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Train Shake Up Christmas Comments
  1. Karen Steele

    My fave all year long

  2. Ash J

    This song is so happy and wholesome, I want to hug it.

  3. Gacha_Frost.

    Who in 2020?

  4. AnnaMariaJo

    Really Love this Video <3

  5. Ri Chester

    This makes me drink Coca Cola... Idk why. xD

  6. Kim

    Randomly felt like listening to this. Its January 19th.

  7. Wxrld - Мир

    2020? :(

  8. Ákos Szűcs

    Unfortunately it is 10th of january, 2020, n christmas time is oover! It's sad! If everyday were christmas, birthday and new years eve please!

  9. klondikebar

    I hate that this is my favorite song cuz I feel like I can only listen to it during one time of the year

  10. Nikoloz Sepiashvili

    Happy Orthodox Christmas!

  11. Aki

    Balkan school

  12. Sound Station

    Haré que esta última navidad en 2020 sea una de las mejores, y juntaré a toda mi familia :') y a los que no están también :D

  13. Leon 7802

    Hearing it on January 2020, Already missing Christmas 😢

  14. Glo Gloriyaah

    Nice song.Cool infact.If you like this put a👍.Who else is here in2020?💚

  15. texting story

    Shake it up, shake up the happiness!

  16. Marszczysiur

    Coca Cola on tv ;)

  17. AnneMarie Ireland_

    me in January listening to christmas music;

  18. K-04L4 Music

    that moment when you realize this song was inspired by a fucking coca-cola commercial

  19. Noki Milan

    Only 11 and a half month and this will be actual again, im so sad that it's gone

  20. lucky

    worst christmas song since Paul McCartney's bullshit ass Christmas song

  21. Luka Pravi Vlogovi

    Its 11:15 at 31 december lol it’s Cristmas almost

  22. raywhittenjr


  23. Rezi Bigvava

    Hello 2020 👋

  24. Μαριος Παληκαρας

    Great song

  25. Giovanni Petitti

    Buon natale from Italy to every1

  26. Jesus Saves All

    I thought he said "shake up the Happy New Years"

  27. Zhibek Abdymutalyp kyzy

    This song is so good
    Just found out it!!!

  28. Chasadya Lim

    Isn't this coca cola's theme song for 2011?

  29. Broccoli Guy

    Only 98 million views?

  30. Rocks boy

    My friend: Why all the good people die first
    Me: When you go in the garden what flower you take
    My friend: The beautiful one

  31. New Mexico and Texas ABFP

    Amazing im watching this after Christmas cuz eh

  32. Barnabás Kiss

    Ez a legjobb karácsonyi dal

  33. Cabeça Costa

    Anime tv

    BG Gamer

    É nois mano kkk

  34. Stephanie Thompson

    What does this song even mean?

  35. Vapor Trails

    Oh sure, this song is really about Christmas.../s. It's good to have fun at this time of year, but not with absolutely idiotic lyrics like this.

  36. waitaminutedoggie

    The season is about Christ, ye pagan numbskulls.

  37. Cookiemoon Mika

    du bist cool

  38. david

    Cant believe its almost 10 years since this song came out.Still my favourite

  39. Alice Hodgson

    This is the most underrated Christmas song in the history of Christmas songs

    Vapor Trails

    It's also the song with the absolute worst lyrics in the universe, next to "Louie Louie".

    Alice Hodgson

    Vapor Trails why has it got the worst lyrics ?

    Vapor Trails

    @Alice Hodgson "Let's December it...and reassemble it"? And which boy & girl are they talking about? If it's Mary & Jesus, then they really have it wrong, since the point was to save the world, not get gifts from Santa. That's just a start...

    Alice Hodgson

    Vapor Trails you’re sad goodbye

  40. Patricia Guevara

    9 years of listening to this song not even just for Christmas but if you wanna feel the love, family, giving, and happiness ❤️💚

  41. Maja Maja

    Super super cool song!!! Merry xmas and happy New year!!!! 😀😀😘😘

    Maja Maja

    Coment plss

  42. Unique S

    Shake up the happiness
    Wake up the happiness
    Shake up the happiness
    It's Christmas time
    There was a story that I was told
    And I want to tell the world before I get too old
    And don't remember it, so let's December it
    And reassemble it, oh yeah
    Once upon a time in a town like this
    A little girl made a great big wish
    To fill the world full of happiness
    And be on Santa's magic list
    Shake it up, shake up the happiness
    Wake it up, wake up the happiness
    Come on all, it's Christmas time
    Shake it up, shake up the happiness
    Wake it up, wake up the happiness
    Come on all, it's Christmas time
    Ho, ho, ho,
    Ho, ho, ho,
    It's Christmas time
    At the same town miles away
    A little boy made a wish that day
    That the world would be okay
    And Santa Clause would hear him say
    I got dreams and I got love
    I got my feet on the ground and family above
    Can you send some happiness with my best
    To the rest of the people of east and the west
    And maybe every once in a while
    You give my a grandma a reason to smile
    'Tis the season to smile
    It's cold but we'll be freezing in style
    And let me meet a girl one day
    That wants to spread some love this way
    We can let our souls run free
    And she can open some happiness with me
    Shake it up, shake up the happiness
    Wake it up, wake up the happiness
    Come on all, it's Christmas time
    Shake it up, shake up the happiness
    Wake it up, wake up the happiness
    Come on all, it's Christmas time
    I know you're out there
    I hear your reindeer
    I see the snow wear
    Your boots have been
    I'm gonna show them
    So they will know then
    Then love will grow in
    They believe again
    Shake it up (shake it up), shake up the happiness
    Wake it up, wake up the happiness
    Come on all, it's Christmas time
    Shake it up, shake up the happiness
    Wake it up, wake up the happiness
    Come on all, it's Christmas time
    Ho, ho, ho,
    Ho, ho, ho,
    It's Christmas time
    Shake it up, shake up the happiness
    Wake it up, wake up the happiness
    Come on all, it's Christmas time
    Shake it up, shake up the happiness
    Wake it up, wake up the happiness
    Come on all, it's Christmas time
    Ho, ho, ho,
    Ho, ho, ho,
    Ho, ho, ho,
    It's Christmas time

