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Trampled By Turtles Alone Comments
  1. Kelly Walter

    Homesick in 2020

  2. loretta dewater

    Can't wait to see this band January 26th in Grand Rapids!

  3. Halyn Page

    pop n lock passes owen. he says his goodbyes. gets into the car and drives home. pam climbs into the backseat to sit with duncan. fucking amazing .

  4. Cathy Melucci

    Sublime ❤️

  5. Steve Powell

    Saw these guys back in 2012 at the Henry Fonda theater in Hollywood. It was a great show.

  6. Luna Sea

    Rip Sid Haig

  7. Marie Sophie

    2:57 is everything

  8. Cassie Schultz

    Totally cried for the first time at a concert to this song at the Labor of Love fest in WI last weekend 🎻

  9. Jerry Archer

    You and Bradley Cooper sound alike...I just love your just got another subscriber.

  10. Jason Gayler

    not sure why, but this song makes me want to cry with joy....

    god bless Trampled!!!

  11. kelly rogers

    Thanks you TBT's

  12. Oregone

    I get to see these guys play live tomorrow in Oregon. Can't wait. Such beautiful songs.

    Brandon L

    Wait....I missed tbt in Oregon today? Damn.....


    @Brandon L they were great.

  13. Terry Moran

    I found them bc of their name and loved them for their music.

  14. Nelson Toscano

    Just saw them perform this song on Saturday July 6 2019 in their hometown Duluth Minnesota. It was a great time with my wife.

    Scarlet Begonia

    Saw them do this in buffalo a while ago! Such a good song. I hope they come back soon. It's been too long!

  15. jacob bickel

    Lake Superior Music. So proud to have lived in Duluth for that last 11 years

  16. Brockula 13

    This is the only version of beauty that we have have left. Thank you trampled by turtles.

  17. Filthy White Trash


  18. Christi Anna

    Sam the chef, I miss you. I'm grateful you introduced me to this song during a random conversation in the middle of the night. I still listen to Town Mountain all the time..

  19. Jay Yargeau

    I have loss in my heart...

  20. Sound Choice Karaoke

    For all you karaoke lovers, Sound Choice just released a karaoke version of this awesome song! Don't forget to let your karaoke dj know so they can get it for you to sing!

  21. wes scribner

    just finding out about theses dudes! apparently i have been under a rock for some time now lol epic stuff.

  22. Georgia Beagles

    Amazing song

  23. Jessica Engstrom

    I'm so excited to see you guys at blue ox festival this summer!!!!!!!!!

  24. Donnie Yarber

    Beautiful song

  25. Nathan Kurtz

    the way way back is one of my fav movie ever!

  26. Megan Graney

    You all are great songwriters/musicians, but smoking isn't. Stop promoting this garbage. Please.

  27. Cj Epp


    Favorite part

  28. Some Guy

    Why the hell am I listening to this? It's just making me more depressed. Great song though.

  29. Larry Olson

    What commercial has this song in it?

  30. Ty O

    Great band, great music that comes from the soul. Talented group.

  31. Danielle Johnson

    Ryian is my dads cousin and im a big fan

  32. Robert Abbott

    "Look'n on the U.S. map, I believe Isee the outline of MINNESOTA on that right arm." [RABID BOB] ??

  33. PL S

    My doctor says I can't get water on my face

  34. Jeff Eickhoff

    This song never gets old! Love it!

  35. David R

    Subaru and a dog named Butch brought me here. Cheers! Lol

  36. a1960g

    I finally found this song after searching for ever. What an awesome song and video. My new favorite.

  37. billy ramsden

    I didn't know this video existed.

  38. michael banks

    I love Roxane K.

  39. Anonymous Official


  40. James Kleiber

    I am in the toughest stage of my life right now. My beautiful wife just left me. There is so much I wish I could have done differently. The pain in my heart could never be explained with words. I use to think we had a unconditional love for one another and I took advantage of what I had. If I can give one lesson to anyone out there it’s to never neglect love. If you do it can be gone in secs. Cherish every min you have it bc when it’s gone you will be alone. Being alone sucks.

  41. Medani Walide_fr

    Alone :( yep

  42. Beau Raymond

    The dungeon they're in during this video is called the Rathskellar, a speakeasy whiskey bar in Duluth. Hidden gem if you're ever there.

  43. JoLynn Blu

    That harmony

  44. Kevin Taylor

    Being alone is a peace that few people can handle. Once you figure it out, it becomes very addicting. Its called self preservation :)

  45. Cujam Rasalgethi

    An excellent song.

  46. Beet Oven


  47. Stu Forster

    Where are they now.?

