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Trampled By Turtles Widower's Heart Comments
  1. Terrell Dunn

    Amazing song. Even better live.

  2. The Glenn Gumbley Show

    Rip off of "Tonight will be fine" by Leonard Cohen

  3. CoolOhioBreeze

    I love........LOVE this song. It totally "Gets" what it is like to lose a spouse or significant other... I'm not a Widower, but a Widow and this song has stolen my heart. Love the Violin on this one too...

  4. soitgoes82

    When I found this song it kicked the shit out of my heart over n over cos I wouldn't stop listening to it. It was no particular heartache but all of em combined. That is how fucking good this song is.

  5. Mully Mull

    They just do something for me. I can't explain it. I don't think I need to. Just wow.

  6. Cecil Gibson

    Chatham County Line and Mandolin Orange would do an amazing version

  7. W&B

    such amazing voice

  8. spaceman Tharp

    sorry Alan brother. I feel for ya. bloodshot eyes bro. time will heal you

  9. David Cicotello

    Just an awesome song done so well.

  10. Oneida Wolf

    Thank you

  11. Dominic Shaw

    love love love this!!! anyone got the mandolin chords?

    Dominic Shaw

    worked em out! just beautiful this choon xxx

  12. Beth Kriegermeier

    someone I use to date is currently dying and this song is the only thing that can reach me sometimes

  13. hooleyqueen

    Wish I had known they played Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco. I live near there; I could have seen them. The Festival is so big you can't see all the bands cuz there are so many stages. I just discovered this band right now.

  14. C.J. Canada

    "Trampled by Vomite" is moar like it

    David Steele

    +C.J. Canada can i shit down you throat ?

  15. Hosea Arcadian

    I lost my wife, the love of my life TWENTY-TWO days ago, and I am STILL GRIEVING, AND SUFFERING TERRIBLY. She was ALL I HAD, and NOW, she is GONE. She is GONE.

  16. Ender Che

    Nicki Minaj could Totally do this....... . . . . .

    Keith murray

    hahahaha oh boy that was funny.

  17. Gingerjake2

    I just lost my brother on the 4th of July...I'm sort of living these words right now. I've never had a life without him in it so...
    Thanks for this tune!
    ~G~ ♪

  18. Alan Meyer

    Moving - living that this morning after my wife's burial yesterday. Thanks.

    Samuel Walkingstick

    I hope you're doing better

  19. Sonny Sizemore

    fn beautiful

  20. Lucy medievalC

    "Oh rain...come wash me and keep me and take me away..." touched very deep in my soul...

  21. Thunderbird88

    He plays the 5 string with a flat pick

    Brock Eckles

    I don't understand. Is that hard to do?


    No, it is usually a lot easier. It takes years to develop a decent 3 finger picking style. Flat picking is not as intricate, and can be learned faster, but is more limited.


    jan dupree correct. but what you fail to mention, is he nails both performance and songwriting.


    Check steven n seagulls, celtic banjo players.

  22. Eric loves god

    I lost my Maw, an that touched my soul......

  23. Keni Christophersen

    What's this nonsense, comment generator!!??

  24. Keni Christophersen

    Oohuhuhuuu... ugh. No way to end that one other than deafening silence. She don't wanna quit.

    Kudos, Lads. Bra-f'n-vo

  25. Ashley Grant

    "Widower's Heart"
    Can’t help it if I have a widower’s heart
    Tried to get out of bed but I can’t seem to start
    When I hit the road it was freezing and dark
    I hope that it’s warmer wherever you are
    I turned to say I’m sorry and I tried to explain
    But the room it was empty and bitter and drained
    No songs from the angels, no blood in my veins
    Could ever replace you and here I remain
    Oh, rain.
    Come wash me and keep me and take my away.
    New York was a rough place that suited me well
    You bragged of religion and put me through hell
    Maybe I’m better off, maybe it’s hard to tell
    When I left you were sleeping through trumpets and bells
    Oh, rain.
    Come wash me and keep me and take my away.
    Just one moment of peace, that would suit me so fine
    But it’s echoes and glimpses of beautiful times
    I’m sure it’s much harder on your end than mine
    If you ever pass through here I’m not hard to find.
    Oh, rain.
    Come wash me and keep me and take my away.
    Oh, rain.
    Come wash me and keep me and take my away.

