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Trampled By Turtles Midnight On The Interstate Comments
  1. Jerry Yo

    Man it's been awhile, since I felt that way

  2. Mike Keefe

    They opened with this in Mankato, amazing way to open. Great show.

  3. niccola bardi

    Beautiful song , I came across this band a few months ago and it was love at first song ♡☆♡♡♡☆♡

  4. Sabbathfan09 Vid

    This song just speaks to me. I love it.

  5. MaThuliza Goba

    This song speaks to my soul...beautifully Haunting

  6. eric tewald

    Mostly sober, sometimes I change my mind.

  7. greenbeagle13

    My absolute favorite song by TBT..., and this video is incredibly insightful.... love it.

  8. greenshp

    Just watched "Loaded" and was charmed by this song. Wow...

  9. Gary Smith

    Beautiful ❤️

  10. Kenneth Parsell

    After hearing this band I do believe they are my favorite

  11. Kenneth Parsell

    After seeing this band

  12. Nick Pate

    I want the names of the 123 people who disliked this sent to my inbox, stat!

  13. Daniel Wallin

    Life simplified x10000

  14. MK Y.

    The video reminds me of Ah-A's Lifeline track.

  15. Pam Holt

    This is my mowing music, it makes the task palatable...


    It just makes your mind race. Awesome !!!


    It transcends life from start to finish

  16. Matt Huffman

    I love TBT! Their music is always soothing.... I'll be at Beech Mountain Saturday seeing them again for the 7th time.....

    Connor Morris

    Hoping to see them in Lincoln, NE in about 4 days!!!

  17. Emily Mason

    This song takes me back to so many great memories... This makes my soul happy.

  18. D Mclaughlin

    there shouldn't even be a dislike button for songs like's love and music in its purest form.

  19. itsfriedeggs

    drinkin tonight

  20. S Zellner


  21. Sandra Spurlock

    One of my four-year old twin nieces is really getting into music, and she likes this one a lot. She didn't know why it made me sad when there was "so much rope everywhere at the end". Kids know best.

  22. kyle mohler

    After all these years, this song still speaks loudly to me. I need to move back home.

  23. North Woods Harmony

    is he driving west or east on I-94?

  24. Troy Wingler

    This song is an accomplishment for these guys. What a true ballad Paton omage to home.

  25. Alex Wojtowich

    American storytelling at it's finest...
    "Thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain"
    -Bob Marley-

  26. Kitty929

    Such a lovely soothing melody yet so complex rich and layered. Video is fantastic.❤


    The best ! It transcends life from start to finish !

  27. Matt Fuller

    Hands Down. Salute to the Turtles! 🐢

  28. Wrongway Productions

    I will always love you bear.

  29. Nerdesin Bal?

    Sen çok güzel bir detaysın.Ve ben seni yeni keşfediyorum.

  30. Oneida Wolf

    are you guys really fighting over genre? just enjoy the song and shut the fuck up.

  31. Vanholio !

    Couple videos are deleted. Can you update?

  32. Bubba Licious

    they soothe my soul when I hurt so bad.

  33. Vincent Rose

    My art teacher actually taught the woman who helped make the figures for this.

  34. Christopher Robertson


  35. Gordon Anderson

    OWL MAN? Is that you? Who? exactly.

  36. Rosie Johnson

    this is very calming I like it

  37. Artist Tom

    I heard this song as part of the Queens & Cowboys documentary soundtrack.

  38. Hoder Harris

    Simply the best group you have never heard of. Bravo,Bravo


    Really inspiring video alongside a beautiful song! Top marks.

  40. Jenn L

    My home, Minnesota..I love thee.


    My home too and I miss it

  41. Ben S Hammonds

    great song!!

  42. JeffTheNebraskaDJ

    GREAT, RELATIVELY NEW, SONG, FROM A RELATIVELY NEW BAND, WITH A GREAT NAME, LOVE IT, TRAMPLED BY TURTLES, I would love to hear the story behind that one, the dj

  43. Mathew Burbank

    I discovered tbt around 07-08 have been hooked ever since check out the devil makes three if you like this

    Matt Fuller

    Mathew Burbank you discovered a great ☝️

    Matt Fuller

    Mathew Burbank codine

    Josie Lukan

    Brown Bird too!

    Kukuh Dwi Nanda Supradja

    Mathew Burbank you should try listen the heavy horses

  44. moni

    A alguien mas se le a antoja ir en carretera con amigos. Haciendo el viaje de su vida viviendo los 20's con esta canción?

  45. Tony Frye

    my fav. as life is strings. we all are connected , yet . who knows who, un less u are in a small town. 

  46. Adam Joseph

    33 people like drake and nickel back


    Adam Joseph 😂😂😂


    those are fighting words

    Luke •

    NICKELBACKLOVER69 im dead! That’s fucking hilarious. Thanks for being a good sport and seizing the moment!

    Rory Heath

    Now 112.

  47. Adam Joseph

    33 people like drake

  48. JMAC

    Love it!!! :)

  49. steve sellers

    Has to be the coolest video I've ever seen. Great song, great music, great group of guys.

