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  1. Daniel Fernandes


  2. Lori Driskell

    Ohhh. No wayyt omgg how. Awesome dang you. Rock

  3. tapani raudaskoski

    Best Led cover ----ever-- Respect!"!

  4. David Angell

    Are we sure this is Train's lead singer? (NM the rest of the derogatory comments below, on covering Zep. It's a nearly impossible feat) This is both unexpected from Train, and better than I'd ever imagine for nearly any other band closer to their sound!

  5. Johnney Depth

    i have youtube on auto and this came up. its really good

  6. infinityxwolf

    Where was this years ago

  7. D. Duna

    Awesome job, Fellas!

  8. Thomas Peters

    Headbangers anthem

  9. Rudi JURGENS

    Hey jimmy page,hire this singer and tour,I'd go.

  10. steve austin



    I’m learning to play this on drums :D

  12. monkeymaiden68

    AWESOME....i love zeb covers

  13. Martin Rugeri

    Muy bueno, sigan así, saludos desde argentina

  14. Jim Garrison

    Its just crazy the number of experts(assholes) out in la la land! It is awsome.

  15. Jim Garrison

    wow .! LIKE

  16. Maui Mig

    Well this is disappointing. came here because their version of Lemon Song was great. this not so much.

  17. Miguel Janerios

    People actually like this? They're just playing the songs exactly like the original album! I would expect any professional musician to be able to do this... the challenging is actually WRITING the songs. I had a no-name Zed cover band come around my neighborhood to the casino and they did just as well, maybe even better.

    Jeez guys, be artists for once! I knew Train was derivative mainstream mediocrity, but I figured that was just because they liked playing basic pop songs. Now I suspect that they just lack creativity.

    Look at something like: With a Little Help from My Friends - Joe Cocker... THAT'S how you're supposed to cover a song. This is just lame.

    Miguel Janerios

    @Zooropa_Station Wow. First off, when I said I lost respect for them, I *obviously* mean as musicians. That goes without saying. Maybe they are fantastic artists in other areas, or maybe they are great, kind, awesome people. I don't know, and I am not saying I "lost respect" for them as people. I am only talking about their music. I don't know if you understand that. Moving on...

    Damn straight I am surprised that other people would listen to this [given the real thing is readily available]. Yeah, I think people that listen to this or respect & enjoy it have a terrible taste in music. (Maybe not *generally* a terrible taste in music, just that liking THIS particular music demonstrates some bad taste. I would, for example, say Zooropa is a fantastic album [which I assume you like it based on your avatar], but I would say this sucks [and I am assuming you like this, too].) I am not hiding that fact. Why does it bother you so much? I am not saying people that enjoy this are bad people, stupid, problematic, evil, or anything like that.... I am saying that, in my opinion, their taste in this music is bad; that's all. Are you really that think skinned that it offends you?

    People implicitly do this EVERY TIME they criticize art. "This music is just emo crap," "I think X has run out of ideas.. his new album is just mindlessly going through the motions, making the same old sound he's made for years now," "The guitar on this album is just grating, the pathetic attempts at solos are embarrassing," -- These are all possible criticisms, and anyone who likes the hypothetical songs could take offense, like, "Wow when you say it's emo crap, that's offensive to ALL emo music fans." That's a weak position.

    I mean, if you want to take it personally, go ahead, but calling it pretentious is a silly and cliche move. Why is criticizing this lame plagiarism pretentious? This is literally just plagiarism with permission. I am not impressed, but that's pretentious to you? What if this was an artist just redrawing the Mona Lisa, or an author recreating a book, with only minor details changed, or someone remaking an old film, but with the intent to make it as similar to the original as possible? Yeah - pretty lame. This is the same to me.

    Now, covering a song with a whole new style, that's good with me. But, again, this is pretty much plagiarism with permission. What's good about that? How does that contribute to the body of music as an art form? It's just lame.


    Man, you just love to rant don't you? Glad I could give you an outlet. Saying other people's tastes are "Bad" is pretentious by definition, however, saying those tastes are "different" relative to yours is not, and maintains a mutual understanding of the subjectivity of music. But that's  a discussion of semantics. Anyway, I'm out.

    Miguel Janerios

    @Zooropa_Station "But that's a discussion of semantics."

    At least you're somewhat self-aware. Your whole OP is based completely on semantics, and it was all totally unnecessary. Saying "I think your taste in music is bad" is not pretentious, I am just bypassing using the obvious euphemism by saying "it's different relative to mine". I do so because it goes without saying, that when I say "This music is bad and your taste is bad," it is implied that what I mean is, "In *my opinion*, this music is unappealing, and you find it appealing, and so our taste in music is a bad match." It's *obvious* that what I say only represents my opinion, because nobody else other than you needed to clear up the fact that music is subjective.


    @Miguel Janerios Oh god

    jim treebob

    Miguel Janerios I kind of dig it! You can't mess with a perfect album like Led Zeppelin II.

