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Train What Is And What Should Never Be Comments
  1. Gina Unger

    I like their Ramble On but this one, not so much. Too plodding.

  2. Taime Uppe

    love this Train guys

  3. Mike Taylor

    The Black Crows do a excellent cover of Led Zeppelin with Sir Jimmy Page 🌵🌵🌵👍👍

  4. Mark Galavan
    This YBR version above is phenomenal--live!!

  5. Zalander

    funny, the tittle of this song describes the entire concept behind train covering led zeppelin.

    Rock and Roll

    Daaaaaamn, nice burn.

  6. Diana Sclafani

    Awesome, love it - nice copy!

  7. Mark Galavan

    Because of many modern advances in recording technology, it's production value is higher than in Zeppelin's time--which is cool and gives it a fresh new facelift. Though LZ's versions are timeless and classic in their own way.

  8. michael vaccaro

    Almost as good as Zebra.

  9. Joe Buckner

    Not a huge Train fan but damn man! Good job fellas.😎

  10. mjt11860

    anybody know what Monahan uses to get the cool vocal effect on this song?


    Sounds like a gated flanger

  11. Nancy Desch

    I don't hear any cover song here - just the original Led Zeppelin.

  12. Steve Pierce

    I really wanted to see them crash and burn with this album idea , but this is this probably better than plenty of Zeppelin cover bands out there.

  13. LSA2013

    I like this cover set a lot. But I see people throwing a lot of shit at the drummer. Let's keep in mind that Train's drummer likely doesn't have the exact same kit or sticks that Bonzo used. I could grab my Jazz or P bass right now and I wouldn't sound like JPJ.

    Michael Vestal

    Robert Plant called Pat Monahan of Train after he heard a couple of the songs and said it was the best ever tribute to led zep he had ever known..

    so all of you naysayers and people with negative comments about train well you know where you can put it you know you can stick it

  14. Zol Nagy

    Just to clear up a few misconceptions about Train doing Zeppelin covers. In today's market the only way a band makes money is live performance . Train for years have been doing their own material and adding some Zeppelin and the crowd would go crazy ...,fast forward and they now include Zeppelin covers on a regular basis as that is what the audience wants, they want a accurate version not some new spin version. Pat has the vocal range that many do not have and they can pull it off better than most bands...,see them live and you will be impressed....

  15. Tracy

    Very good job......

  16. X-Sell Realty

    train and heart do the best led zeppelin covers, who knew train could rock

  17. Jeff McCarthy

    Great job, I loved that albumn!

  18. Tim Sanderson

    Also one more thing… For all you people who are slamming these guys because they are playing cover songs here, here's a newsflash… Some of the songs Led Zeppelin recorded are cover songs and no one is bitching about that.

    Keni Christophersen

    They sure did, but they weren't carbon freaking copies like this pure shite...

  19. Tim Sanderson

    I'm going to go out on a limb here, and let me just get this preemptively out of the way, you over-the-top fanatical Led Zeppelin fan boys who think Zep invented music… Shut the fuck up! I am not even a huge Train fan... Little bit too poppy for me… But I can be objective and concede that they are very talented musicians, and they did a really good job here. Every time I hear live footage of Led Zeppelin doing their songs, Robert Plant mails it in…talks half the lyrics, sings in a lower key etc. But God forbid anyone exhibit anything less than absolute abject worship of the band, and the Ledheads go crazy, wishing death upon ten generations of your family. At least Monahan can hit the notes....Plant hasn't hit them live in years...even when he was young he spent more time shaking his hips, snapping his fingers, and saying "baby baby ooh" ten times per song.

    Eric Stewart

    I dont mind hearing talented bands like this cover probably, one of their favorite bands and do it well. Especially these days when you constantly hear modern country bands and rap artists completely ruin awesome rock songs that they should never have been allowed to cover in the first place

    Tim Sanderson

    Could not have said it better myself.

  20. DarlingDaily

    I feel like "What is and what should never be" is an apt description of this entire album

  21. Jose Javier

    amazing album ¡¡

  22. Kris C

    John Bonham is rolling in his grave.

    Tim Sanderson

    So is that one vodka bottle too many that he should not have emptied.


    Too soon...

  23. Michael Britt

    Note for note

  24. sco bou

    Reading and hearing a lot of crap about this cover. Not a Train fan as a band or what they play, but this album is solid. It also supports a great charity. To all those who have a problem with this cover, then just don't buy it. All of the bad reviews and hate surrounding this cover is ridiculous. Take it for what it is and if this cover offends you, then don't support the project and listen to your original copy of Led Zeppelin II.

