Trampled By Turtles - Again Lyrics

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Trampled By Turtles Again Comments
  1. Jt Jemkins

    Soooooooo good

  2. John H

    Hey TBT, will we see you in Michigan again!?!?!

  3. MrBennyb723

    this song will forever make me think of my last day of school senior year after i got betrayed by my best friend and hoped to be girlfriend for drinking and just wondering what was going to happen next.

  4. Joaquin Paez

    for all this fucking pain moments... for only reflexion.. for only ... don´t know.. it´s all so sad.. it´s bring me a lot memories.. =(

  5. PhD in Thugonomics

    One of my favorite TBT songs. Thanks for uploading.