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Train Drink Up Comments
  1. Lili Mari

    The song everyone's mom sings along with when it comes on the radio

  2. Vito Scaletta

    Thank you Taco Bell for playing this song when I was ordering

  3. Harry Cox

    They sound like One Direction. What happend to this band???

  4. Amanda Cousins

    I love California so the Golden Gate Bridge is one of my favorite places so walk and take photos,I have German friends and family so enjoy with the gang,Alec,mrs island and me

    Amanda Cousins

    Prost!(that's cheers in German)

  5. angie hart

    It’s only good in the beginning

  6. Monica Gargus

    In the USA

  7. Monica Gargus

    This is the best song ever

  8. Amanda Cousins

    Hostess with the mostess song

  9. Fatma Mohammed

    She said she did not like tea ,she drank up the whole cup though

  10. Brent Aragon

    I felt like turning my Brian off now I'm listening to fuckin trian


    March 2018 we were on the Cruise Ship Norwegian Pearl, with train. He started out his concert with this song, and it was a Wednesday night in the beginning of our cruise to Cozumel with him. The cruise was called sail across the Sun, a term used in Rain Drops of Jupiter. The cruise was full of entertainers and it was one fantastic trip. However they said that's the last of the cruises that they've done for the last five years. But I hope they come up with something different for next year had such a great time.


    I heard him sing this song live and it wasn't even close to the album version. His accent ruins it. His English is actually terrible.

    Freya Lawrance

    I saw them live and every song was better live than on the albums. And terrible English? Given the fact that he's American, I'm gonna say his first language is English.
    You don't know what you're talking about.

    Evan Sligar

    Y.R.N - YOUNG RICH NIGGAs I don't think you saw the real guy.

  13. Howard denaven

    this goes through my head everytime I visit my Niece and Nephew

  14. David Witte

    Wait his name is pat

    Chase Havens

    Yep Pat Monahan Is His Name

  15. Fish & Ski

    24-7 Seconds of a ski vacation-84-7

  16. Jennifer Serrano Vlogs

    Train please come back to Hershey Pa! <3

  17. Ralph kasow

    this fucking shit is great

  18. Holly Mollman

    This song rocks! Well done, guys!!!

  19. bored_ 2.0

    by Train "i like Trains"

    Sophia Lejtman

    Lanimay David 😂

  20. lucy ;-;

    love thixs

  21. Zachimera

    I swear the wordless melody is a sample from another song... which is it..? It's driving me crazy!!! Also I love this song, so not insulting it at all!


    It definitely reminds me of Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear.


    Reminds me of I get knocked down for some reason

  22. Tordtilla

    this comment section is so sad and funny

  23. Damien Dubay

    I love you Pat

  24. Elle Wall

    best voice ever ! hear this song every day

  25. Elle Wall

    I love you could you Wright a chainsmoker song I want to be in this band


    I'm a kid and a Youtuber too

    aaron 562

    Elle Wall write* Chainsmoker's*

    Sighing Dog

    I wouldn't even know, sorry.
    I think the person with the first comment is talking to themselves, or trying to talk to Train.. in hopes of getting in their band..? That's what I got out of it, anyways. I don't really know....


    Chainsmokers are shit m8