  25. MatthewLedZepfan

    I really don't get the point of Train doing this. It's just an impression of Robert Plant, without actually train putting their own stamp on it

    Tim Sanderson

    +Mike Gogel I kinda think they are doing that by performing the songs as faithfully as they can.

    Mike Gogel

    @Tim Sanderson exactly

    Steven Matheson

    it's for charity. The entire album. All the money. Charity.

    Jacob Kowalski

    I agree. I don't hate it, they did a really good job. Its just when I heard they did Zeppelin 2 I was thinking more Train in it, put their spin on it. Its not bad, I'm not hating, just didnt blow me away.

    Mike Gogel

    +Jacob Kowalski yep

  26. Karen Earls

    love it. Excellent job, Train!!

  27. Michael Sevens

    Excellent job Train...!!

  28. rayoloco5000

    Buen cover , sonando en mi carro por las calles de Lima - Peru.

  29. roy mummery

    The reason for this is cause they are incredible musicians and want to introduce the Katy Perry Justin Beaver crowd to good music . Please forgive my typing I was born before Computers. May God Bless you .

  30. ron norman


  31. Jason McCoy

    epic! crazy spot on!

  32. michael pipitone

    I really don't like train but God damn this is excellent


    Pointless and sterile.COMPLETELY UNESSASARY. This 3rd rate band does well enough,but the singer is less than inspired.

  34. Rick D

    Heard you guys on Stern this morning - awesome. Ordered the CD and can hardly wait.

  35. Gavin Dell

    It sounded much better on Howard stern live. This is too close to the original and if I'm going to listen to this done exactly the same way I would listen to the original. At least they could've made it sound bigger and a little heavier or something.

  36. Malcolm Brooks

    great job

  37. Red Man

    Train has done this album, because they can. They did it very very well. Are they Led Zepplin? No. This could be the start of a trend. With music going absolutely no where, again no where. Who is going to perform Led Zepplin? Certainly not Led Zepplin. Plant cannot sing half as well an Monohan, currently. Who is going to perform VanHalen, Stones, Beatles, Eagles? Give me some more. If you want to hear these bands, you will have to hear someone else do them. Trending bands and new artists could make a fortune performing these classics well.

  38. Robert T.

    Very Good :)

  39. Donna Memmer

    I like....and preordered through Amazon

  40. joe c

    Voice sounds like a robot

  41. Heidi Berg

    how come I like you singing it better

    Heidi Berg

    Mabey Pat Monohan feels the words when he sings not just screaming the words




    So you like this bit of mimickery over the someone who was authentic and original who invented his own style? Like the music or not, but nobody can touch plant on his own. It's an unmistakable style. On the other hand I find this to be a disgrace.

  42. Song Sabai

    Excellent 'copy' of the original...but why would I want to listen to this when I have the original on tap ?.....BUT, I would go and see Train live .

    Mike Petrich

    Because it's fun, and it supports a local cancer charity?

    Tim Sanderson

    I don't know why you would want to listen to a cover I guess the next time you want to listen to "You Shook Me, " you should only listen to the orignal Muddy Waters version.

  43. Deb Bresser

    He really does this quite well..I love both these artists!

  44. Norihito Komaki

    Drums … Bonzooooooo!!!

  45. Kathleen Craig

    I would have chosen Led Zeppelin III but I don't have a band! ;-) Anyway, good job! Thanks for bringing LZ to more generations. BTW I loved the stereo moments in my headphones.

  46. Ignacio Araneda

    hammer of The gods!

  47. Joe Garchar

    This is exactly what Led Zeppelin would sound like....if they were neutered!

    Ron Dunbar

    +Joe Garchar LOL!! PERFECT description! way better than i could do though. there just will NEVER be another Led Zeppelin

  48. rickibrockn

    Can't think of anything not to like here. Pat Monahan copied The Great Robert Plant very nicely. Lead Guitar stylings in tribute to the many sounds from Jimmy Page are great. Not as "down and dirty" the mighty Zep but then..........

  49. Mark Mullins

    very impressive, wrong note at end of guitar solo though. (if you're chasing the original.) vocal phrasing and mix is amazing.