  48. Darrell Bottoms

    Maybe my wedding song?

  49. alta pape

    scale personified!

  50. Jason Davis


  51. S Zellner


  52. Grant Hanson

    From Duluth and I just now discover how good these guys are.. About time!

  53. CrumbBumXterminater Cbx

    If you love "the way way back" then listen to "power hungry animals" that the scene when they are leaving the beach and heading home. Just before he makes his last stop at the water wizz

  54. Jhon teller

    Alguma pessoa brasileira que tem um bom gosto musical e um bom gosto para filmes tambem,😎📺melhor verão da minha vida

  55. John Hehir

    Blessed be

  56. TheSoulmusik

    #injustice #risq to be #alone !

  57. Jacob Willette

    Absolutely amazing

  58. bradley howell

    Now this is why I like TBT!!!

  59. Megan Slife

    Crying. Beautiful freaking song.

  60. carlos fuentes

    who knows what kind of music is this?

  61. neilsentyler

    Possibly the most beautiful song I've ever heard

  62. JimmyStiffFingers

    You found yourselves a new fan from the Netherlands. I'm going to buy all the albums. Such beautiful music. There's not a lot of music that can give me goosebumbs, shivers and tears in my eyes. I love fiddles and banjos.

  63. Clifton Painter

    What's with the MTV video BS? A simple performance is more authentic and valued by simple folk.

  64. Albert Torres

    The Way Way Back

  65. Booker Stoner

    Great tunes. The kid is really cute too. Reminds me when my little one was that small.

  66. Don

    and the winter nights are cold and so long
    in between the falling leaves

  67. jessin beaudry

    stop making my band popular fuckers, i wont stand it anymore

  68. 1980sFreak

    Very kick ass.

  69. Kevin Chank

    what other songs have this same vibe?...would love a depressing yet inspirational playlist

  70. Marshall Nelson

    Why do have the sudden urge to go buy a Subaru Crosstrek?

  71. Ismaeel Moaney

    Subaru commercial it was so cute😭

  72. Farhan Farooqi

    That damn Subaru commercial put me on a mission to find this song, I don't even listen to this type of music and I love it.

  73. jillie24

    Thank christ for that Subaru commercial for introducing me to this song 💛

  74. Jerberus

    Good job subaru you picked a great song. Midnight on the interstate woulda been a nice one as well.

  75. Daniel Paz

    Love this little song...

  76. Wade Long

    In between the falling leaves....

  77. Sarafina27

    I'm hooked on this song. Really great music.

  78. Miggy Migz

    Here from the subaru dog commercial I’m so happy I’m here now

  79. Mike Winn

    Find more music:

  80. Tatiana Vargas

    The Subaru commercial brought me here .

  81. jesterkiller

    Butch the grumpy dog brought me here. Great song...

  82. Snuffy Smif

    Isn't that a map of Minnesota on his left forearm?

    Jake Ouren

    Snuffy Smif yes, they're from Minnesota. Duluth's favorite sons.

  83. Ravenherst 2002

    That moment were you finally find the song that you can laugh cry and remember no matter what...... and it's from your favorite movie

  84. Darcy Neagle

    So my art teacher used to play this and I loved it and i looked for it forever and social anxiety kept me from asking him but today I heard it on a Suburu commercial and I got so excited. That's what makes a Suburu a Suburu.

    Wade Long

    Darcy Neagle truth. Period, let the wind blow hard.....

  85. Keyomo

    I am in love with this band, my friend showed me "Wait so Long", ever since then I have been searching out their music. It's really beautiful, even though not my taste.

  86. John

    why are there no black people in this video? this is even more racist than game of thrones

  87. Mike Skybach

    You come into the world alone
    And you go out of the world alone
    But in between, there's you and me
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    The summer breezes blow so tall
    And the winter nights are cold and so long
    In between the falling leaves ooh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    The days and nights are killing me
    The light and dark are still in me
    But there's and anchor on the beach
    So let the wind blow hard
    And bring a falling star ooh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh
    Oh oh oh oh

  88. betsy maurer

    you are amazing

  89. clark can't

    wow my 7th grade english teacher's husband's band is pretty rad

  90. Rob Thomas

    "I'm a good friend of the 3". Then he stands in front of Duncan when Trent takes a step forward. So powerful.

  91. Ryan Richardson

    Anyone here from MEES exam video

  92. Jesus Christ

    I was told that if I love lost dog I would like these guys. I was lied to. Ben Tod has fought the fight and it comes through in his music. this is just some fucking hipster garbage. these guys have never felt the pain. fuck off to the douche that recommended this shit

  93. duck duck goose

    I'm proud to be a minnesotan