

    I really felt empty after losing my wife ten years ago when she was called by the Lord, but was comforted by His Promise to me! Thank you Jesus for that promise am now having a wonderful life looking after my three beautiful grand-daughters! Thank you Travis for reminding me through your song!

  53. amber hagan

    I’m a 10 year old child and I liked this i cried. But it was one of the best country songs. God bless you all

  54. Dan Hahn

    My eyes are leaking...

  55. Salina Sanchez

    well i lost you and have to figure out how to deal in life with all this pain and hurt you have caused. you have to learn to do the same

  56. Christiana Endsley

    If I lost you so sad😥😥😥 song on YouTube and my name Christina endsley

  57. Sherry Hirtle

    Thinking of my husband of 40 years, I love you so much ❤️

  58. Lisa Chesser

    This song reminds me of my daughters daddy I lost 10 years ago 😔😟

  59. Doris Night

    Better be careful what lies you believe from people. You may just discover they are what they are accusing others of. I don't need friends willing to believe idiots like that. Without ever letting me defend myself. I'm not on all those psychriatric drugs. Oh no not me sweetie. I have depression not bi polar. God just revealed to me what has been said. Dear God....she did that to me years ago too. She really is off her roller blades.

  60. Mary Lawson

    I love this song and nobody could ever sing it better

  61. Di Bn

    Life is lost if without a love..

  62. Alice Sigford

    Thanks you love miuc

  63. Shelly Lavigne

    Gut wrenchingly great

  64. Robbie Stewart

    Allea Pippin I Don't What In The World I Would Do If I Lost You

  65. Donnie Benthin

    1.4 thousand dislikes? Sounds to me more like 1.4 thousand individuals that have never had kids. If I lost my daughter I wouldn't know what I'd do.

  66. Melinda Cook

    Absolutely love this song makes me tear up every time 😢❤️

  67. Mr. Monkey

    Why am i hearing this just right now

  68. Joyce Hewitt


  69. Becky Davis

    This song always makes me cry. Try to hold them in but, they always fall.

  70. Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot my name


  71. Rodney Carrigan

    this song really brings things home i would not know what to do if i ever lost my son he is the world around me and if i lost him my world would tear down hes my heart and soul and world and if i lost him i would not know what to do

  72. Mia DD

    I've been looking for this song for YEARS!!!...Nobody knew what I was taking about😢😢❤❤❤...thanks Youtube!!!!

  73. Nicholas McDaniel

    Why was he in a wheel chair in this jw but I love Travis's music

    Martin C. N.

    This was during the time Travis Tritt was doing music and songs to bring attention to our wounded veterans, he was portraying a man who had been injured during combat and became wheelchair bound and didnt want to go on living, he had lost hope but his love brought him back and gave him a reason to live, then he list his love and their child gave him a reason to go on after his loss..

  74. Fo'Eva Doza

    Mr. Mr. Travis Tha Gritt Tritt !
    Tha Man!!

  75. Tabitha M. Broadway

    I love you

  76. I’m SHAK3N

    Cough* riverdale s3

    yasmeen natalia

    Estephania Garza i looked everywhere it doesn’t exist lmao, they must’ve made it just for that song

    Estephania Garza

    @yasmeen natalia
    i found it, its "my love" by donnie owens.
    it does exist but its not out, they deleted it from everywhere

    Veeresh C R

    @Estephania Garza did you check every source?

    Veeresh C R

    My world, Life would lose it's meaning, if I lost you my love ❤️

    Morine Cobern

    Love [email protected] Garza

  77. Yessica Ceja-Paniagua

    I can't belive he is gone😩😭

  78. Jimmie kim Wright

    If I lost u

  79. Southerngurl68


  80. Sherry Trenner

    Always loved this video. The little girl's face whenever Travis kisses her head , is so cute

  81. Liz Higuera

    Love it!!!

  82. Jennifer Delay

    Have him meet mama

  83. Jennifer Delay

    I met a woman today counting money at the store she had 2 dollars left i hope she listen to me thats enough to play the lottery she said i have done that in a long time

  84. Jennifer Delay

    How do u fix a man

  85. Solid Gamer 2

    Great Sequel to "Anymore".

  86. LadyAnne

    Beautiful song
    Video is touching.

    If #Ilostyou.***I would be so very sad***

  87. Brittany Sandrrs

    This video makes cry everytime I watch it

  88. Ethel Hoose

    Please make this a movie

  89. Jennifer Delay

    The brokes women was make u see attached by a dog ok shes a baby girl does he see im

  90. Jennifer Delay

    Keep chasin it

  91. Carmen colon


  92. Gage Williams

    Who here in 2019

  93. Shaun Cougar1986

    1.3k dislikes. Probably are Travis Barker fans

  94. Millie Burgess

    This song gives me chills specially if so.ething happened to there wife take care of the child by the husband by his self it gives me chills

  95. Traci Foster

    Watched and listened to these videos with you before you left to go back east 1991-1994

  96. Traci Foster

    Steve L Taylor San Diego, CA 1991 still searching for you and the boys Stwven and Joshua

    Kim Yon

    Right here

  97. Marie Halsey

    Yea i know a guy that doesn't seem to care if he loses me. He's so casual about getting over me and moving on with his life. Hurts me all the time because I love this guy but I can't even show him that love him in all the ways I want to. He doesn't love me in a boyfriend sort of way....not yet.

  98. Frank ster

    Still listening to travis 2019

    Deborah Carol

    Love me some Travis Tritt, his songs are so touching

  99. Wendy Sue

    Yes yess yess I cannot lose you I love you ❤️

  100. luc lefebvre

    this song brings tears in my eyes...