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Traveling Wilburys, The Nobody's Child Comments
  1. Bill Earnshaw

    This is heaven..... And these angels are speaking to you..... Even after leaving for the next adventure....
    We are all orphans one way or another.... And this song is for you.

  2. nineball26

    not one strat among them, not a real supergroup, real supergroups play strats, that's all there is to it.. fakers, the traveling dingleberries

  3. Ann-marie Meurs

    My dad grew up in foster care and was badly abused. He never really talked about it unless he was drunk and he would sing this song over and over and cry. I didn't understand why until I became an adult. RIP dad.

  4. J D

    Bob Dylan is my favourite musician of all time, and nobody's child has been my favourite song, it's only just now I've discovered that he sang it. Wow they do a great job

  5. San Joaquin Valley Transparency

    This song makes me cry, I’m okay with that

  6. Mike Parker

    As Tom Petty said: "What possessed us to start a band with five rythym guitar players? It worked, though!

  7. david daigle

    Parts of it , sound a lot like The Wabash Cannonball ...... just a bit slower .... Which is okay , btw ...


    Sorry, but do any of you know what and who this song is about??? Yeah, they all sings like Gods, but who is this song REALLY about???? I’ll give you a hint..... Romania during the 80s.

  9. sharon merritt

    Trying to expose human trafficking, died doing it, I salute your efforts and pray for us all. ❤

  10. IsaM Molina


  11. Karin Salmons


  12. Donelle Feltham

    I’ve never seen Roy Smile as much as he did when he was in the Willburys.🎼♥️🇦🇺♥️🇺🇸

  13. Michael Michalios

    Omg just beautiful

  14. James Dunn

    Damn! What a great cover.

  15. Ian

    Probably the best versions of this song

  16. Michaels Lens On Life

    How fortunate was humanity that the Traveling Wilbury's formed and recorded their small library of tunes before the untimely passing of George, Roy, and Tom. The word "super" is attached to many groups, some deservedly, but the Traveling Wilbury's was certainly that, and so much more.

  17. Lucybaby666

    Goddamn song!

    Gets to me every time I listen to it.

    Just beautiful.

  18. Lee Murphy

    Incredible line up but does Tom look like jack from on the buses?

  19. Michael Michalios

    Omg wow

  20. Bob Dylan

    Bob dylan 😭❤️

  21. Larry Noble

    A great rendition of a old Hank Snow song.  I do not know who wrote this song but Hank would surly be proud to hear the Traveling Wilburys do one of his songs

  22. Gene Stone

    Harry Hibbs did a lovely version of this song.

  23. rosie robinson

    we were so privalaged to hear all this talent together sorry it cant be repeated

  24. BorkumRiff

    Doet mij denken aan die televisiebeelden van de kinderen in weeshuizen in Roemenië die, nadat dat vreselijke echtpaar Ceaușescu in 1990 eindelijk aan de kant geschoven was, tot ons kwamen. En daar past dit nummer precies bij ……. hoop dat het veel beter met de mensen mag gaan daar en dat er nooit meer zoiets als communisme terug zal komen !

  25. Captain Jack

    Does any think this song may have been referencing Roy O?

  26. Audio visual

    orden voices:
    1.- Roy
    2.- George
    3.- Tom
    4.- Jeff
    5.- Bob

  27. Ross Steuck

    Ner have I ever seen Bob with a electric in his hands....rare photo !!!!..
    ....GODS speed gentleman !!!!!!!

  28. Bob Seguin

    Ah baby.....beautiful...,

  29. María Hornos Miller

    Qué canción tan triste y tan verdadera, tocada magistralmente por este grupo entrañable que son los TW. Gracias por postearla y gracias a los comentaristas por suministrar la letra. Tan llena de verdad y de nostalgia, con bellas guitarras y voces exquisitas. Como se los extraña, Roy, George, Tom ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Loretta Russell

    My mothers favourite song.

  31. Hank Wurst

    A really great song with old traditional country/bluegrass music feel.

    Joe Paris

    Echoes of Wabash Cannonball ??!!

  32. Wayne Beeberger

    creating magic with sounds making music thank you

  33. Babaloo Bimbo

    they sound like a Barbershop Quartet ... yiaarrk!