  26. Shawn Habich

    Great rug comment haha...Beautiful song.  TBT scratches me right where I itch

  27. linda theobald

    Mule sez--look's like  reg--life to me

  28. Daniel Powell


  29. ShooManFu

    1:28 That rug really pulls the room together.

  30. SoftSailz

    This is their best version of this song by far

  31. Molly D

    I cannot wait to hear them play in SF at Hardly Strictly!

  32. David Stallings

    Just perfect !!! --- What soul keepers !!! --- They can relay the feeling like no other out there right now !!! --- Let me buy you guys a drink in Blacksburg in November !!!

  33. Official Kelsey J

    The violin alone on this song makes me cry...let's not even look at its lyrics.

  34. northshorenolan

    to each his own. hold your hate to yourself.

  35. Omar Tobin

    This is good s***!!

  36. yvwic50

    Just saw them Saturday at the Banjo B Que festival in Evans, GA...and their rendition of this was spot-on; put a lump in the throat, it did.

  37. Denis Tuohy


  38. Luciano Polichio

    Del McCoury* and Earl Scruggs not Skaggs bud

  39. tstlz10

    Bluegrass Purists annoy me, Everyone should be happy that TBT are real musicians that play REAL instruments and carry on the tradition of folk and bluegrass music, the songs and harmonies are amazing, so stop being so confining with your labels.

  40. Acton420

    I thought California was the bluegrass capitol? : ) don't shoot me

  41. John Barnes

    Hits me right in the heart....

  42. Kevin Hitchcock

    You mean Earl Scruggs? Good job pretending to know what you're talking about. Also, these guys never claim to be a traditional bluegrass band, so stop yer bitchin'.

  43. squashbucket70

    I enjoy all those bands, and all the classic bluegrass, but I also love me some Trampled. Stop being so fucking pretentious

  44. mizzula1984

    Yeahh... I know enough to to know these guys arent that good and certainly aren't a blue grass band. The Tony Rice Unit, Allison Krauss and Union station, Earl Skaggs, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Allisonn Brown, Dell Mccury, Jerry Douglas, Steel Driver, Stuart Duncan, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Sam Bush, Stanley Brothers and many more are blue grass players. Other Progressive " Blue grass" bands like YMSB, Leftover salmon, Infamous String Dusters, Old Crow, Wood brother are far superior to TBT

    Samuel Walkingstick

    You're an idiot. Its just a song

  45. batemon85

    Love this band!! So glad I found them!!

  46. NOKO

    Their show in Wilmington, NC got rained out. They are supposed to reschedule.............they better

  47. brlyder der

    Clearly you know nothing about music.
    -From a banjo player

  48. aaamud

    u suck, everyone hates you, i'm sure of it, take moffa18's advice. love, shakt

  49. aaamud

    oh yeah, mizzula, u suck

  50. aaamud

    mizzula, u suck, post your music for us. and again, u suck

  51. ThePappy1100

    -From a bass player.

  52. RKQ

    One of those songs that puts a tear in your eye. Love those passing chords 0:36

  53. mizzula1984

    not one of these musicians stands out as being good. this band is very mediocre. The lyrics arent very good either and the bass player is just lame

  54. sk84fun218

    your garbage'

  55. heres yourChance

    your fucking wack.

  56. sk84fun218

    every body knows the bass player has the biggest genitalia

  57. Jay Triola

    Chills <3

  58. adudecalledjordan

    u realize that sentence makes no sense right?

  59. Neil Salter

    Good news... it's what music is. You just have to fight to find it.

  60. 23mako

    You guys need to come to NC aka the bluegrass capital of the world.

  61. J Neson

    2 people hit the wrong button ...

  62. Vjeko Brnwa

    you jinxed it

  63. ooberduh

    I would hate to see these guys go mainstream. They definitely don't get enough recognition, but a record contract would be a huge mistake. No one has done very well at controlling their own sound in at a major label since Zeppelin.... that an unverified comment. Still, these guys do just fine. I don't think they need money to make it. They obviously love what they do. As a musician, I know sometimes that's enough.

