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Trampled By Turtles Keys To Paradise Comments
  1. Riley's Dad Mike

    The earth is a flat plane and the compasses are all pointing at paradise. I really love this music.

  2. Kimberly Charchenko

    these guys split my heart open like an old dry stump


    Kimberly Charchenko You are a poet. And they do the same thing to me. Music affects me like nothing else.

  3. mojo217z78

    Spent some time in the Utah canyons listening to these guys...magical!


    mojo217z78 Perfect. The Utah desert is a magical place. I know. I'm here. Playing music with friends and listening to music around a fire.


    Ptuffgong.. life is good!

  4. Millie Byne

    Love it

  5. Dominic Shaw

    lovely song

  6. natejo82

    trumpled by tartles! yeah!

    landon barlow

    natejo82 yeah dyslexia!

  7. Robert Mayerle

    2 people are stupid


    Make that 3.


    Robert Mayerle 5 officially

  8. Ashley Grant

    "Keys To Paradise"

    It’s the secret of the winners
    That’s why I never got it
    I come to find the savior, 
    In your eyes

    All my frozen winters
    Face to blame for the garden
    At least I couldn’t say that I tried

    Fall apart at the softest setback of darkness
    Dampened towers cry above to the 
    Highest liar’s loving heart

    All my partial poems come as painless fillers
    I may never be as strong as you like
    But the way you look at me
    Is such a silent killer
    Hold me a close and tell me I’m alright

    Up all night just thinking of the ways to remain here
    Mourn the silences that one time held 
    the key to paradise

    I kept running down from heights that I remember
    Those were times that I treasured like a child
    Pick this body up because I know I’m better
    And I fell upon the ground with a sigh

    Little bandages add up to a coffin baby
    But I get hopeful every time I see you crack your little smile

  9. Ookmongani

    Art of War was a book I first read at 13 years old. It was a gift of knowledge that never left my soul. Sun Tzu understood the heart of people. That heart, is always at war.

    "Within the heart there is a border, a border that separates evil from good. Our lives are a constant struggle with that border, as it is in constant motion. The most evil person, still within their heart, owns a bastion of good, just as the most righteous heart, still harbors a bit of evil." ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    It is our course in life to keep within that border war, fighting for the right place in our heart. Sometimes we are successful, other times we are not, but the most holy man fights that war every day, the most wicked man, gave up that fight long ago. ~ D.B.Hall