Travis, Randy - Are We In Trouble Now Lyrics

It wasn't just the music
It wasn't just the wine
Some other kind of magic
Sending shivers up my spine
And I was falling
And I fell for you and how
Darling, are we in trouble now?

They say we're grown up
We've been searching all this time
And I wouldn't own up
Never would admit to flying blind
But in the darkness
We found each other anyhow
Darling, are we in trouble now?

When we talk it over
Our love was a cry from a distant shore
Then we found each other
And all that we'd been searching for

And I'm done denying
Yeah, I guess by now you know
I'm through with trying
Can't bring myself to let you go
And all these feelings
Said we never would allow
Darling, are we in trouble now?
Darling are we in trouble now?

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Travis, Randy Are We In Trouble Now Comments
  1. Annica Feazelle

    Dang ole Randy can sing like nobody I can compare his voice to....him singing he walked on water. Is another that is a go Randy Travis

  2. Invista

    The only other worthy guy to sing this one, is Randy..


    It's a pity, that people who swear they are country, seldom back up their claims and express themselves...! Wussies.

  3. King Vegeta

    Randy is LEGEND

  4. Lee Higginbotham

    This is his greatest post-stroke video!

  5. Boston Dave

    If you don't like this you don't real country music.

  6. Taylor Ann Nicole Tuck

    Wesley... darlin’, we’re in trouble now.
    - Your Tucky Ducky

  7. Boston Dave

    One of Randy's most beautiful songs.

  8. Ford sierra

    Randy travis was a true country singer his voice is amazing. country music nowadays is alot different it's not the same. I seen randy travis live and he was amazing songs like this is what country music is all about. Randy travis Alan Jackson George Jones Marle Haggard is true country singer's. Country music nowadays has to much rock to me it's not country... songs like this is country. Miss randy travis voice. Legend

  9. Dee Durkin

    I adore this song but i adore Randy Travis more.xx

  10. jeremy thiel

    I wish randy travis could get his voice back

  11. kenny cross

    kiesha i asked you a long time ago are we in troble now, i guess we were you never loved me

  12. Christina Allen

    Such a good song..

  13. Euripides' Ghost

    Randy has a damn good soul.

  14. Euripides' Ghost

    damn, this is a good song. Underrated.

  15. Ken Campbell

    Beautiful version.

  16. Cameron Harris

    Still my all time favorite singer

  17. TimMer1981

    Nowhere near as good as Mark Knopfler's version.

  18. Lupe Ezquivel

    Me gusta mucho

  19. Keith Sage

    We miss you Randy, Please we pray to God that this man be blessed by your Holy Hand in Jesus name..

  20. Albert Strickland

    That voice... God almighty, Travis is an original... nobody can emulate that tone and that effortless way of singing... todays country artist are laughable. I hope he can recover enough to perform again

  21. Dee Durkin

    This man is so amazing.. i love his voice and all his

  22. Sandy Juntunen

    after my husband became very ill we'd lay in bed at night and listen to this. we knew our love was gonna have to be strong enough for what lay ahead. we could feel what was coming. we were right. but when I hear this I still feel him laying next to me in the dark, holding on. bittersweet.

    Saydee Wilson

    Sandy Juntunen thinking of you. So sorry.

    King Vegeta

    Very touching.


    Praying all will be alright..

  23. Divine Calling

    It is Written:

    "And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof." Thus, Saith the LORD of Hosts:" If it be marvelous in the eyes of the remnant of this people in these days, should it also be marvelous in Mine eyes? Saith the LORD of Hosts." Zechariah 8:5-6

  24. Tamra Berry

    What a voice, what a song. Now that's true country music!

  25. jod6cindy

    I love this song. Is there any way to create a version of it where the instrumental at the end goes on for two or three more minutes? It is so beautiful and evocative. IMO, this is one of Randy Travis's best (and most underrated) songs.

  26. mike rine

    Get well soon randy we miss ya

  27. Janice Anderson

    yes I love it! I just hope someday I can find that man again that will want and love all of me.

  28. Hub Reynolds Jr.

    When I record it I'll take it to the top for RT. I love this song!

  29. Benjamin Zhao

    "I knew you were trouble when you walked in. Trouble, trouble, trouble"

  30. LaveXiTosh

    Soothing to the ears. One of his best songs in my books.

  31. Henry Kerry

    Love this song

  32. dufus

    not one of his best

    Dave O'no

    dufus maybe because it's isn't his.

