Travie McCoy - Superbad Lyrics

Drive slow, drive fast
Whatever the destination is Imma leave all the numbas on the dash.
Sherif's tryin comin see me but it aint my fault.
Better say a prayer cause I aint trying to wait on the change like my name was john mayer.
I swear. I came here to give em a show.

Its 11:34. I'm on a roll.
Its almost noon and I aint got nowhere to go....ah yeah yeah....
And this is the road of my life.
So imma have a little fun and ride till I see the sun...yeah whoa...yeah....

Got the time, got a place.
If you want more of these heinakin's you go and give me my space,
My space before I kick the dirt and head to the trunk to get you a little taste.
Yeah superbad.
Imma get ya a little something that your sister and your mama never had.
Coulda been your dad.
I gotta go but ill be right back

Its 11:34. I'm on a roll.
Its almost noon and I aint got nowhere to go....ah yeah yeah....
And this is the road of my life.
So imma have a little fun and ride till I see the sun...yeah whoa...yeah....

Oh dad im traveling this is where I belong....yeah.
I sid the road that I'm riding is where I belong....hey

Its 11:34. I'm on a roll.
Its almost noon and I aint got nowhere to go....ah yeah yeah....
And this is the road of my life.
So imma have a little fun and ride till I see the sun...yeah whoa...yeah....

All of my life...

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Travie McCoy Superbad Comments
  1. Z87 Otaku

    I drove Gumpert Apollo S

  2. UNeedSomeMilkYT

    2020 need to be on SoundCloud for free

  3. Sajida Hussain

    11:34 🎶

  4. Sajida Hussain

    I wana get drunk to this song

  5. Sofia Anderson

    Almost 10 years

  6. Carlos

    Driving with the Bugatti Veiron
    Thank you NFS.

  7. Sir Amic Varze

    Listening to this at 11:34.

  8. CIA

    Cut out of 2017 and 2019 what about 2020?


    Mclaren F1 On the icy mountain road. Awesomen and amazing.

  10. BMW4LIFE

    Driving my BMW 3 Series Convertible!
    Mountain Road with no Traffic!
    This Song!
    Driving like in Hot Pursuit!

  11. -MiHaIloV -

    Че пацаны,хот персьют?Под нее под кайфом ехать 400+под дождем на Агере)

  12. CARLOz RXL

    drive slow

  13. Oskar

    1k comments here it goes

  14. Littyjgaming

    When the 0:46 part came on, I hit the nitrous going over 200mph in nfs hot pursuit, the nostalgia.....

  15. Babe Mari

    GOOD OLD DAYS!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
    I WAS 15 YEARS OLD 😍

  16. Kalpataru Gogoi

    2019 !!!!

  17. SuB zeRO

    Need for speed man just need for speed..... *THE HOT PURSUIT 2010* 🔥🔥🔥🔥....MY PERSONAL FAV NFS GAME

  18. Super NFS Kid

    I love cruising in my corvette zr1 2011 in Seacrest County!

  19. Arek 214

    Need For Speed Hot pursit Koeningseg CCX AND PORSHE Carrera GT

  20. The True Blue Lemon

    This song and pendulum watercolor nd dead by april yess

  21. Lluvia Ayala

    Bugatti Veyron is my car favorite

  22. Lluvia Ayala

    Im a pro in nfs

  23. Lluvia Ayala

    I love nfs hot pursuit

  24. KonicavaBR

    Just trying not to kill myself on the highway...
    My family expects me home...

  25. Ace ◕_◕

    2019 and still on the road.

  26. N4VII

    NFS Freeplay in night time, this song on and the headlights off.
    Perfect nostalgia.
    My head goes all tingling Everytime

  27. Ne Oublie

    Man I miss this album. It brings back so many memories. It was a straight Banger when it came out

  28. SuB zeRO

    This song helped me to reach 450kmph in agera r IN NFS HP 2010 ;)

  29. Zizo Ashraf

    Who is playing need for speed hot pursuit in 2019

  30. Ninad Bhattacharyya

    NFS Hot Pursuit + Koenigsegg Agera + Secrest Tour + 380+kmph = Unstoppable!!!

  31. Judge Dredd

    Orange Arranco Murci SV AND I'M GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mom said it’s my turn on the Xbox

  33. Drpushpavv Sasikumar

    Top speed + Lamborghini Reventon + Three Points Road at Night = Perfection

  34. NIP


  35. Games Entertainment

    my favorite track in NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT

  36. Alvaro Torres

    Todos los comentarios hablan de need for speed hot pursuit XD juegazo.

  37. Samy

    With my muscle into the east gorge straight line 😬😬

  38. Adnan Khan

    I bet among 1.7m views 1million views are from NFS HOT PURSUIT players

  39. art_harshit

    playing hp in 2019?