  50. steve sellers

    Has to be the coolest video I've ever seen. Great song, great music, great group of guys.

  51. dj sickboy

    when im drivin on 90/94 at midnite the only city i want to be seeing is chicago

  52. Jeff Malyszko

    this is it

  53. Marie-Claire Berreen & Her Husbands

    Where have this band been all my life? Video's  great too



    william goad

    Literally everywhere, since the 90's.

  54. Judy Ryan

    See you in Green Bay!

  55. justfortherunofit

    Creative approach to the video & a beautiful song. Happy for the introduction to this band.

  56. Brandon Guerri

    Whenever I hear this band, I put aside all my negative thoughts towards MN winter and genuinely love where I am from.


    Oh our winter isn't that bad. Actually pretty nice.


    Pinksnowbirdie winter sucks ass fagot

  57. Nic Seibert

    Great song/band. period.

  58. VinceDerp712

    This is one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. And the song itself is just damned beautiful

    kyle mohler

    Vince S one of my favorite songs. I can relate to it so much. And the video is just beautiful.

  59. Andrew Case

    Brilliant video to go with a brilliant song.

  60. Blake ADV

    What do you mean? The video has 969 likes and only 23 dislikes. That means 99.98% of the people who watched this video liked it... I don't think that .02% is that much hate...

    23/969 = .0237358101

  61. MiddleMazzei

    as long as there is something to hate, there will be someone to hate it, my friend. it is very sad.

  62. PhD in Thugonomics

    Well... you're actually both right.

  63. jon miles

    Nothing but love for these guys

  64. Slip Away172

    Love yalls music, HATE the video. Claymation ....really?

  65. ShenlongArcane

    Indie just means independent of a record label. You Felcher.

  66. Pikaiapus

    This should have a trillion views.

  67. nswe2002

    :) you are right!

  68. Thirdcoaster

    And yeah, it really doesn't matter what genre you people with limited ways of thinking want to pigeon-hole them into ... they are a fantastic band and utterly AMAZING live, in my opinion. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. : )

  69. Thirdcoaster

    "This moving multimedia video was conceived and created by students at the Bethany Lutheran College Media Arts department in Mankato, MN" ... amazing video with a beautiful message; watch it again if you didn't get it. Oh, and an amazing band too, love them!

  70. N H

    it's somewhere in between, but their roots lie in bluegrass.

  71. nswe2002

    indie folk actually

  72. Taylor Johansen

    First, BEST BAND NAME I'VE EVER SEEN. Second, Cutest music video ever <3

  73. orion1anon

    I miss Minnesota.

  74. Rock 'N' Roll duluth

    Its Duluth <3

  75. Clarissa

    Road trip music!

  76. PurpleViolet

    This video is beautiful <3

  77. mojo217z78

    They opened up for my morning jacket last summer and played a song together. Was really special to me. My two favorite bands together was a night in heaven. Thanks guys!

  78. mojo217z78

    I have had the pleasure of seeing them live twice and they just kill it every time!!! Keep it up trampled!!! Also please, please come out with a live album!!!!

  79. feix Yeah

    seriously one of the most amazing film clips

  80. Dominika Krčištová

    amazing :) ♥

  81. Politically Yeast

    Ikr? Youtube linked me here from Mumford and Sons.

  82. finbarr blair

    love you guys, keep at it.

  83. AJellyDoughnut

    Came for the name. Stayed for the music.

  84. Margot Psorn

    Just came here from The Golden Age by Beck. Same chord changes. Might this be part of the reason youtube recommended it to me?

  85. Robert Willis

    just to get something straight guys, indie isn't really a Genre, it just means independent of major record labels or that the artist is self signed.

  86. Robert Willis

    I know right? or people who pretend to be such fans that they act like assholes to people who don't understand or are just finding them.

  87. Robert Willis

    before you call anyone else morons, it is indie Indie just means independant from major labels, you fucking idiot.

  88. Robert Willis

    I imagine getting trampled by turtles is pleasant, like a slow warm massage :)

  89. JalapenoPedro

    If you are new listeners to TBT, please check out "Alone" and "Wait So Long"

  90. nonchalantd

    I badly want to get trampled by turtles. Just the little ones. Not the ones that weigh half a ton.

  91. Kyle Noonan

    "How does one get trampled by turtles exactly?"
    "Very. Slowly."

  92. eiijocasraul

    fucking awesome! I'm so happy I ended up here <3

  93. Christine

    I like the video because it's cute, and the song is pretty good.

  94. Linards Hartmanis

    Firstly - I love this song, A LOT! :P

  95. nathan case

    I don't understand how such a good band/song can get so much hate

  96. Veerle

    i don't really see why its indie.. is everything with a weird band name indie? this is bluegrass/alternative folk, the music doesn't make it indie, so what does?

  97. ancientears1

    Im sorry but this stinks on so many levels. We don't need more banjo music from sensitive guys.

  98. Kintae

    so hipster man