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Traveling Wilburys, The Maxine Comments
  1. annyspb1

    Can anyone tell me please, what's the reference to a saucer and a blue seraph and someone taking her in? Was it from one of the Dallas spinoffs?

    Ken Swanston

    @annyspb1 So was it the 'Colbys' spin-off finale from Dallas that you were SOOoo anxious to see?


    @Ken Swanston Nooooo… I wanted to know what happened. I don't know which spin-off it is.

    Ken Swanston

    @annyspb1 did you miss this part of my reply cut/pasted from Google..."When The Colbys was axed after two series, though, the finale saw Fallon’s car break down in the Mojave desert. Mesmerised by bright green lights in the sky, she boarded a UFO and was greeted by an alien (OK, a tall bloke in a Bacofoil leotard) before the spaceship flew off. Multiple takes were required because actress Samms couldn’t keep a straight face.

    Fallon later returned to Dynasty, suffered a few strange hallucinations and the whole sorry storyline was soon conveniently forgotten. Or was it? Yes, it was."



    @Ken Swanston YES! I just found the clip myself! Thanks very much - The mystery's solved!


    @Ken Swanston I wonder whether the Wilburys were watching the series, or how many of their ladies were. And entertaining that I gave up watching just when the series thudded to a halt. Thanks for your help.

  2. Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    This is their best song, how the f*** was it left off the albums

    inner light

    Bonus tracks on the 2007 CD reissue
    Maxine,like a ship

  3. Fabinho Campelo

    This one I did not know ...

  4. Scott Morris

    Never heard this before

  5. kalpa108

    Maxine was my ex-wife's toy poodle! (yes, I know) Eaten by a coyote she was, one day, never came through here again

  6. Kelly K.

    Maxine is my mum's name hahaha

  7. Anita Huie

    Thanks you brilliant musicians.

  8. Ken Swanston


    It was late in the month of November
    She was loading up the wagon in the rain
    Said she'd be back in the morning
    But she never came through here again

    I'd see her in the market
    She never had much to spend
    These days the market's an old pile of mud
    And she never came through here again

    Maxine, Maxine, Maxine, Maxine

    Time plays tricks on your memory
    Its been a long weekend
    She said she'd be back here by Monday
    But she never came through here again

    Some say a saucer landed
    And someone took her in
    They found her blue seraph here on the ground
    And she never cam through here again

    Maxine, Maxine, Maxine, Maxine
    Maxine, Maxine, Maxine, Maxine

    I bought a tabloid paper
    She was rumoured to be in
    Was a photo of a woman on a llama
    But she never came through here again

    And if you should see her
    She may be old by then
    Tell her that I miss her and ask her when
    She's ever coming through here again

    Nick Hill

    I think it's "these days the market's an old parking lot"

    Dean Farr

    Why didnt they just add this song on the traveling wilburys vol.1 album along with like a ship on the first pressing in 1988 instead of waiting 20 years later to remaster it and put them as bonus tracks?

  9. Ken P

    Feels like a leftover George written Beatles song. Wonderful

  10. Preben Larsen

    Fucking good song. Brilliant band 👍🍻

  11. zedata57

    I really like this song.

  12. Dave S

    Hidden gem

  13. vtheaverage

    Something must be wrong. This did not come up as high quality. It is beautiful music but I could only get 480p and that is LOW quality. You don't get fidelity until you go above to 720p or higher. This isn't HD but it is nice. Fidelity is missing. I'll try a different source. Thanks for putting it on though!


    It's high quality sound, not vídeo. Audio quality is not measured in p, my friend. This video is meant for people who want to get the flac sound format out of it.


    In a way, you might be right in a way, wagonplay, but not like you say. You Tube changed in 2014. Now it depends more on how the bitrates of the recordings are made by the recorder. If the person recorded in mp4, for instance. I don't know how high the industry is going. : )
    The audio and video streams are sent separately and rejoined in order. The quality of sound bitrate depended on the video rate such as 320 was medium quality but improved as you went up. 720p and higher produced higher sound bitrates. 720 was one step in raising the bitrate codec.
    "Legacy Audio Quality
    YouTube didn't always have separate audio streams. In 2013 and earlier, YouTube would play a specific audio bitrate depending on the video resolution selected. For example: 240p would get 64 kbps MP3, 360p would get 128 kbps AAC, and 720p would get 192 kbps AAC. For a full list of the legacy bitrates that YouTube used, see these tables:

    From July 2012 to some time in 2013, YouTube used these bitrates, as long as the originally-uploaded video had a high-enough bitrate or was lossless.

    Resolution Audio Bit Rate Compression
    Original 192 kbps AAC
    1080p 192 kbps AAC
    720p 192 kbps AAC
    480p 128 kbps AAC
    360p 128 kbps AAC
    240p 64 kbps MP3"

    Wagner Consani Filho

    No, man. The audio you hear during a YouTube video will usually be 126 kbps AAC in an MP4 container or anywhere from 50-165 kbps Opus in a WebM container. Changing video resolution (360p, 720p, etc) in the video settings will probably not impact the audio stream, but it is likely that your connection performance will. I recommend you using Any Video Converter do download this source and check yourself the flac sound. Try using good speakers also.

    Wagner Consani Filho

    I'll try uploading it in 4k.

    Wagner Consani Filho

    also, just realized my corsair earphone emulates 7.1 ...

  14. Ange blanc

    wonderful song........Kiss

  15. Phil Juen

    weird that this hasn't been in a single wes anderson film to date. it's got "wes" written all over it!

  16. craig Mitchell

    Nothin like George on rhythm guitar....holy shit, amazing...reminds me of the pouges...perfect every way

    Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    craig Mitchell The Traveling Wilbur’s remind you of the Pogues???? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


    I reckon that's multiple Wilburies on rhythm guitar.

  17. Juliana Brown

    Oh wow.. I had this in really poo poo quality on a bootleg for so long. This is amazing to hear!  They so had half a third album worth of leftovers. :-P


    Now you have it with the best quality ever!!!! e/\e yeah

  18. Jose Carlos Pereyra Leon

    Was a photo of a woman on a llama.


    Probably. hahahahahhaa

  19. Ahmed Hernandez Zahuna

    Great Song !!!

  20. Helmut83

    I agree, but it should never have missed the cut. They should have put 11 songs if necessary, but never leave this gem out.

  21. azapro911

    The fact that this song missed the cut shows just how good album vol. 1 was.