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Train Whole Lotta Love Comments
  1. Umbra Mortis

    Shouldnt have listened to this. Now i'm just pissed that Train can pull off some BADASS rock n roll and they do smarmy bubble gum pop instead.

  2. Kenneth Di Leo

    At least I know who one of Train's influences are 🤘Great job on the 🎸 solo to, right down to the sound, magnificent! 👍

  3. David Conner

    I'm here because of Patrick Carney

  4. Becky Crider

    Wow! I was cringing waiting for the beginning of this and I'm pleasantly shocked as heck.

  5. M.L. 'BEWMIE' Wolff

    Is this the original or a cover?

  6. Magnum Muscle

    How could anyone hate on this? It's a really good cover and Pat nails the vocals. They sound waaaay better than than that dreadful Greta Van Fleet.

  7. Matthew Hartley

    They mde a perfect cover & they do sound similar.

  8. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Pat sounds great the LP before or after Greta Van Fleet

  9. Tonya Keldsen

    Yah baby! Hey I love Zeppelin but This is really really good as well. Took guts and Well done!

  10. James Monroe

    This is bad ass...

  11. Donnie Beadles

    Watched them live the other night in Raliegh .. They covered Bowie and Queen " Under Pressure" and it was the most insanely spot on cover I ever heard. Wasn't even the vocalist singing. The bassist sang Bowie's parts and the guitar player sang Freddie Mercury's parts waayyy too good.

  12. cantdrivefiftyfive

    I literally just got back from a Train concert in Virginia Beach. I am still soaking wet (it was over 90F and no breeze). In addition to their own music,Train covered two Tom Petty songs (American Girl and one other I can't remember) and Queen/Bowie, Under Pressure. I wish they had done this song, too. I was really surprised at the number of folks that came to the show and the musical quality and variety. +1 for Train!

  13. arseniclullaby87


    M.L. 'BEWMIE' Wolff

    You must be talking about yourself.

  14. Sir Lancelot

    Train is the last band I would think that would cover Led Zeppelin. But they are definitely some of the best to do so

  15. JayBee

    This should be bad why is it not bad

  16. D. Duna

    One of the best tribute covers that I have heard of Led Zeppelin.

  17. Adriano Silvério Ferreira

    É extremamente corajoso ! E ficou ótimo!

  18. Tressa Lowry

    This doesn't surprise me one bit and sure enough Pat Monahan nailed it! This man has got some vocals he could sing the phone book and it would sound good!! And he sure isn't bad on the eyes either! I actually got the chance to meet them back when they first started out, they were over at Shelby farms in Tennessee on the 4th of July 99'' and I was lucky enough to get their autographs on my shirt and I still have that shirt to this day I'll forever be a fan!!💜🤙

  19. Nico Bellisario - Guitar, Music & Stuff

    I never thought that Train would became a Greta Van Fleet cover band

  20. James Monroe

    Wow..that's an incredible cover...Train should focus on becoming a hard rock band!

  21. Nick Nekro

    I didnt know what to expect but god damn hes really good capturing the vocal feel without trying too hard to sound exactly alike the original song

  22. Srhir Ali

    Comment honorer l'héritage d'un groupe réputé sacré ! 🎼 👌👌👌

  23. AD/HD GuitarLessons

    This is very very good...from a life long Zep fan. Thank You, Train!! most excellent...

  24. Hilton Ainslie

    Wow sounds great Well done Train one of my favorite bands - Danie Ainslie, South Africa

  25. TIMxisxHERE

    I really love seeing this side of Train, other than all those poppy songs that they make. They really show off what can they do by covering Zeppelin.

  26. Judith Peele

    I’m reading the comments here and I’m seeing how many really don’t want to give Train the credit they deserve for doing such an amazing job on these Zeppelin covers. For those who think they don’t compare, play the two side by side at the same time and try your best to sync them up. It’s damn hard to tell them apart. They did a great job! Thanks to Zeppelin for giving us the amazing music to start with, and thanks train for bringing it to a new generation! May Zeppelin live on!!

  27. HinjuRock

    This drummer can't even hold a candle to Bonham.

    Layne Franklin

    Yea dude. You get the idiot award comment. This is good...Now go play your radio...

  28. Badprince Castillo

    Not Bad For Train !

