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Tragically Hip, The 38 Years Old Comments
  1. Dustin Punks

    I miss Gordo!

  2. pete kelly

    Why do some of the Hip songs make me wet in the eyes?Damn …Thanks Gord for the memories.Fiddler's Green reminds me of when I lost my younger brother years ago. Shit times goes on. This is timeless though.

  3. George Heiserman

    Ain't it some shit that 7 years b4 Katrina they knew about new orleans

  4. Rand McNally

    how many canuuuks up in here eh?

  5. Andrew Drake

    That little guitar solo towards the end is deadly 🔥

  6. J Bone

    Wow just turned 38 years old and remembered this song...I've discovered so many great bands from Canada. The rock scene here in the States is basically dead, but it seems in Canada it is still thriving.

  7. Jonathan Smith

    its the way she goes

  8. Sean Mcbride

    Had I not lived in Canada for two years 25 years ago I may have left this world and never heard of this band. How sad would that be?

    Thanks, Hip for carrying me through those lonely early days away from home, and many days since.

  9. Andrew S

    I'm soon to be 38 and have yet to kiss a girl :(

  10. Frank 001

    One of my favorite songs. 👍🏻🙂


    I always thought there should have been a part two to this song.......

  12. kina smol

    not crying.

  13. Kyle Stewart

    Legends never die

  14. Wolf Of Cold Flame

    2nd anniversary of Downie's death RIP brother

  15. Brittain

    Great video man

  16. Nv Johansson

    If someone raped my little sister, l too would kill him.

  17. Alexander Metcalfe

    This is he only opening scene song that's ever given my eye a tear

  18. Predebeu sem

    Here from Steven Ogg

  19. fortnite God's

    Rock on all the way from Canada

  20. Stephen Sandoz

    Currently jamming to this on my 38th birthday. 🙂

  21. k4rm4n

    "He's not a bad goalie... but he's dumb."

  22. pepepepert

    I turned 38 this year. I got in the car and this song played once I started the car. I sat in silence and tears. Such a moving song.

  23. NicNak Braun

    I met the sister of the guy who they wrote this song about...she's a RBC employee at the bank, her brother got 18 years when he was 20...sad all said and done..think his name Dave..shes Heather..

    NicNak Braun

    And hes passed now as well..

  24. Jeff Hornung

    Hang around here.
    Love the hip
    Buffalo misses you

  25. Erik Gadbois

    As a young Canadian in highschool the Hip was where its at

  26. Erik Gadbois

    My youth owes credit to the Hip!

  27. Olga Brower

    From Minnesota..Close enough also....Great in Mpls!!! Rip Gord

  28. Kassandra Charest

    Fuck les cochons

  29. TheNash420

    You can't beat real stories , about real things and real places

  30. Steve Robinson

  31. Ryan Kisnics

    Im 40 Year Old And Grew Up To This Canadian Icon Rock Band...And My 2 Daughters are Listening To Them Now...Keeping The Canadian Roots Alive...👊👊🇨🇦

  32. JustAnUnusualPerson

    Wait who is he??

  33. Null Pup

    @soakingCobra - noice

  34. #Samsquash_ns

    If your from Nova Scotia and or watched gord live like this

  35. inflames2112

    2019 already been too damn long since ya gone Gord

  36. B. McAllister

    Slow it down to 0.75. It sounds awesome.

  37. Pauline Head

    This song reminds me of David Millguard.

  38. Nana Snickers

    Thank you. Love from Sarnia, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  39. Sean Hollett

    breaks my heart everytime I hear this song.....

  40. Kevin Morden

    My whole family was from Kingston Ontario so yes super big fan

  41. Anna Vajda

    Any more fake tears to cry about Gord Mr. PM?

  42. Anna Vajda

    Why didn't the cops handle the rapist themselves?

  43. ironneck mike

    they broke out of KP not millhaven maximum security

  44. GhosT sheLLz 75

    GodBless this band is Legendary REST n PARADISE Gordy 💙

  45. PearTree Budz

    hes not not a bad goalie but hes dumb

  46. shaws Bra

    One has to appreciate great music and this is great music

  47. john mac


  48. Karolina Guzman Smyl


  49. brittany lucas

    This song is based on a true story, such talent amongst this whole band, the world will always miss Gordon Downy 💜

  50. larry kowalski

    been up there, done time there, love this song, its a part of my past love this band, Gordie is the man.. grew up on this..

  51. Laila

    I turned 38 years old today. Thanks Hip. Love and miss you, Gord. RIP

    Esteban F.

    Did you kiss a girl?

  52. Soosay Love

    I Love & Live The Hip

  53. RH Dizzle

    We miss you Gord!!

  54. lkjyuiop

    Trailer park boys the movie brought me here. Haha. Herd this song once 20
    Years ago

  55. SnakeExperience 101

    I just did a couple years in prison here in alberta..
    Gord got me through some dark fucking times.

  56. Dan Smith250

    Rest in peace gordie your the man ! Never gets old!

  57. warren marino

    canada entered a great dperession when we lost Godon and Lahey

  58. Joey Farr

    2018 gone but not forgotten

  59. Ridge Cook

    I am from west virginia and these boys live on through me and my friends

  60. Roger Kreil

    This song isn’t about me anymore! 😛 She wanted as much money as she could get from me though.

  61. Darryl Rushlow

    Best song and band ever my dad grew up with these guys when they were young

  62. k bee

    hip hop with a guitar


    k bee what

  63. Janek Franek

    Cheers from Poland das is good shit

  64. Jack Knight

    One of their best songs

  65. R R

    First time listening and wow talk about a male version of Tracey Chapman

  66. You Really Something Else

    still missing Gord... saw a cover band here in Tokyo perform Hip covers for Canada Day a few weeks ago. Brought back memories of a Hip show I saw 30 years ago. Gord will live on forever...