    Unique S


  43. Jake Garcia

    I thought this song song was written specifically for that coca cola commercial. Which would be funny since you dont exactly shake a coke bottle to "wake up" whats inside

  44. Carlos Hernandez

    14 mins left on this 2019 Xmas. Much love to everyone! "I know you're out there"

  45. Minecraft User

    this song was used on coca cola commercial in philippines.


    I see you are an OG Coca Cola drinker as well lol

    Maja Maja


    Gumball Darrwin

    And Coc-Cola Commercial în România.

  46. H H

    I wish this wasn’t a cristmas song so I could listen to it al year long 🤣

  47. Rio D S

    I dont even know the title but my hotel use this music every december especially for cristmas

  48. SG Gayashan


  49. 에이형 하쿠나마타타 영화뒷담

    a Korean Christmas party
    한국인의 크리스마스 파티

  50. ShironTHPS

    Somehow this song got stuck in my head out of the blue, I guess I always feel the Christmas spirit 😄
    Merry Christmas everyone!
    Looking forward to 2020 and the next decade

  51. CJ Media

    "It's cold but we'll be freezing in style" merry christmas!

  52. leo270480

    Merry Xmas to all the world 🗺 from Italy with love 🇮🇹

  53. Yacine Tall

    Merry Christmas

  54. It Feels

    Here on Christmas 2019. I Wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy your day today. Be Happy, spend time with your family❤❤

  55. Cantthinkofaname

    The best christmas song!!!Fucking fight me

  56. Lash

    whos the hot chick at 0:45

  57. [GEC] Zeus

    Chi qui dopo Melagoodo Natale 2019??

  58. Sandy Pisano

    2019 and still watching this beautiful video of Train

  59. Curtly Nedd

    Shake it up IT'S Christmas timeeeee

  60. sorawit moonma

    Merry Christmas!!

  61. Romina Correa

    Hermoso felizes navidad a los q estan viendo ❤❤❤❤❤💖💘✌

  62. batamquezon

    It's christmas time.

  63. 정인환

    한국인 있나요?

  64. ZAYN'S wife

    Merry Christmas.. Hope u have everything you really need

  65. Tsugomi

    Merry Christmas

  66. Sharee' M

    December 24th, 2019 Loved Train for years, and this song, I had never heard it! Sharing on my Face Book page! <3


    Have a nice Christmas guys!!! Buon Natale ragazzi!!! 2019

    Roberto Barrella

    Ciaoooo finalmente uno italiano auguri

  68. 1NF1NITY

    Merry Christmas to everyone from Peru! 🇵🇪

  69. cocky lol


  70. Anitha Kilonzo

    Merry christmas

  71. Gabriel Ferreira

    É hoje!!! Sempre escuto essa música antes do Natal... Me lembra a propaganda da Coca..

  72. Lee Kennedy

    2 hr and 18 mins til xmas in Manchester uk.

    Cant wait for the merry'ness to start

  73. natalie semple

    Na talie was here❤

  74. A Mammadova


  75. tsack gr

    Merry Christmas everybody 💕

    natalie semple

    Merry Christmas boo


    tsack gr is it already Christmas where you live it’s Christmas Eve for me

  76. Shavarea Floyd

    Ever since train remixed this song it’s become a staple for my family every year for Christmas and now I can’t imagine Christmas without this song

  77. Shavarea Floyd

    Back in 2019 anyone?

  78. Tiko Japharidze

    again💙💙(2020) like if also listening now 💫

  79. Ocelatte Sorbet

    Merry Xmas Eve!


    I came back for 25th December 2019😍😍😍😍😘😗💖💖💖💖

  81. Aleksandar kolev

    only few more hours till christmas


    Aleksandar kolev merry christmas dude!

  82. Kincior

    My fav christmas song

  83. SirFer Garrington lll

    Merry Christmas

  84. Ninfa Auditor

    Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 Everyone! 122519

  85. Catacus

    Been coming to this song since 2010 still the best song.

  86. Dino Salme

    Merry christmas ma friend ;)

  87. John Cedrick Babila


  88. Samp Roleplay Uzivo

    I'm dead grandma,I'm don't happy years :(

  89. BasarabianBall

    Join "before the 1 million likes" squad

    P. E.O.

    you mean 100 million?


    @P. E.O. oops 😁

  90. BasarabianBall

    2010's Club?

  91. BasarabianBall

    I hate the fact that people should be "better" on holidays.Thats bs,we must be kind every time.Merry Xmas yall

    Dark Side

    you are right marry xmas

    Daniel Szabo

    Damn right, Happy Christmas! :)

    Eurovision Sarah

    You’re right Marry Christmas! :) ❤️🎄

  92. PappieCholo

    Merry Christmas Everyone 😁