  29. Kristoff Taylovoski

    A Dread Zeppelin Rasta/Ska version would qualify as more risk taking than what I hear here, would be a great way to hear live in a bar, I must admit

  30. Grumman F-14 Tomcat

    Well, Train. You did it. You officially made Led Zeppelin, the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time, you made rock.

    I hope your happy.


    Train IS dad rock lmao shut up

    Andrea Kotze


  31. Moneybags Hastings

    Is the instrumental just REALLY accurate or did the vocalist just voice over the original song? Because the instrumental is just spot ON.

  32. samuel hagle

    Honestly I'm very surprised how similar this sounds to the original

    Matthew Hartley

    Yes, definitely sounds similar.

  33. setevezessete49


  34. Eric Medina

    People are saying "weak", but Robert Plant, currently at his old age, has a lot of trouble now hitting the high notes. Not like he used to, so Pat Monahan sounds more like an older Robert Plant here, if anything. I personally really enjoyed this as someone who is a Led Head.

  35. Rene Cyr

    Awesome guys !!!

  36. Richard Van Cleaf

    Production and performance I'd say this was as good, if not better than most Zeppelin cover bands. Very well done in my opinion. But who am I to judge?



  38. EDMusic Entertainment

    Great rendition... I'd be disappointed if it sounded spot on.

  39. baldandold

    I bet the moaners are really just jealous

  40. Larry Napier

    Pat started out in a Zeppelin Tribute Band

  41. Larry Napier

    Closet to cover properly!

  42. Alan Andrews

    Some secttions not bad but the drumming is too weak as a previous comment says,John Bonham was a beast,this is more like a boy scout on a church parade

  43. Lucas Garibaldi

    I wanted to hate this, but this is not bad actually.

  44. JMCBlues1

    I love how everyone wants to trash Train for covering Zeppelin. It is a tribute folks, enjoy the music and chill...

  45. MeggaRippleEffect

    Highly enjoyable exercise. I enjoy it for what it is.....a bit of fun. Would be great in a club with a whole lotta beer. Well done.

  46. David Leary

    Leave the Zeppelin covers to Heart. Ann Wilson is still an awesome singer.

  47. Diana Sclafani

    Awesome! Can't compare to Led Zeppelin, though. I'll give them an 8 on a scale of 1-10 with ten being the best. Good job Train!

    Duke Emzworth

    But Led Zeppelin goes to 11.

  48. Zeb Lisch

    Hats off to Train

    Rakha Bagus Pratama

    Zeb Lisch except for the voice, it’s Led Zeppelin better

  49. PatrykWykopowicz

    Vocal is just too weak :/

  50. Mark eff

    I don't give a shit what anyone says Train did a great job on this cover album, not many people besides Plant himself (Obviously lol) can come close to hitting the notes needed to sing these songs. I'm not a Train fan either but much respect you guys absolutely killed it and this is coming from a die hard Led Zeppelin fan I think Jimmy, Robert, Bonzo(RIP), and JPJ would approve... Granted Led Zeppelin is still way better but I think these guys would be the first to agree to that lol.

  51. Chiara Pietralunga

    no sense. even as a tribute....

  52. Chiara Pietralunga



    TRAIN FUCKIN' S U C K S !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Holden SSV Redline

    Dont believe anybody should cover Led Zep or Queen but hats of to u Train, Maximum Effort!! Well done!

  55. Edy Josue David Ramírez Choc

    It sound really good :)

  56. Willard Johnson

    Imitation is the best form of flattery.


    More like a whole lotta garbage.Fuckin' clowns.


    +thedudeabides4usall Well I got the mom part but the dad part was so uncivilized :)TRAIN SUCKS AND THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS IT..INCLUDING TRAIN.

  58. J Ribs

    What is the point of doing an exact cover? It's just a downgrade.

    Norm King

    you give the kids what they want, Mom and Dad buy the disk. It's that simple


    J Ribs Zep did the first cover. In fact Zep is the best blues cover band in the world. And Heart is the best Zep cover band...hahah.

    Ondra Spendlik

    Well, proceeds go to charity, so I see no problem with that

    Stephanie Cameron

    listen to them then listen to zepplin and u tell me if u know who's who asshole

  59. Austin Matthias

    I love train and the first few listens I really liked it. But now I'm just like ehhh nah... Hahaha

    W. G.

    I feel the same after one million listens of Zeppelin doing the song.

  60. relpitstudios

    Best Covers Ever !

    Brajan Terek

    These are not covers, they are carbon copies...


