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Train Merry Christmas Everybody Comments
  1. Godshuis

    I love the Christmas Vacation clip

  2. Ob Bop

    About time the Precious Princesses got to work and got a few things done around the house!!!

  3. Deborah Wood

    Just discovered this one a few days ago! Awesome!:)

  4. April Poss

    Love you Mr. J

  5. soy27 co

    Yo la tengo que cantar

  6. Kathy Reid

    :Jesus is the reason for the Season: ~ said someone. Merry Christmas #PatMonahan and #train <3

  7. Dziabuka

    Who's listing it not during X-mas?

  8. Hayden Mack

    How in the hell can you leave in the sharpest note recorded in history? 0:22

  9. Ben Manuel

    No, no no no.

  10. Matthew Labbe

    I love the references to Christmas Vacation in this video lol

  11. Darth Vader

    Where can I find Christmas 🤔

  12. michael gilstrap

    a.p.real here, very funny but you know it made me laugh , so anyways where can i expect to meet you at

  13. Josef Skolka

    thats like the best christmas video

  14. Anthony Holder

    ●●● F A B U L O U S !!! ●●●

  15. twheart100


  16. batlizard37

    SLADE'S original version is so much better

  17. Ko Raek

    Original song created by Slade in 1973. Nobody can sing it as Noddy Holder did it, especially when shouting "It's Christmas!!!!" at the end...

  18. Keith Freeland

    is everybody crazy? Mama Where All Crazy Now!

  19. Keith Freeland

    Noddy Holder

  20. 2speakers


  21. Lindsay Crawford

    This video is horrible!

  22. mark thor

    Good cover of Slade's hit from 1973

  23. Hayden Mack

    0:21 This is the studio version and he's flat. I like Train but wtf was that?

  24. Lidge1994

    QI led me here


    This band knows what christmas is and apart of the negativity it make you remember in the chrisas spirit even if there is not a lot of bands who make these songs but food job man you know what chirstmas is

  26. Flo Ryan

    So here I am again

  27. Train Spotter

    awesome songs for christmas mood

    Full songs of this album available here..

  28. mrpineapple 010

    Not even close to Slade I'm sorry

  29. v.torii.g

    Sounds almost like The Beatles.

  30. Ryan Wallace

    Nice cover

  31. Jose Aries

    Like si le gusto el video

  32. Fuego Pazzo

    I love Train, but come on, it's just not Noddy

  33. Stefan Mailoa

    i like this music

  34. nzovae

    I thought this was was a message not a song XD

  35. FierceONeill

    Where's Todd and Margo??!

  36. CG Production

    marry Christmas everyone

  37. Mindfreak5150

    Absolutely awful. Terrible singing and the whole raucous & fun aspect of Slade's original is completely missing. Delete your band.

  38. MarkVL

    What's the point of covering a classic if the cover is far worse. Jeez

  39. |Maki

    Ths is Slade's song, but still good Train

  40. Kristin Douglass

    Not their best

  41. Mackenzie Montgomery


  42. Mackenzie Montgomery

    honestly my favorite song right now

  43. Geraldy Ruwayari

    the music sounds like the Beatles

  44. Melson

    Stom superstom filmpie

    milainfj 1

    het gaat omhetliedje nietde videoclip

    Laurens Prins

    Melle Kamminga stom, super stom

  45. Marcus C

    the origional from slade is like this version a christmas anthem

  46. Katsem

    Nice cover of Slade's Christmas classic.

  47. Hayden Mack

    at 0:21 hes sharp.....

  48. Reffusion

    Lol, that's my house on a perma-basis.


    Shit, I graduated with the girl in the pink headband.

  50. Yu xin yang

    Who is the girl in 2:45

  51. MLG_Grandpa

    Why doesnt he upload anymore?

  52. irene robles

    This band was my shit and to find it is been alive this whole time and I didn't know

  53. Hashtag LiveLife

    ew where's hey sole sister


    Lol exactly

  54. Henry

    Slade is better

  55. Kevin 0gravity

    so there still alive??

  56. xハズ


  57. Jordan Taylor


  58. Jordan Taylor

    Um Did the band thing crew Did Thay quite the song writing? PLZ answer!

  59. Melany L.G

    I love this song ❤❤

  60. amillian berry

    Please go check out Stayhungryproductions well theres only one video but we are making more so check out his channel thank you

  61. Ana tiecker

    Melhor banda ♡♡♡

  62. Liaz


  63. That Guy

    Dude this was made last Christmas holy crap.
    I swear if they make new songs like they did in 2009 I will feel so happy.
    I love this band so much I will cry if they make songs again.

    Ed gAr

    I heard this song the day before Christmas lmao

  64. Yasmin Coelho

    ainda prefiro hey, soul Sister 😂😂

  65. CrookedChimera6

    2:44 i dont think some of the pics are cristmas

  66. Lost Mr.Krabs

    Train deserves more popularity

  67. Cami Cruz

    Noel gallagher

  68. Ambassador of Corruption

    crap santa claus

  69. Música Luis

    WWE Tribute To The Troops 2015.

  70. Luke Studios

    This song let me remind me to John Lennon!

  71. shadyy.michael

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  72. shadyy.michael

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  73. Kakarot

    Shake up's still the best.

  74. Salem Reaves

    1:49, so freaky

  75. pranknetwork35

    My dad went to school with Pat in Erie!

  76. Aaron Anderson

    This reminds me of a Beatles song!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME WHAT SONG?????

    Aaron Anderson

    Probably every Beatles Song where all four of them sing at the same time XD your welcome, past Aaron

  77. Barnabás Mike

    It's originally by Slade

  78. sulxani chiqovani

    merry cristmas everybody <3 <3

  79. Lian Khai

    Tribute to the troops brought me here

  80. trashytaz

    Good Catchy Song

  81. Anaperius


    Cristian Durbaca

    i hahahaha

  82. FirePhoenix

    I like shake up Christmas better man

  83. SWISH

    Everybody a wish you a fine christmas and a nice new year🎅🏼

  84. andreas antoniades

    Merry Christmas

  85. JimB 1985

    Camp Freddy did it better.

  86. Gen Evieve

    It all took a twist when Santa came.

  87. Gen Evieve

    So here it is, Merry Christmas know the rest. Happy Holidays everybody!!

  88. Jake Gaming

    Love this song

  89. Swagq Yoloboy

    who was brought by wwe



  91. Phillip Arismendez

    the vocals sound like the 1960's band the turtles who sang "elanore"!

  92. Allan Coffin

    glad they made a tribute to the band SLADE with their song from 1973 awesome

  93. Noelle Ouafegha

    They did it good I am just use to the original artist Slade doing it.

  94. Neri 4x4

    this had a Beatles kinda theme along with We Are Young video... and very crazy. 😂😂😂😂 The dudes hair caught on fire...

  95. 1955stargazer

    I love it! Merry Christmas to one of my favorite bands,.. Train!,... Love you guys!