  40. Akram&Afnan Ben Yahia

    i loved loved loved this song

  41. Pew DiePie


  42. Littyjgaming

    Hot pursuit nostalgia 🤧

  43. NoBody

    Starting of the song you are drifting like a pro in slow motion and smokes comes out!!

  44. D K

    Brings back some memories

  45. MitchyBoi

    This song makes me want to get a fake ID, and get alcohol for a party.

  46. Тимур Султанов

    Super music, nice, good !!!!

  47. Akram&Afnan Ben Yahia

    I listen this song play with my NFShot propulsit wiht my Audi and mushubishi

  48. Capitanu Robert

    11 years old me playing on a chill summer day ad 9pm on my beloved Lamborghini on a Xbox 360 singing the song wrong...good times

  49. Akram&Afnan Ben Yahia

    I love this song

  50. Murilo Nogueira

    My favorit song off NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 !!

  51. LENDÁRIO 12

    🇧🇷😎"Cadê os BR que são fã de Need for Speed"?

  52. Sajida Hussain


  53. Sajida Hussain


  54. Sajida Hussain

    2019 🎶

  55. matte:D

    i miss every race nfs hot pursuit😳😦i was play end i drive my koenigsegg ccxr end the agera💓

  56. Furious Gamer

    My favourite cars in nfs HP was gtr and bugatti . Now tell me yours :)


    Mustang, ma man!!

  57. Marcelo Silveira

    Someone in 2019?

  58. Andi Sanchez

    Hey the vidoe is called suspicious car follows me every move at night. That’s for lance video of his girl

  59. Gajanandamani Adhikari

    Man, i miss this kind of music. Little rock and hiphop in it.

  60. Dark Angel

    2019 ladies and gentlemen ^^
    Cruising in the Porsche around the Bay Area , feeling the beat
    Paradise ^^

  61. Renato Milsoni


  62. MS Paint Pinkfong

    I came here to Give You a Show!

  63. Shadow Blade

    this Mazda rx-8 music in hot pursuit 😂😂

  64. Alexei Boldasenko

    Вопрос какого это не в топ чартах???

  65. Sajida Hussain

    October 2018 🎶🎶🎶

    Alberto M.

    21/02/19 :)))

  66. Vagner Frutuoso

    2018... Need For Speed Hot Porsuit... Brasil

  67. Toviac Dhruv

    2018 ??

  68. Christopher Zeigler

    Who is playing need for speed hot pursuit in 2018?

    Ace Mustang

    I wish I still had it....I miss my ps3

    BeAr 3

    Yeah porsche gt3 rs running through that foggy forest area..


    nah game sucks. fake ass nfs.

    Lili Oliveros Benitez

    The Best Game alone


    2020 baby

  69. Matt Imgz

    We need to have a hot pursuit 2010 remaster now!


    Game still looks good today on high settings in 1080p + on PC. Hi play it again boyyyy


    The game is already perfect, no need to improve it. Only an addition in which the Freeplay mode should have an option to enable roaming racers and police in it.
    And maybe a first person mode.
    Other than that -
    Graphics :100
    Playlist:100 (only cause of cinema and superbad)
    Audio effects: 100


    @N4VII I say they add more cars. Imagine a McLaren P1 in that game.

    Nikhiro Hitori De

    I dont think it needs remaster, it will add online mechanics thatd make worse, so nope its best on its own 2010

  70. dev verma

    2018?? Still heaven while driving ;-)

  71. Stoned Assassin

    Watchin in 2018

  72. JOCK

    8 yrs ago i firslty heard it, oof :-(

  73. Akina Hachi Roku

    0:57 car's in space...

  74. Akina Hachi Roku

    Music like this motivates us to be happy and enjoy the life!

  75. Sajida Hussain

    July 2018

  76. Sajida Hussain

    This is the best 💛🎗

  77. Sajida Hussain

    June 2018

  78. TheLoverboy35

    It's 11:34

  79. Gajendra kant

    This song is awesome. Unbelievable ,amazing ,superb😮😮😮😮

  80. The King


  81. Sajida Hussain

    May 2018

  82. Sajida Hussain

    ''Yeah I'm superbad''🎵🎵🎵

  83. Sajida Hussain

    'It's 11:34 I'm on a role'🎵



    The Retro Gamer

    This Is the Road Of My Life!!


    So imma have a little fun


    Ride till I see the sun


    Yeahhh awww yeahhhhh

  84. Sajida Hussain

    I'm Soo obsessed with this song

  85. Sajida Hussain

    This song is sikkk!!!

  86. Little big Smoke

    Travie been missing for a while

  87. RpgOverlordGamer

    I jam to this in my G37 AWD.

  88. RpgOverlordGamer

    NFS, love this artist!

  89. Luke Dickinson

    Listening in 2018 . Reminiscing about NFS 🤙🏼