    +Brajan Terek exactly, what's the point?


    They're tributes. By definition, carbon copies.

  61. Samurai Fingers

    Stunning recreation - but why? This art was already made. Why not just listen to and enjoy the original? I get the concept of wanting to pay tribute to your heroes with a one off tribute concert or somesuch - but this seems like a waste of creative, studio and production resources...


    Labor of love?

    Judith Peele

    Think about the new generation that will now be exposed to this amazing music because of how well they did. Play the two side by side
    - try to sync them up. It’s difficult to tell them apart.

  62. Kaykatniss G

    This is awesome! I love TRAIN and ZEPPELIN. I would go see this best thing to the real thing.

  63. Brad Chervel

    What's next? Nickleback does Achilles Last Stand?

    Jen Outlaw

    ...I'm late to the game, but that made me laugh out loud.

    W. G.

    if they could pull it off and do the song justice as Train did with this song, why not? I think they'd do a better job of it than Taylor Swift.

    Eduardo Angelini

    why they set themselves to try this attempted "note for note copy tribute" knowing beforehand they would fall 100 miles short is beyond me... kids these days...

    Moon Man

    Nickelback Does Aerosmith

  64. Liam Reid

    the instruments are vary weak but the vocals are not that bad, not great covers but better then i thought it would be.


    This sounds like Milli Vanilla covering Mozart,to my ears.Super sad:(

  66. Michael Britt

    I'm lost. I don't get why some many, that I'm sure are older than I am, hate this. This brings to the front an awesome album by an awesome band. No it's not the original.

    But in today's music, and I'm well sure all of you have tuned past it, our now kids don't hear this type of music. And they won't. Ever. Unless bands like Train bring it to the front.

    I grew up to this. As a poor ass shit kicker in Mississippi who liked louder music than I did lipstick. This band did both.

    Let our kids enjoy the same. Shut your eyes, get a buzz, and listen. It sounds damn near exact.

  67. vee dub

    It's a bit of a stretch but ok

  68. Simon Swan

    The first few notes are an indication why Led Zeppelin II was such an amazing album and as strong as Led Zeppelin were as a band, it's the production which is the magic. I don't mind this cover at all, but just listening to the first riff, the magic just can't be reproduced in this amiable effort. The phrasing, the slightly pulled sharp second note over the open string, the balance of the sound and the reverb on muted notes moving left to right alone really show why the opening track sets the tone for the whole album and why it is the best Rock record of all time. This doesn't take anything away from Train, it just shows why Led Zeppelin were so special.

    brown recluse

    yep -

    You can hear that this is well-recorded, well-made, well-played,
    but what's missing is Jimmy's 3D mic techniques and stuff.
    The drummer here is great, but the sound is so terrestrial.
    Sounds like humans playing instruments.
    LZ albums sound otherworldly like feelings translated into sound.

    W. G.

    I understand...why have a copy when you can have the original? It's very rare that a classic studio recording by ANY band can be replicated or made sound even better, even by the original artist. I mean come on, if a band were going to do a cover of Houses of The Holy, how would they even attempt to replicate the sound of Bonham's squeaky chain on his bass drum pedal that you can hear towards the middle of the song?

    Doug Payne

    Really the drum sound is what kills it, lets face it Bonham was a bloody beast behind the kit, not many drummers can really match that style of playing and intensity that was Zeppelin II. The vocals also lack that punch and bravado that Plant had, really the only thing that sorta matches up is the bass, still JPJ has that style and sound. Zeppelin needs Page, Plant, Bonham, and Jones to work. That being said this isn't the worst cover of any Zeppelin song I've heard.

  69. Mauricio Vargas

    If all of the proceed´s from this album go to charity then why is the band sharing the whole album for free on youtube?

    Mauricio Vargas

    For like a fraction of a second there I was gonna take your comment seriously. Then I read your name.

    david smith

    because they did a bang up job of it!!!!!!

  70. The Donster

    As a Zeppelin purist, I'm super excited by the huge balls it took to do this. I think it will open up a lot of other options for other bands to explore. Too me, it seems like ground-breaking work, in some ways. I would give it an A+ for concept and a B+ for execution.

  71. Kris C

    John Bonham is rolling in his is this shit?


    What a fuckin' joke.

  73. Eugene Rudman

    stunning covers, keep up the awesome work, guys!

  74. Nonya Business

    You guys are amazing !