  18. TheHimawarijapan

    正に完全コピー! 三浦祐太朗クンがナックファイブの番組で褒めちぎっていただけのことはある

  19. Ash Drums

    That is sick. Despite how accurate it is though that drummer is no Bonham. Bonham is just way too damn trademarked in that sound.

  20. Tyler Matty

    I love how right after the solo when the rest of the band kicks in, they actually changed the sound of all the instruments like in the original song where they recorded that part in a completely different studio....fuggin nailed it!

  21. Josiahstayflexin

    I love train..period.. I love that pat Monahan was in a a few zep tribute bands before this...the music is really super great...but...pat will never nail the grittiness of the studio version...that being said...being a zep freak neither will Robert plant...listening to live versions his voice past 74 was shot...after the surgery...after the surgery and this rendition does the song great justice

  22. Zomboy

    WTF.....WTF.....this is good

  23. X-Sell Realty

    who knew train could rock, i thought they were a pop band

  24. João Luis Arrais Laneiro Velez

    It is amazing what Train is making in this song; when there is the solo guitar, the Train guitarrist does not fail any note, which happens in the same song with Jimmy Page, so this is a great improvement in this song in final!!!

  25. Texas Tornado

    holy shit! I didn't think any body could do a better job than Robert Plant, but you guys fucking killed it! Fantastic, you guys should redo all of tuem

  26. brown recluse

    THANK YOU, Guitar Guy, for your effort to try to stay faithful to such an idiosyncratic, occasionally sloppy but 100% classic guitar solo.
    Jimmy Page is God, but you hit the important parts where a lot of guys would have faked it.

  27. Michael Marks


  28. thunder ous

    ...he's no jimmy page but he did alright

  29. Nancy Cullity

    Love this cover!! WOW


    Ok ok,the band's alright(and I'm being generous)as far trying to re-record the very best rock has ever heard..BUT the singer sucks ass.ALSO:I can think of at least 20 real rock bands still performing and recording that would put this elevator rock to shame with this material,but they know it's pointless.

  31. Daniel Rogers

    My Man Nailed the Guitar Solo = I Dig it

  32. MrBmxjr

    Heard them playing these songs on Howard Stern Show.. Awesome cover. Talented guys..Baba Booey

  33. Yung Goon

    For a cover , they did amazing . The sound is very similar which keeps the integrity of the original .

  34. Emerson Langie

    Pretty impressive!

  35. Michael Britt

    Hey now. They are a COVER band. When's the last time you seen a Zeppelin show recently? Yeah me either.

  36. Randy Moses

    Great Cover Album!.....Ignore The Tone Deaf A-Holes Below!


    Where do I begin to describe this rubbish?Well the horrible singer seems the logical place.


    Guessing you'd fucking flip if you found out that Train pretty much had this in the works since 1999, atleast.


    +NonbornAdversary Yeah who cares..Train have sucked for longer than that I'm sure.


    I don't care either way. I never liked their music all that much and that's why I didn't spend all week flaming on their new album which all proceeds go to a foundation for children with cancer. Just saying.

  38. Brent Landon

    Solo's a bit rough. B-

    Daniel Rogers

    Yet Damn Good..its Not an Easy one..most guitarists RUN in FEAR

    Layne Franklin

    You're joking right? I've played for 35 years. Listen to Pages solo. It's sloppy as fuck and this was pretty dam close...he was prolly trying to duplicate the sloppiness...

  39. Bruno Zaldívar

    I rather get fucking aids than listen to this garbage

    David Henry

    Debbie Downer strikes again....

    Ash Drums

    Let us know how it goes

  40. Bruno Zaldívar

    I rather get fucking aids than listen to this garbage




    Lol..:)agreed,this is fuckin' shit.

  41. Angela Large

    Every song, better than the last!! Awesome job Train!!

  42. RossBayCult

    Excellent cover album through and through.

    Larry Napier

    RossBayCult It is Pat that has it down,Jimbo's trick was to be a fraction of a beat in front of Bonzo,he always wanted a bite,but he never put his Marshall over 4,he was so original it was a perfect band! I wish you all knew more things like on Kasmir There is no bass guitar,Jim tunes strings 1-4 like a mandolin and Five and Six in G and D,the steady bass was Jimmy hitting the open sixth string and on the break John P.Works the Organ Bass Pedals,same with No Quarter,but I was lucky enough to find a path to them! I discovered 7 tunings of Jimbo's and alternated tunings help especially live! But in the studio he is the ," King of Layering "!!! Absolutely the Greatest and No.One Band Ever!! Remember they played,wrote their scores! After the death of Epstein for the Beatles,they hired The Fifth Beatle,George Martin he was a scholar and Musical Genius,they got him in 1967,Jimmy was just playing sesions and for the Yardbirds, where Dazed & Confused and some came from,but G.Martin was payed a arrangers fee,Bands were using all four of the Zep players on everything! They should seperate,Vocal bands from groups,because Zepp was a real Mixture capable of evolving! Ledbelly sold most of 1&2 to Jimmy he later paid millions to be respectable.He consoled when my drummer died,I owe a debt I can never repay!



  43. CrazyCanadian

    Yeah keep it coming..