  34. Igor Brezovic

    My God...This superband Just Makes you smile...even when they'e singing about orphans

  35. flatroofer

    Beautiful. When music was music.

  36. Patrick Mullen

    A traditional folk song which I have empathy for I miss all of you that have gone to the other side of the river of life and death. You were "Good men".

  37. bruce mckenna


  38. Inger Hartman

    I like them very much. They are really good. Rest in peace George, Tom and Roy.

  39. Supranatural Creeps

    As I was slowly passing
    An orphan's home today
    I stopped for just a little while
    To watch the children play

    Alone a boy was standing
    And when I asked him why
    He turned with eyes that could not see
    And he began to cry

    I'm nobody's child
    I'm nobody's child
    Just like a flower
    I'm growing wild

    No momma's arms to hold me
    No daddy's smiles
    Nobody wants me
    I'm nobody's child

    In every town and village
    There are places just like this
    With rows and rows of children
    Babies in their cribs

    They've long since stopped their crying
    As no one ever hears
    And no one's there to notice them
    Or take away the fears

    Nobody's child
    Nobody's child
    Just like a flower
    They're growing wild

    Got no mommy's kisses
    And no daddy's smiles
    Nobody wants them
    They're nobody's child

    Nobody's child
    They're nobody's child
    Just like a flower
    They're growing wild

    No mommy's kisses
    And no daddy's smiles
    Nobody wants them
    They're nobody's child

    Nobody wants them
    They're nobody's child

  40. Helen Lukacs

    What a great song and great called musicians nowadays could learn a lot from this band

  41. caleb basile

    Well that was sad

  42. cybercroneca

    Gives me goosebumps.

  43. John Hutchins

    They knew they could get rid of this threat but it take a few years. Inside out....

  44. WayneMona1

    My Mom had this on a little 45. Always me so sad as it does now.

  45. julia furnival

    Didn't like it

  46. Anthony Slater

    R.I.P but nice music liveson.

  47. trevor v dalton

    I like the Hank jr version of this song. ???????????

    J de Pape

    Still like the original Hank Snow version best.

  48. Shirley Jennings

    Great Tune!

  49. Edward Joyce

    The older I get the more I appreciate the great artists of the past and what we no longer have. Modern music sucks for the most part with few exceptions.

  50. Bettie Matleener


  51. germain gauthier

    Great Talent the best !!!!! Bob Dylan, George Harrison , Tom Petty ,Roy Orbison

  52. Raymond Faron

    Reminds me of Gram Parsons and the Flying Burrito Brothers

  53. bruce vennette

    Thanks, Yall

  54. Bettie Matleener


  55. Esteban Robledo

    Un deleite para los sentidos

  56. chez yvette

    Amazing love you all ❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘

  57. Kunuk nykjær

    fantastic song super.

  58. Charles A Jones

    Good bye to my friends never meet them but they would be welcome , tears

  59. malcolm odell

    Superb version, Billy Fury also does a good version.

  60. Dewey Linderman

    Just plain great love to hear this song. Miss Roy And George R.I.P you are surely missed.

  61. Doug Pearman

    Absolutely awesome !!

  62. GiGi La-Pre

    My mom used to sing this when I was a child, then it became a real crying song for her when both her parents died within a year of each other. She felt like an orphan. It took me a few years to not cry for her while listening to it. <3

  63. Jay Lemacks

    Had a blind friend that would play this for me on his guitar when I was a kid. RIP Buddy.

  64. Josué Israel

    As I was slowly passing 
    An orphan's home one day, 
    I stopped for just a little while 
    To watch the children play. 
    Alone a boy was standing 
    And when I asked him why, 
    He turned with eyes that could not see 
    And he began to cry.

    I'm nobody's child, 
    I'm nobody's child. 
    Just like the flowers 
    I'm growing wild. 
    I got no mummy's kisses 
    I got no daddy's smile. 
    Nobody wants me, 
    I'm nobody's child.

    No mummy's arms to hold me 
    Or sue me when I cry, 
    'Cause sometimes I feel so lonesome 
    I wish that I could die. 
    I'll walk the streets of heaven 
    Where all blinds can see.

    And just like for the other kids 
    It will be a home for me.

    I'm nobody's child, 
    I'm nobody's child. 
    Just like the flowers 
    I'm growing wild. 
    I got no mummy's kisses 
    I got no daddy's smile. 
    Nobody wants me, 
    I'm nobody's child.