  67. fretstride2

    The Anthem of the Incel

  68. Black Sun PMC

    How do I get this on iTunes

  69. Mark Marsh

    You did a great job SK .... thanx

  70. jinkazama68

    Thank You for making that video.

  71. sylvain perreault

    Number 1 for me wow saw them in Montreal long ago........

  72. Lisa Cameron

    @SoakingCobra........I've seen this video so many times. This is in my top 3 Hip songs. And it was only now that I read you made it. Wow! Blew me away! It's perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    Jack Knight

    Lisa Cameron what are your other two Hip songs

  73. MrCrumpets368

    0:52 Represent...

  74. Rharriscaps70

    What a voice


    lol, if you like the sound of a billy goat trying to sing!

  75. Geoffrey Currie

    why is there no pic for 'folks went back to normal' ?!

  76. Steve Neubeck

    Being on the border, we have adopted the Hip.

  77. Ed Muise

    Dam, fine music.R.I.P Gord missed fore ever.

  78. Gregory Caron.

    then just close them weary eyes and enjoy

  79. Jeffrey Doucet Vienneau

    fkn love that song

  80. Candace Fontyn

    Miss ya Gord

  81. SquashAndBrownSugar

    The first band I introduced my chocolate lab puppy too. He will grow up on this shit just like me. ♡

  82. Brian Hoffmann

    R.I.P Gordy miss you buddy

  83. Anna Vajda

    You just know the PM of Canada is not really a Hip fan when they play music like this and Gord asked him to help those aboriginal girls.

  84. lostcrusader11

    My favourite Tragically Hip song for sure, so underrated.

  85. Corrine Vermette

    I dedicate this song to anyone doing time for a crime they didn't commit!
    A Canadian boy at 17 yrs old was found guilty for a brutal rape and murder of a nurse in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. He was in prison for 20 + years. Always sticking to his innocence. Even after 10 years of time, they offered him time served if he just pled guilty to the crime...he refused!! In 1993 his mother, who always believed her son was innocent went to the city's capital to try and have some politician look at her son's case. A new forensic technic had just came out, and this new DNA testing could free her son. The then Prime Minister of Canada Kim her on the Parliament steps! This enraged Canadians to the bone. And to make a long story short, David Milgaard was finally released after serving 25yrs. He was 38 when he was released and this song always reminded me of him.

    bill cruz

    Corrine Vermette how could he spend 25 yrs starting at 17 and get out at 38 that don't add up bud


    They actually wrote Wheat Kings about Dave Milgaard


    @bill cruz this song is not about that guy .The Hip wrote another song called Wheat Kings about it.

    bill cruz

    viciouslady thank you from last year

  86. SickSaiyan

    RIP Gord.

  87. Logan Van Dyk

    I’ve been hearing this song since I was 12 years old. I’m now 27 and I know for a fact, I will still be listening to this song when I’m 38. It will be far more memorable in my past than any girl I’ve kissed in those 15 years and will continue to be so. Gord’s words will live on because writers never die

  88. Anna Vajda

    The Hip made so many relevant songs and then the PM goes to their final show and Gord asks him to do something about the raped missing and murdered Indigenous girls and the PM cries when Gordie dies and has still not done a proper investigation or brought justice for the victims and their families utterly appalling.

  89. Brody M

    I had friends in millhaven

  90. Cj M

    shout out to my brother that still lives at home. He's 45 years old. kissed a girl, guess it sucked.

  91. Gregory Caron.

    happy birthday to me

  92. Justin Wamboldt

    Love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. Sam Hannah

    Big tune

  94. B. Foley

    .. and with every US web-media posting of "who we've lost this year" ... I don't see Gord. I'm 1/2 pissed off that he's not listed and 1/2 happy that he's a pure Canadian. G'Bye Gord! From a Vermont Fan. We miss you and all the T-Hip

    Nv Johansson

    Boston here. 👍

  95. Mud Sh-sh-shark

    Twelve men broke loose in seventy-three
    From Mill Haven maximum security
    Twelve pictures lined up across the front page
    Seems the Mounties had a summertime war to wage

    The chief told the people they had nothing to fear
    Said, "The last thing they wanna do is hang around here"
    They mostly came from towns with long French names
    But one of the dozen was a hometown shame

    Same pattern on the table, same clock on the wall
    Been one seat empty, eighteen years in all
    Freezing slow time, away from the world
    He's thirty-eight years old, never kissed a girl
    He's thirty-eight years old, never kissed a girl

    We were sitting around the table, heard the telephone ring
    Father said he'd tell 'em if he saw anything
    Heard the tap on the window in the middle of the night
    Held back the curtains for my older brother Mike

    See my sister got raped so a man got killed
    Local boy went to prison, man's buried on the hill
    Folks went back to normal when they closed the case
    They still stare at their shoes when they pass our place

    My mother cried, "The horror has finally ceased!"
    He whispered, "Yeah, for the time being at least"
    Over her shoulder on the squad car megaphone
    Said, "Let's go Michael, son, we're taking you home"

    Same pattern on the table, same clock on the wall
    Been one seat empty, eighteen years in all
    Freezing slow time, away from the world
    He's thirty-eight years old, never kissed a girl
    He's thirty-eight years old, never kissed a girl
    He's thirty-eight years old, never kissed a girl

  96. Jodiamber Greene

    My late Dad loved this Tragically Hip since I can remember. I know all the songs and every lyric ❤️
    R.I.P Daddy and Gordon ❤️❤️