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Train The Lemon Song Comments
  1. Kenneth Di Leo

    I can't say what I wanna say but this is really good.

  2. luis ramirez

    I already liked Train , the only reason I may not like this is that now I may not listen to the original as much ! Great take lads !!

  3. Gamma

    I thought this was the lemon demon and I was waiting for the drop

  4. Layne Franklin

    I approve of this...who would've thunk it...

  5. gus ullum

    Wow way better than I expected it to be

  6. James Kolak

    I played this and the Zep version for my father. He couldn't tell one from another.

  7. Shantay Madison

    This is the best workout ebook I think on Unflexal

  8. David Deavenport

    I thought the guitarist pretty much nailed Jimmy's tone! WELL DONE!

  9. Antunes Carlos


  10. Neal Slocombe

    didn't they start in erie Pa as a Zeppelin cover band ?

  11. allthingsclassicrock

    They nailed it, I still fucking hate them but they nailed it. Had a morbid curiosity and had to check it out.

  12. mike jensen

    incredible version cover song

  13. Shreya Ray

    Heh came to abuse and bad mouth but not bad ehhh!!

  14. baldandold

    The Song Remains The Same, is this a Stairway tho Heaven? has he got a Black Dog? has he read Moby Dick?

  15. Larry Napier

    Pat was a member of a Zeppelin Cover band

  16. Alistair Kinnear

    my my yeah!!!

  17. Joseph Hofmann

    Stoopid Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Rick Chyczewski

    I am a huge zeppelin fan. More importantly I am a huge Robert Plant fan circa 68-71before his voice slipped..err...changed. No one could touch Plant's belter voice...and that includes this guy. However, Monohan comes very, very close. Of all the covers and all the tribute bands this guy falls just a notch and a half short. I want to hear them do I and III now.

  19. Phil H

    I'm flabbergasted at how much better this was than my expectations.

  20. Paul Callas

    The bass isn't John Paul Jones. John Paul Jones was a monster on this one. Still great bass playing though. Hector Maldonado did great.

  21. H.T. Widowson

    Good, but what's the point?

  22. mjt11860

    great cover of my favorite band by 1 of my favorite bands.

  23. Ochomarvo G.

    that's bad

  24. guitarherochamp4

    The closest band who could ever sound like Zep. Thank you

    Haley Deering

    Check out Led Zepagain.

  25. danney99


  26. Joni Parsons

    Amazing! Zeppelin never goes out of style 🎸 🎶 🎶 🎶

  27. Wes 76

    The drumming is weak.


    They're doing the best they can

  28. Michael Neubert

    Near Original but a little better because 2016 version

  29. Joan Otla

    But why.

  30. Willard Johnson

    Never heard of Train but I'm listening now!

  31. John Walls

    Well, well. Like mostly everyone else here when a friend told me about this I thought he was pulling my led. (no pun intended.) I have NEVER heard anyone cover Zep like this! Kudos to all involved.

  32. Ludmila do carmo

    MELHOR COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Tonguefunsome

    I tell you,the guy drumming comes closer to anybody I've ever heard of sounding like John Bonham that includes John's son Jason!

  34. istvlad

    Props to the band - instrumental sounds good (bass and guitar are on point af! <3 ) and the lead singer really goes all the way!

  35. Story Of A Life Video Channel

    What next?  Maroon 5 does Kashmir?


    They do a badass cover of highway to hell

  36. Shane Edmonds

    These guys crush this. Beyond excellent.

  37. Ben Rausch

    John Bonham's fist just popped out of the earth squeezing a drumstick with the word vengeance on it. Good luck to you guys... Leave the legends alone

    Tim Sanderson

    Well maybe if he clutched more drumsticks and fewer vodka glasses, he would be here today to play the song himself.

  38. james feurtado

    I would like to see him with Ann Wilson covering Battle of evermore

  39. Nonya Business

    That song has never sounded so good wow nice guys!

  40. b4ihang

    This is awful. Why bother? It's like Zepp without the soul. Zepp was heavy, this is tinny (and I don't think it's due to Youtube or my crummy speakers), odd considering it's a modern recording. And trying to mimic Plant's voice and inflection too? Disgraceful.

  41. Bruno Zaldívar

    fucking garbage

    Josh Rideout

    shut up

  42. Matthew Harrell

    Trains first album was good. then the rest was shit! this come out blew my fucking mind!!!!

  43. Michael Sevens

    WOW...!!! Freeeeakin' ..AWESOME!!! Go Train....Rock It...Rock It....!!!

  44. joel ciulla


  45. Alexander Murinson

    pure zep

  46. Angelo Bernardo

    Good on Train... delivering the goods against popular public opinion

  47. ymmottommy1

    Bass player is doing his own rendition and that's OK  but pales in comparison to the original. Would been way more impressive to hear the bass player play it note for note. Of course that's a lot of work.

  48. Mike Maskery

    Drummer nails it, even the cymbal bell at 4:52

  49. joe c

    Robert plants voice is very difficult to mimic but the instruments are on point

  50. Anthony Haller

    Damn!! This is actually good!

  51. captpatt

    Hats off to Pat and (Roy) Harper!

  52. salem moon

    very nice cover train. fuck yes cunties!

  53. Guitar Man

    I just sharted

  54. Mitch Gawlik

    Sounds bitchin'. I guess I'm going to have to chase down some early Train.