  50. Seanriver316

    Great job, guys. F the haters. So damn pretentious to think any song is above being covered. And I dont care HOW many times you got to see LZ. Good for you. That and $1.25 will get you a cup of coffee.
    Free your mind and your ass will follow.


    No, sometimes the haters are right. This is a travesty. I could see one or two songs as remakes would be okay. There's a difference between what is a 'remake' and what is a 'cover', cover bands make covers because they mimick the original, but a remake is done in your own style and voice, you don't try to mimick someone else's voice and style especially someone as original as Plant. That's just not cool.


    No, they arent. Thats why they are CALLED "haters". Music is subjective, like most things in life. And the idea was to "cover" the album as best they could. Trust me, I've heard WAY worse. And, oh yeah, by the way, the proceeds are going to Family House San Francisco, a place that gives families a place to stay while their children receive life-saving operations and treatments. But I'm sure you knew that already. Troll on...


    @Seanriver316 No, they're called haters because they dislike something very much, but thanks for the public service announcement. Is it supposed to make me feel better about butchering Zepp? It doesn't. This band made some money, it would be better if they just donated some of their concert performances or even better--their own money--which is an actual sacrifice!


    @Joe Garchar It's not even that I would criticize Train, it's softer more  pop rock, it's not my thing, but if people like it that's not my problem. I just don't like this abuse of Zepp!


    @Seanriver316 "And the idea was to "cover" the album as best they could." But this is my point, there would be a tasteful way to tribute the music rather than merely cover it (mimicking it), a lot of bands do it and they make a new song based on the old that is still uniquely them, this isn't the tasteful way to go about it.

  51. Giorgio Minisci

    It is identical to the original version , I love it but I'm puzzled ...

  52. Brandiva Flowers


  53. TheCheryl57

    Outstanding! Can't wait for the rest of it!

  54. Mike Mc Neil

    Very awesome.... see ya in july train

  55. muñeka d trapo

    It's a cover song soo yea it's supposed to sound similar #pendejo

  56. johnnyresistance

    nice one :)

  57. Ben K.

    What the hell? It's the same as the Zeppelin version, just a millisecond slower. Like, exactly the freakin' same. #Stupid

    Eton Bachs

    +Benjamin Kenon Isn't that the idea of a tribute sound like the original? You're not retarded by chance are you?

    Ben K.

    Usually, the artist covering a song will try to make it their own. For example, Stone Temple Pilots' cover of Led Zeppelin's "Dancing Days", or Nirvana's cover of David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World", or David Bowie's Cover of "China Girl", for that matter. You don't just play the original note-for-note.

    You aren't by chance an asshole, are you?

    Eric Cheong

    +Benjamin Kenon you basically don't know the purpose of a cover song do you you idiot and it isn't just a millisecond slower dumb retards thinking that they are smart

    Ben K.

    +Eric Cheong (TechKnow) line up the tracks and press play at the same time. Every single note is replicated by Train, but it is indeed a little bit slower. This shows an astonishing lack of creativity on the part of a band that has been around for 20 years.

  58. Fidelity 129

    liked it. nice take on the original. persuaded on a purchase👍

  59. Ritchie Peyton

    Very nicely done.

  60. Angela Large

    Amazing! I thought it was Robert at first.

  61. Blake Ghostsong

    Nice cover. I love it :D

  62. Cindy Hinkle

    knew Pat had in him

  63. Pahwahster

    April fools was last month.


    And now two months ago, and still very true!

  64. MeltingLove Wattpad

    Good job

  65. mtvprogress2012

    And if you say to me tomorrow ,
    Oh what fun it all would be .
    Then what's to stop us ,
    Pretty baby !!
    But What Is And What Should Never Be ...

  66. Mr_Garlic 1234

    Last time I was this early, Trump was on the Apprentice

    Eton Bachs

    +Mr_Garlic 1234 Sorry, I accidentally gave you a thumbs up. I meant to hit reply not thumbs up as I have no fucking idea what your idiotic, moronic, nonsensical, uncalled for political comment means. Are you that uneducated and brain washed that you feel the need to politicize a goddam fucking article about music? I can't really tell if you're rubbing your co(k on The Chump or rubbing one out to Killery. What a sad time we live in. And we as Americans wonder why the entire world is pointing and laughing at us. People like you make the U.S. the butt of many a joke.

    Mr_Garlic 1234

    +MikeSW4544 bro, I made a simple joke, I didn't want to offend anyone, but bro calm down, I'm far front he 1st person to poke a little fun a trump, if anything I'm late