  33. pie rich

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  34. pie rich

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  35. Daniela Spackova

    Beautiful 👍

  36. Ingebjorg Mosberg

    Beautiful..... !!!

  37. Michele Oakley

    Love this song over & over!


    A slow two-step with her, alone on the dance floor, drawing no one's attention . . . . . song never ends . . .

  39. Debi and Tim Drawdy

    You know i have heard many many songs and its crazy this song was not a #1 hit !!!!

  40. slk363

    Slow dance heaven! Thanks Randy!

  41. I Sabatini

    Though Mark Knophler is my hero...... This version by Randy is a Knock-out....
    Just incomparable. Amazing Voice Randy boy............ I can just sit back & listen to it over & over & still want to listen to it more & more........

  42. -PiNkBuTtErFlyGiRL- *

    love this type of country 90's.

  43. jod6cindy

    What a dynamite arrangement. The song and video footage evoke the saddest western ever. I love the Hammond B3 and steel guitar, and the instrumental at the end (although I wish it went on much longer so as not to break the dreamy mood the song inspires).

  44. Mary Spencer

    my favorite song love Randy travis love him  sooooo  much! God love him!

  45. Albert Gatte

    amazing voice and song... anyone notice that's a left handed guitar??

    Cody Lambert

    Albert Gatte first thing I noticed

  46. MrStickbuddy

    what  lovely voice and great song. what a pity the "new country" is so awful

  47. Toni Cervetto


  48. Justine Papineau

    is it even plausible to fall in love with a man's voice? <3 <3 <3

    Euripides' Ghost

    He has a damn good voice, dear.

  49. Francisco Dominguez

    Yes...The Instrumental Part Of The Song Could Have Lasted Eternity...And I'd Be Listening To It Nonstop....Damn Great Song ...

  50. Donna Johnson

    Love this guy. Beautiful song

  51. lindalovesal

    Always love this song beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

  52. Rita Abney

    he has the most amasing eyes when he sings

  53. jod6cindy

    Gorgeous, in every way. I wish the instrumental at the end of the song went on for a couple more minutes...I didn't want it to end.

    Andrej Brumen

    +jod6cindy check original (live version): Mark Knopfler wrote it in 1996...

  54. Ísabella Björk Bjarkadóttir

    Love you Randy <3

  55. Georgia Peach

    I will NEVER EVER understand why this song never did make it BIG! It is so late husband and I loved this song so much!

    Craig Harris

    I totally agree. This should have been one of his signature songs. So good

    Bob T

    Georgia Peach
    It was a big song by Mark Knopfler, if you haven't heard it you should research it.
    But must agree, one heartfelt songs.
    Probably why Randy covered it .

    Craig Harris

    Randy's version was the best IMO

    Made in Mexico

    Georgia Peach Ur so rite!!! Its so beautiful

    Saydee Wilson

    This was one of the songs at our wedding. We loved it so much. A very sexy voice by Randy.

  56. Maddie Aldape

    OMG I know that girl in the white dress! Her name is Georgina and she goes to my church!!!


    I love this video and not because that's my cousin dancing with Randy. I'm glad you know her through church she has a big heart.

  57. jbbeatle007

    This song gives me goosebumps. I'll always love Randy. He's a legend.

  58. Passenger2959

    amazing song. this song is like a black diamond that started 10 years later to shine.


    Would love to know how Travis/Knopfler combo came about. Perfect collaboration!

  60. mark lamey

    hey bro

  61. Ingebjorg Mosberg


  62. Memeii Agcaoili

    Stumble to this because of the book i just finished. "remeber tonight" by chelsea landon

  63. lorraine davis

    I just love Randy Travis he has such a nice voice real low.

  64. David Bond

    Randy does a fine job but Mark Knopfler's original version with his beautiful lead guitar at the end is perfect.



    Mary Spencer

    Love Randy singing it better!! I just love him anyway

    Pedro Imitado

    I knew I had heard this somewhere before! Gotta love Randy's voice but Mark's guitar is as unmistakably unique! Thank you for the comment and Randy thank you for the video.

    Doug Misantoni

    Both are great...

  65. Cathy Kamin

    Kind of song that makes ya just keep hitting replay.

    Craig Harris

    Yeah I never listen to this song just once

    carolyn collins

    I really miss hearing randy sing. He true country.

  66. TheZen2580

    I am going thru this exact situation! Perfect song to match how I am feeling at the moment.  Thanks for sharing it on your channel!