    Early Train is the best!

  55. Sign In To Comment

    Wow. I have to admit, you guys nailed it. I was very skeptical when I first heard the news. You did it the only way it could be done, which is -true to the original. Anything else would have sounded cheap and ridiculous. Extra points for the incredible studio work. You took a risk.. Good job Train!

  56. Cindy Hinkle

    I think Pat finally found himself

  57. Tom Platz


  58. Paul Bish

    Came on here expecting to hate it, but hats off ...not bad at all. Worth it if it makes a new generation go back and listen to the original and best....

  59. mightbereal

    It's the Bass and drums that make it so good

  60. mightbereal


  61. Jon Bebee

    They nailed it!!

  62. annarks

    love it! in the same vein as Adrenaline Mob's cover too Love it! ovations to the guitarist!! you've got it covered! great one guys!

  63. Robert Flor

    Bloody Brilliant!!!!

  64. Smizzman

    Pretty damn good !!!!

  65. Virl S

    those vocals are damn good!

  66. Tim Anderson

    Fucking fabulous! The mix is awesome!

  67. jmdrummer7

    As a huge Bonham/ Zeppelin fan, I would buy this.

  68. Fabiano Shinkt


  69. DISCOBABY1956

    I am a HUGE Led Zep fan from way back, and I can barely tell the dif. OMG Thanks for sharing. Just heard of this version on the radio WRQK, in Canton, OH.

  70. Rob Barnett

    Train should only do zeppelin from here on out. His voice is the closest I've ever heard to Robert Plant.

  71. Joel Robertson

    I'm actually shocked. Train did something that was good for once. Wow.

    Adrian Bleakney

    Trains first 3
    Albums where amazing

  72. Angela Large

    SO good! Pat and the band do Led Zeppelin covers better than any other!!

  73. Mac Anoodough


    Not even a Train fan, I like them, just never bought an album of theirs. That's changing very soon. Props for having the courage to do something like this and wow, how they must truly love Zep to have nailed every aspect, every nuance of this song.


    +Mac Anoodough Well said! I have to agree.I never had the urge to go buy their music,but if I heard it, I tapped my foot to it. Now this cover of Zeppelin ll,I will def go and nab!

    Doug Heath

    buy the first or second album. Starts getting a little to poppy after that.


    So true. They were great in their early years.

  74. Philippe Neron

    really well done,,,great vocal, drum and gtr chops

  75. alva

    whyyy ?

  76. bruce

    Mmmmmmmm not bad

  77. André Gonçalves''

    Not half bad actually...


    At least thay didn't completely embarrass themselves, merely adequate.High praise indeed considering the bar all are trying(vainly)to achieve.

  79. jlcelenza

    I thought this was going to be painful to listen to, I was wrong. From the first note I was thinking not bad. The drummer and bass player comanding that primal force with commanding presence. Guitar tone, nuance and swagger of Jimi's playing style. Then the voice. The voice was full and clear and dripping with passion for Robert Plants' tone, timing and most notably his panache. Bravo! Bravo! I want to hear more.

  80. Joe Garchar

    You should've quit this Train...Such a long time ago!

  81. Kelley Greenstein

    That's freakin awesome, amazing job guys. Having heard you on Stern, I thought it would be great.

  82. Tom Laveign

    *Howlin Wolf cover.

  83. Loop-Zoop

    This is . . . actually not as bad as I thought is was going to be.

  84. Pongsakorn Buranakarn

    Another great metro song

  85. mtvprogress2012

    my lemon tea ;}

  86. Lilly B

    wow much better than i thought!

  87. 1stSaintsFan

    I loved Train since their first time on Howard Stern's radio show when they did some Led Zeppelin covers which blew me away. They are a great band and glad the proceeds go to charity.

  88. Scott Gibson

    Way better than I was expecting.

  89. Jason Lawrence

    not so much a reinterpretation as a very good reproduction, and not that different from the original (apart from some of the rhythm guitar parts and drum fills), so ultimately not that essential….good try tho




    +Jason Lawrence Umm,its a cover.I mean I did read that right,correct? I didn't know that covers had to be identical to the original =/

  90. Allen Emerick

    Stellar!  Well done.

  91. Buck Fama

    Train can't rock? Bullshit!!

  92. Del Delker

    I really figured that this would be Pat's quirky take on Zeppelin, but he channels Plant like a freaking medium.  I'm am on my knees doing my best "Wayne's World" version of "I'm not worthy!"


    Who the fuck on God's green earth is 'Pat'?

    Del Delker

    @TYCHOMONOLITH13 Lead singer of Train, dude! 

    Del Delker

    There are a lot times I think Train's songs were written while coming off of a VERY BAD acid trip.  Pat's a pretty boy from "Cali" who knows everyone who's anyone.  There's a lot about Train to dislike.  On the other hand, a lot of their music is catchy and, when compared with today's pop, actually pretty good.  I'm pretty much a headbanger by nature, but I do like the occasional oddity.

  93. Randal Werschky

    So glad train is doing a little of what made them great. They do a great Ramble On cover. Back in the Meet Virginia days they had a lot more bluesy/rocky songs. I still like them now but they've definitely gone way more poppy. Brave move Train!

  94. Brandiva Flowers


  95. Anthony Hershko

    Can you do please a cover of Stairway to Heaven?


  96. stephanie hinton

    What a wonderful compliment to Led!