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Train Ramble On Comments
  1. Caswallon and Flur

    Bravo 👊

  2. Kenneth Di Leo

    Wow I'm lost for words, this is really good.

  3. Vinchenzo C

    Why didn't Train perform this for Led Zep at the Kennedy Honors?

  4. Cheese Cheese

    You guys need to start making rock music. I love the way you sound live, and I see you in concert all the time in Houston, but the overproduced pop garbage is just what I labelled it as. Come on, Train. You have so much rockin potential. Use it!

  5. lazytanks

    Ayo fuck GVF, Train ftw

  6. Marilor Bastille

    WOW! Excellent! If i may, please? I shall consider YOUR'S my Last train to Clarksville. And I KNOW makes no sense but this is where'd I'd been the first time I heard these words... "Good Morning Mr President..." It changed everything. Thanks again for This Heavenly Jam! I will cherish it until the end of time.

  7. Thomas Peters

    Brilliant interpretation.

  8. Mike Taylor

    Wth who knew that zeppelin was reincarnated from a train 🚂

  9. Stoggies

    I just heard you on Howard stern so I looked u up great job

  10. Video Demon

    Probably the best song Train's ever done and it's a cover lol

  11. ZoSoStillAlive

    I remember years and years ago, prior to drops of jupiter and other well known albums by Train, when I first heard of this band. It was the first song ever by them I heard and they were NOT known at all. The song came over the radio traveling from Seattle to Boise and I remember asking who is this? who? I mean, nobody ever or fi they tried to do Any Zeppelin songs sounded any good, or if at best, slightly. This However was Very Impressive, and it was all I could do to keep asking Who, who is this? And I remember the name Train. I remember them from then on. They didn't play the song or I never heard any more of them trying to do again. The band got their own thing going and then notoriety started to happen from then on. Fast forward to when a few years ago when they did a whole album of Zeppelin. I was glad they did it and I was impressed with all the songs they did. In fact nobody I can say or did, has ever tried to even do this let alone just one song. And Great job on all that was done, no matter what Anybody says, I am glad they at least made the Zeppelin sail on. Bravo to follow your thoughts, no matter what all may think or say on doing this or any Zeppelin Songs. I am sure the Zeppelin Fans and the Group themselves would be proud to know you gave it a try and did. Thank you.


    Great white covered Zep and did a pretty good job.but i think train does a little better guitar work.check it out Great Zeppelin

  12. Brendan Macie

    You mean to tell me that this whole time Train could have sounded exactly like Led Zeppelin and they didn't tell us?


    instead they decided to be a shitty top 40 pop rock band


    @defpickles98 Hey, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a shitty top 40 pop composer in his day, so go fuck yourself Sid.

  13. Bohemian Monk

    The singer sounds eerily like Robert Plant, even has the same inflections.

    Bohemian Monk

    Well for most of the song anyway

  14. Myk McGrane

    I mean, okay.... It's, uhm, a song. Yeah, sure... But how special this IS NOT, is like... I'll stick with OG. But, at the same time, you're totes allowed to do a cover of something you like or love.

  15. Re Peres

    ❤❤❤❤ Amo!!!!

  16. Bryan Waters

    Nice one indeed, in all aspects.

  17. bazooka man

    If they touted small  venues as a Zep cover band id catch a few  gigs

  18. Astro Mann

    Wow. Vocals just need a little more power, and rougher. Musical, its a perfect copy.

  19. jordi jau

    Thankssssss led million thankssss

  20. ClaireRedfieldGT

    Damn this is actually good

  21. Tiago Nunes

    Terrible band + awesome song = pretty nice cover.
    Do some rock, Train.

  22. Lew Tabakin

    I cannot hate you guys, you did quite a good job and took a huge risk.

  23. Iron Mystic

    Best rockn' song of all time

  24. Greg Fosdal

    Great cover.... But where's the bass?


    Needs to be much louder. This is totally a bass-driven song.

    Trey Hodson

    My initial reaction to the song was to compare the vocals, because that's where most people fall short. I didn't think about the bass until I started scrolling the comments. Then I turned up the volume and finally heard it. Not sure why Train left the bass so hidden on their track. From what I can make out, it sounds "mostly" accurate but it not present enough.

  25. Britain Stevenson

    Great job. Goes to show there are lots of great singers or imitators but its the whole package like Robert Plant had.

  26. Malcolm Palm

    There's much more than meets the ear when performing this tune, and these guys do a very good job.

  27. Vincent Lievense

    Great vocal imitation of Robert Plant. Hardly notice any difference.

