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Traffic Every Mother's Son Comments
  1. Neal Pomea

    I think it's only fair

  2. Burt472

    Bliss @2.56

  3. mastersound66

    Beautiful musical ride cymbal.. Paiste 602

  4. Vencejo

    In 1970 this was for me the epitome of great progressive music. It always will be great.

  5. 21stCentury SchizoMan

    Winwood has made every band what it is since The Spencer Davis Group especially Traffic.

  6. dave butcher


  7. the searching wind

    Are you sure it was Winwood playing the saxophone and not Chris Wood?

    the searching wind

    @James Laffan Chris Wood usually played the saxophone in the group but it might have been Winwood.

    Yitzhak Finnegan

    @the searching wind No, the personnel differed on a few of the songs; on Glad/Freedom Rider & title track John Barleycorn Must Die, Chris Wood played sax & flute (and additional organ on Empty Pages), but was absent from two of the tracks, Stranger To Himself, and this track, Every Mother's Son. On this, Capaldi played drums, Winwood everything else, and on Stranger, Winwood played all instruments including drums, and Capaldi did backing vocals. Hope that clears things up.

    the searching wind

    @Yitzhak Finnegan It does. I knew Winwood played a lot of instruments but I didn't know he played the ones you mentioned.

    21stCentury SchizoMan

    On Every Mother's Son Winwood played all instruments but the drums.