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Train Christmas Must Be Tonight Comments
  1. A D M

    Best cover I've heard thus far. Merry Christmas.

  2. CJ Media

    merry christmas! Happy eve! hope your day is filled with the christmas spirit if its not... sing it off

  3. Hmingthana

    Hmingthanmawia'n status ah hmang a, ka lut a chuan youtube ah hei a lo in play ta. Chrismas chibai min bukna hla lo ni in. Mawi hle mai. Merry chrismas2019

  4. ange


  5. Terry Quesenberry

    Awesome Cover

  6. Oh ya!

    Not as good as the original but... I'll listen to it though

  7. Jury Klymko

    Blue Rodeo does a great version as well. I still believe the original by the band is the best but it's such a great song it seems anyone could do it and it would be hard to mess up.

  8. Tim THE F WORD Johnston

    i hate cover songs, but I do like this version

  9. Sara Osborne

    Glad some people aren't afraid to show their religion

  10. Cindy Beaty

    Bring the people so much joy

    Joe Lambert

    What a line of lyric!

  11. Terry Howard

    I love this song - it makes my heart sing and all my Christmas bells ring. In fact it makes me cry in a good way. Thank yuo for your genuine rendition.

  12. Moawati Lemtur

    meaning bhal ase

  13. Geoffrey Smith

    A nice cover of Robbie Robertson's (The Band)song but I still like the Bands version best

  14. Ed Redden


  15. Michael Eshom

    Great cover of a classic song by The Band.

  16. Bawla Khiangte

    I like thiss songzz sooo much..

  17. Kristine Elizabeth Bate

    Beautiful, My new Christmas Music! Thank You Train♥️

  18. Gavin Warman

    I️ love this so much!

  19. quadeera johnson

    #geuas christ

  20. Carlos Cifuentes

    Cuando ves un comentario en español

  21. Ana tiecker

    Eu amo demais essa banda 💗💗💗😍😍😍

  22. tarun Theboss

    *19th* *India*

  23. Madimeg Hopelaurenelizabeth

    Sub too me and I’ll sub baCk. And do ur ideas. Can this get 2 likes for no reason

  24. Zaraí Bahena

    Love it

  25. Raz Perezandez

    #Christmas + #Train = Perfect

  26. Muantea Chawngthu

    Thank you so much.... 😊😊😊 best Christmas song ever.... Mizo zinga 1st comment😁

  27. Muantea Chawngthu

    Thank you so much.... 😊😊😊 best Christmas song ever.... Mizo zinga 1st comment😁

  28. Edjane Dos Santos

    I Love you 😘😘😘😘😘

  29. Doma

    #Train #AwesomeSong

  30. Caroline Cairns

    Can tell it getting closer to Christmas with all the songs getting played

  31. Ada

    I feel Christmas 🎄🎅🏼

  32. Jebin j thomas

    #Awesome Song

  33. Mr Trooper

    Triple upload

  34. Jebin j thomas

    Best song as always 👍👍👍✌✌