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Traveling Wilburys, The Poor House Comments
  1. Dennis Gurley

    Great slide guitar from George... once again.. what a versatile player he was his entire career

  2. Bert Lubbers

  3. Jon Malaxetxebarria


  4. Joy Stinson

    Great Americana style music...

  5. María Hornos Miller

    Qué supergrupo son los TW. Se percibe el clima distendido de amigos tocando. Los amo, George, Roy, Tom ❤❤❤

  6. Dave S

    Awesome 😎

  7. neil delaney

    "if i drove a pulpwood truck"?,, surely a Fortworth truck?

    James Dunn

    A GM or Ford. Maybe a Dodge.

  8. nahuel baez

    No se dice busquenlo y verán como se baila el mejor tema en los 90

  9. nahuel baez

    Por que no estudie inglés que gana de entender la letra temon

    Roberto Guzman

    Ponela en google translator y aprendés inglés después... saludos desde El Salvador... la letra es buenísima

  10. 68Charger

    The story of my life.

  11. Владимир Андреев

    Нарьше и сахар был слаще и вода мокрее .Ракендрал!!!

  12. Gilly Gil

    This almost seems like Luke The Drifter would be proud. Is it just me?

  13. Collin Morris

    This song sounds very reminiscent of George's song, "Cockamamie Business", which was recorded around the same time, I believe, and only ever officially released on George's 1989 compilation album, "Best of Dark Horse". Either way, the slide work on this track is terrific.

    Dave S

    Collin Morris nah

  14. Tom Eekhuis

    Dutch cover:

  15. Richard Leslie Wise

    This song just cheers you up, plain and simple !

  16. Doble Fuerza

    gigantes !

  17. Jacques Duval

    It makes me cry too know thay Roy, Jeff and George are at The End of the line!

    Bo Poulsen

    Tom not Jeff :-)

  18. Byron Shiadek

    Great Artists when ROCK was ROCK.

  19. Sandy

    What no Roy !!!

    George Campbell Videos

    Sandy this was the second Travelling Wilburys album which was recorded after Roy Orbison passed away

    James Dunn

    @George Campbell Videos Yep the second album but titled Volume 3.

  20. Mery Isabel Bejarano Verdia

    Mis pies se mueven al son de la música,¡Grosos!

  21. Mario Ward

    Banda de dioses del rock

  22. Damon Z. King.

    What a great song hahahahahahaha....amazing :) :) :)))))))

  23. Horacio Torres

    un bandonazooooo!!!!!

  24. Graham Taylor

    Why didn't Jeff Lynne get the lead vocal on more Wilbury songs ? Petty and Dylan seemed to get them all after Orbison's death.

    william butterfield

    Harrison is also no slouch.

    Thomas Tovey

    well...when you got 5 dudes with that much talent and genius...kinda hard

  25. Dave S


  26. Jacqueline Messer

    Love love love this song

  27. Mauro Ramos Morel

    Genios musicales.

  28. D. Howerton

    Weak lyrics but a great blue grass sound.

    Eat Banana Peels

    Weak? That's the kind of stuff that country and Bluegrass is about. What were you expecting, Bob Dylan? 😃😄😅😉

  29. neil delaney

    pulpwood truck ??fortworth truck??

  30. Eric Faw

    excellent! peace2u! eric

  31. foifka 1946


  32. Usurped

    love conkers all and we all like a good game of conkers

  33. wolverine3566

    Good vibes from Wilburys, just made my Sunday!!!