    J de Pape

    Josué Israel   Thank you for posting the lyrics.

  65. John Mcghee


  66. Annie Henderson

    First time I hae heard this version and as much as they are all talented musicians this is fuckin awfy .... sorry x

  67. Daryl Parfrey

    A great sound,by the best

  68. Ralph Williams

    Changed my mind love it

  69. Ralph Williams

    Fantastic band but picked wrong song here

    Lord Bacon of Porkshire

    It was for charity, specifically romainian children’s homes in 2014

  70. m19a47n

    Some 30 years ago and nothing has changed.

  71. Robert Ryan

    magic group

  72. Weiwei Peng

    Like this nice song!!!!!!

  73. Fatima Almeida

    Mas. Adoro. Esta. Canção. Paz. Aos. Que. Já. Partiram. 🙏. Mas. É lindíssima

  74. James Kirkwood

    By far the greatest band I've ever heard and beautiful videos too go with songs .I could listen to them all day long .

  75. Helen Kearns

    A song for when you feel a need to cry.

  76. Jim Coleman

    Late 80's stand up line from Bill Maher talking about the difference in music from the 60's and 80's when one of his daughters says "Dad, I like that thing the singers did back then with their voices" Maher replies "What, harmony? "

  77. Ricky Palmer

    speechless just yeah!!!!

  78. Dalmacio Wahayna


  79. Jon Gowan

    This is making me feel like crying 😭 and just think I mite be growing wiled

  80. Glen Ferguson

    Rock royalty!!

  81. 711ROWDY

    my mum used to be singing this song while doing the clothes washing for the twelve of us. along with Jim Reeves he.ll have to go.. and Honey

  82. Daniel Donovan

    Heard this song by Hank Snow when I was 10. Learned the words . Still remember and sing it 60 years later. Makes you think.
    Always remember how great My life was compared to so many kids who experienced Orphanages etc..

  83. Liam Mccarron

    A true super group.

  84. alice field

    do not keep the young and there mothers away from the creator

  85. Dixiele

    Love Dylan's sound on here! Can u believe he's still alive💎❤️🎸✌🏼🎶💥😇

  86. clive david williams

    the best have gone , but never forgotten .

  87. Bill N

    Sure sounds like Wabash Cannonball but I don't care - it works.

  88. roger miller

    very good

  89. John Yacuone

    Like I Always Say it's About Other Peoples Comments I Really like Seeing But Yes it is Sad But Sweet Some us Got To See The Willburys Travel to See All the Greatest Band That The Quiet One Got Together or Seen Them Before They Had Gotten Together At least They All Had Fun Together Doing it I Remembered What Harrison Said About Dylan after he Called him Said The First Ring The Noble Prize Pick it Up The First Ring I Thought It Would been a Hundred Yrs Before I could reach Bob And one of the Main Person Roy Before He Died Told if I'm not Mistaking it Was Petty Said Roy Said We did it and U No The Rest as Dylan Would Say in one of His Hits In my Heart I'll Never Forget it I lived in Florida Then I Was On my Way to Moutown Detroit And it Makes sense to me Now I Was Born to Die Here Against My Will and U The Rest of the Song God bless The Ones God Took First Probably Them U Done A Job Down on Earth now I Need U Here With Me I Was Waiting to See Them altogether In Detroit And Hurd That Grandpa of the Band Roy Died First and U No The Rest One of The Greatest Bands I Heard As Dylan Would Say There Not To There Just Asleep God bless Them All Thank U God For Working Through Harrison To Get The Wilburys Together

    John Yacuone

    A Comment I had Was Not the Wording I Intended to Write Quote He's Not Dead He's Just Asleep My Next line Would have Said There Will Be An Answer let Them Be Thanks For letting me see what you Wrote The Wilburys Meant To U And For Me

  90. Michael Fritzer

    Treverlig Wilburys!❤❤❤💓💓👍👍I lov the Oldboys!!

  91. Carol Cripps

    Great old Hank Snow song.

  92. Kate Carroll

    What great music

  93. Kate Carroll

    what can one say.just brilliant....

  94. GhostyToasty

    I heard this song playing the other day and at the time my step dad was drinking and we were In the living room and he was telling me about his past and when this song came on it brought a tear to my eye