  64. Rhys Rogers

    impossible to not love this bands sound

  65. adudecalledjordan


  66. Jason Bradley

    these day bands only make money by touring and selling merch . to tour you have to draw a crowd - and this band can do that in spades.. they can write their own ticket and follow their passion - that is true success.. I could not be more happy for them.

  67. SoftSailz

    Great sound... think i found a new band to add to my albums

  68. Hayden Nicholson

    i appreciate well crafted, well written music. Nothing insulting here.

  69. Something Funny

    In some ways it makes it better....they have more than enough fans to make a living doing what they love but they aren't so big that they have to deal with the masses and media.

  70. iamahermit

    Yes it was! Also I got in free somehow :| oh well I guess haha.

  71. Nick Carney

    And by free you mean $20, since I was there :P GREAT SHOW, though!

  72. iamahermit

    They just had a free concert in Mankato :)

  73. Brian Bower

    That violin solo is sweet..

  74. Jeremysw2

    What chords is he playing on acoustic? I see D, G, C, but there's another one I think , johhny cash finger on the top string? Any help(I'm new to playing) - thanks.

  75. sethmh1121

    It sold out so fast because its the damn legendary austin city limits festival featuring groups such as rhcp, neil young, iggy pop, jack white. With names like that and a monumental venue, of course itll sell out. Im sure hoards of ppl will be there for tbt but its not like they themselves sold out in 5 mins. Nevertheless, I agree with you- its unquestionable that theyve made a huge name for themselves

  76. Hayden Nicholson

    If you could tell me where I insulted anyone that would be well appreciated. Thanks :)

  77. Tate Pigg

    Off nights happen.

  78. Superbrit42

    I saw em live, they weren't in tune...

  79. Nick Nelson

    Take heart. They're playing sold-out festivals now. Seeing them in October at a show that sold out in 5 minutes.

  80. Keith Peterson

    I don't recall saying they were broke. Also, you've no clue how thrifty they may be. He may have forked out $300 cash for his boots, or he may have saved months for them. Not that the cost of his boots are your business or mine.

  81. Josh Shepherd

    thats what you get when you do huge country wide tours he never said they where broke

  82. Oh Boy

    The singer is wearing $300 boots. Sooooo broke.

  83. David Pumpkins

    just paid $200 to see them...and 30 other bands. they were awesome.

  84. Graham Ruder

    that literally sounded just like it would not live. It takes alot of talent to do that

  85. Hayden Nicholson

    where at? i saw them in Louisville a couple weeks ago, but not in a backyard. that would be amazing. that's a real show right there!

  86. Dbuzz1969

    I just saw these guys at the All Good Music Festival and was blown away. Can't wait to see the again. Wow!

  87. krevo81

    0 dislikes. Goddamn right.

  88. Bastian Schuhbeck

    what a great waltz

  89. hovlandbound

    No recognition you say jonhavey666! They are the hottest band in Mn.!!! My wife and I will be seeing them next month in Summerset WI. Can’t wait!! And thanks to Trampled, Duluth will get back on their feet a little sooner. Thanks Trampled By Turtles.

  90. neoburge

    beautiful - I play this at my friends funeral...

  91. snowboarderdude123

    Not having their songs ass-rape your ears every hour on a top 40 radio station until you hate their music doesn't mean they don't get recognition.

  92. Scott Stacy

    about to see them next week in my backyard for free in Louisville for free ha!!! they play in the southern cut for no price..

  93. espacho

    they were just on Letterman, I was stunned.

  94. Official Kelsey J

    On April 18th, My 18 year old brother-in-law passed away. Locksley, you have no idea how hard it is for all of us here without you. This song makes me tear up too. Your brother introduced it to me. He's having a rough time too. We so miss you.

  95. Dillon Kunkle

    This song tears me up every time I listen to it.
    I lost my mum two months ago, she was only 42, and my dad is having a really hard time dealing with it, and this song is extremely fitting.
    Hard to listen to, but incredible nonetheless.

  96. JimiHendrixFeyenoord

    Fucking brilliant!

  97. alwaysstaytoolong

    I can't even say how much I love this. so beautiful

  98. tactical2bagpipes

    That fiddle player is so damn good.