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  1. ATHAN

    The politician brought me here

    Ryan Krausmann

    Did you check out the original version by Joni Mitchell?

    Lu Migliore

    bro I came for the series from Argentina

  2. Marjorie Goforth

    You 're a lovely maan. If only you had a time machine. If I was a guy
    Rivers are everywhere

  3. Marjorie Goforth

    Wow, that video I sent was an accident I am very sorry. I'll send a better one lol.Mr. hard to handle, emarrassing.. Just a minute.

  4. Marjorie Goforth

  5. Marjorie Goforth

    Well, I could take you skating , I guess. Looks like you live here.. Why ya so sad? A girl.? AWE really?
    Broken hearts are just part of life. I bet your gonna be ok.

  6. June Love

    Beautiful! 😂

  7. Shafay Asghar

    I am honored to be the 19th comment on a train song!!!

  8. Juanita Lewis

    I love train .. Music...

  9. John V Carroll

    Glyde 🙌

  10. Gavin Warman


  11. Jordan Beard

    Less than 1k views lol

  12. Yeni Sopiyan

    Love this

  13. Epic- Logan08

    Love it😘❤

  14. Jack Oldfield

    Fuck my girlfriend is gonna love this

  15. Nadège Kapola

    I love the music

  16. IndieVibes

    Love this cover so much!

  17. IndieVibes

    Watch the lyrics video of this song here:

  18. Prowess Pneuma

    Woooo!!! more Christmas songs.
    This is going on at Christmas and no one is changing the music :D

  19. Muantea Chawngthu

    Nalh ve aw... hey chu.... 😁 ....

  20. Daggerbolt


  21. anjaney shrivastav

    feel's like i am sitting with my bae singing this song for her in between a river in my small yatch 💞💞😊😊😊

  22. Star_Love_Spirit MSP.

    Beautiful <3