  28. Brent Roberts

    Great version of one of my favourite Zeppelin songs

  29. Scotsman420

    Up there with the bootleg beatles i am the walrus cover. Job well done Train.

  30. Hozer Vee Dubb_twosixx

    😑😑😑 gonna go listen to the real song now

  31. Irene

    smashed the like button

  32. Surya Sarangi

    I thought a very close mimic of the original, the vocalist sounds similar in his approach to Plant's.

  33. Aaron Solomon

    wikkd wikkd

  34. Amir Alon

    Amo essa música 🤘

  35. LC 716

    Good cover. Has the voice now he just needs those Plant power vocals

  36. Austin Marcott

    sorry but only led zeppelin can do led zeppelin songs

    Greg Tank Johnson


  37. TED W

    Fucking hell

  38. Bux

    this song is depressing because it's a sample of what Train COULD be. don't get me wrong, I prefer LZ, but damn it if Train doesn't kick this songs ass. If only they'd make good music like this instead of crap like Play that Song or any of their pop songs

  39. Mike Omo

    I like the band Train but I could just listen to Zeppelin II

  40. jaxmar88

    Nice cover, and I have been a Zep fan since the early days, well done lads.

  41. Brad Messerrly

    So good...Pat you rule! I'm four beers into it and this sounds great!

  42. MrBmxjr

    Baba booey sent me here.

  43. Andrew DiCostanzo

    Great Job Pat!

  44. macarthur71

    I want to comment and not come across as the old man yelling at the clouds.

    Let start w the positive. Great voice and good playing. Zep is so amazingly difficult and there is a reason you don't hear a lot of Zep covers. It takes balls the size of dump trucks to take on their music and do it justice.

    Now for the negative. For the same reasons I mention above I don't like it very much. And most of it isn't trains fault. First, the recording sounds very thin and tinny. With modern recording, this had to have been a choice. Zep had arguably the greatest rhythm section in rock history so if you bass and drums don't have a full strong sound, it's not going to do the music justice. It also, perhaps, speaks to how great page was in the studio that he put this music down given the technology of that time.

    Guitars were just so small. Page was always the only guitar player yet he filled the speakers w sound. Maybe this is also the recording. It's not that the guy can't play guitar; it's just, like the drums and bass, you have to be heavy and contrasting at the same time. Page has always talked about light and shade.

    Last, vocals - plant is such a difficult one to do. He sang in a key normally that most folks just can't hit. I respect this vocalist because he has a great voice too and certainly doesn't embarrass himself. And I think the raw emotion just isn't the same. And that's probably attributable to the fact that it's a cover. It's a diff mindset. Respectable.

    So in summary, train is a very good band and technically did not sound foolish. I just wonder why some choices were made regarding the recording and mixing. Maybe they didn't want to "sound like Zep" but there in lies the conundrum for covering Zep. When you try to "make it your own" it generally comes so insanely short of the original target.

  45. Tennessee Ridgerunner

    I had every intention of hating this because I'd rather have an all night root canal than listen to Train. But Damn! This is very very good. I always thought Zep can't be covered but by certain bands but these guys have shocked the shit outta me.

    Pyro Skilletx

    That metaphor killed me.


    I'd rather listen to black veil than get a root canal. Just as painful as you can imagine, but then twice as worse than that.
    But that's unrelated, this is an awesome cover.


    Try Bruno Mars in Radio One Live Lounge doing Fire by Jimi Hendrix. Jaw on the floor mate, trust me

    Caswallon and Flur

    Absolutely amazing. These are really good musicians here. Great cover !

  46. Dale Perry

    Very well done!!!

  47. randy Solari

    Well done!!


    Sounds gay.Weak.What a grand insult to The Mighty Led Zeppelin.

    carlos aguilar

    everyone have his own stile


    IKR it's like they rip off led zeppelin and replaced the vocals with some sissy dick

  49. ronnieam33

    Loved them on the Stern show last week !!!!

  50. Sean488

    This is like a banana, mayo, grape jelly and peanut butter sandwich. It should suck. But you want another.

    Max Metodiev

    Sean488 that does suck

  51. Pongsakorn Buranakarn

    Back & forth up & down

  52. CrazyCanadian

    Love Train wow a job well done guys
    😁 😁 😁 😁 thanks

  53. Malcolm Brooks

    a w e s o m e

  54. MeltingLove Wattpad

    1 view? 20 likes...yep, YouTube is at it again!


    Fuck you.

    MeltingLove Wattpad

    @svengoolie007 Thanks but I'll pass.

  55. enigmaren