Train - What Christmas Means To Me Lyrics

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Train What Christmas Means To Me Comments
  1. Billy Gough

    I love this song sooo much

  2. Amanda Cami

    Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

  3. Amanda Cami

    Christmas is coming soon

    Amanda Cami

    Ho ho ho

  4. selpix gaming

    In the winter concert year 5 learnt this song fantactic

  5. Rashane Pintoe

    wow.....this has a 90s it
    like if u agree

    Legitimate Sports

    Actually 60s Stevie Wonder.

  6. John V Carroll

    Johnny b. Says it's a
    " Motivation Sensation "
    Three Thumbs Up" 👍👍👍

  7. Jollie Ruiz

    I'm looking for a song to do for school I believe I found it

  8. Gavin Warman

    Love this!

  9. Burger Queen

    Who were the 2 people that unliked this song?

  10. klott

    I love train!! :DD

  11. Jack Pickering

    This is good

  12. brid101286

    Couldn’t see the full lyrics:(

  13. Oren Wickberg

    thank you ladies and gentlemen for being there when times are tough and praise the Lord give everything to God and he will set your past for you amen

  14. miroslav stepanovic

    its so cool

  15. Andrea Roberts

    Very cool Christmas tune. Can't wait to hear the others.

  16. FunkiLL

    Christmas is coming!🎄🎄⛄⛄

    Isaac Oskin

    2 days my friend now

  17. Captain Obvious

    New fave Cristmas song

    Jack Pickering

    Mr. Boss Tommy same

  18. Emanuel Martinas

    And so it begins...

  19. George Pissakis

    Really nice song from a really nice band,i will do a cover on this song

  20. Krissy's Spice 4 life & M.O.L Skin Deco

    When Mike was dying of cancer he said you guys were his new favorite band and told me drops of jupiter was for me.. each new song you guys do I see why Mike loved your music so much! it is always epic! Thank You for always being their so I that memory never fades.

  21. The Level Up bros

    Love you music!

  22. Ragnarok

    The first