  67. Ísabella Björk Bjarkadóttir

    So lovely:) <3

  68. Andrés Amenedo

     Lo siento, pero creo que es mejor la versión original de Mark Knopfler con su guitarra Gibson les Paul.

     I´m sorry, but it´s better original Mark Knopfler version with his Gibson les Paul guitar. I Think so.

  69. Lazaro Alvarez Jr.

    This Is a very special song! makes me want to get maried again.


    When ya get to feeling that way, just slap/slug yourself until you are bleeding badly from every orifice you got.  Then rub some hot salt water on them all, then some alcohol, then some acid.  That ought to do it.

    Emma Rose

    @Ranger Jones ....RJ...sometimes that's just how it feels huh?  It's just finding the right one.   God bless you in your search for peace.

  70. AME Avionics

    you're right texetera,because the outro of the original song is the best solo ever created IMHO.

  71. texetera

    Great song..........Great version..............I still think the original by Mark Knopfler just can't be bettered. The guitar outro by Mark is some of his best work.

  72. Betty Bell Martin


  73. Marie N. Pierre

    The best

  74. shirleyharris7

    What a wonderful song!!! It is absolutely the best!! I would love to meet him one day!!
    God Bless You and hopefully you are recovering well.... Love your voice....

  75. kenny cross

    great song a tear jerker

  76. John Maxwell

    Did anyone else notice that the pickguard on his guitar is upside down? lokks like he's playing a left handed guitar!

  77. Roger Lotz

    I met a woman in a time in my life that was very stormy. She is the most amazing woman I've ever met but the time we met was very in appropriate. I watched a movie with this song in and downloaded it and the words explained the situation perfectly. I can honestly say that I think about her everyday and I know I will love her forever. Baby you are the only woman for me xxx

  78. Meg Sanders

    Took me forever to find this song after listening to it on Rumour Has It. I love it!

    Woody JADE

    rumor has it brought me here too

  79. peoplerstrange

    thanks for sharing all of vids

  80. Jim Bolsky

    What a voice what song make a grown man cry.Reminds me of my frickn x.Still like this song.

  81. Belladonna4366

    You are kidding, right? "Glory Train", Three wooden crosses" "Lord, take my hand" "He walked on water"!

  82. Marilyn Owens

    what a voice! Love him. Please don't take him away from us, it will hurt so much..

  83. J.R. Needham

    3 Losers...

  84. rpetrics

    Your right, and he should stay there when it comes to singing this song. Don't get me wrong, MK is a great talent when it comes to playing the guitar and writing songs, including this one. I've heard him sing this, and he sounds like he's dying. But I would leave each to his own taste. Mine is RT. Thank you.

  85. Arthur Capozzi

    ...c'mon! M.K. is from another world..

  86. Xtinas World

    Love this song so much

  87. Ana Belén

    Randy es cristiano? Is he christian?

  88. øvêr_ gāmę344

    Minuto 3:30 a la derecha de los niños... un guiño al compositor de la canción???

  89. -PiNkBuTtErFlyGiRL- *

    New one for me,.. Love this song ,Love all his songs i know most of them by heart .>.On the other hand ..90's country still #1 today dont makem like that anymore!

  90. CherBigfeather

    Feelings, Darlin! Magic!

  91. JMC RSA

    This is music. I love Randy's music, I have been a big fan for a long time and this version is sung nicely but I really prefer Mark's version as he sings it with passion, you can feel that with Mark's original version it was as if he was sad or what he was singing about personally effected him, it probably did, I really don't know the history of the song in that regard and with Mark playing guitar! WOW. This is music!

  92. Arthur Capozzi

    knopfler's original version is from another planet...

  93. youtareatube

    Watched the movie , rumour has it, this was in the background and looked it up on you tube. just love you tube

  94. MrGoodmusicmatters

    First time I heard this I came in at the guitar outro. It caught my ear like a fish on a hook and pretty soon I knew I was listening to Mark Knopfler. He's got taste and tone like no other. When I heard the whole song and caught Randy Travis' wonderful vocal I was spellbound. How in the world did this song keep from going #1. It outraced the pack it was in at the time by a mile. If you've never heard Knopfler's version of this song he wrote, check it out.

  95. Musically Medicated

    I think this could be the definition of smooth.....

  96. Alex Townsend

    Sorry if I offended you.

  97. Alex Townsend

    Well it is a sexy song.