Tracy Lawrence - Saving Savannah Lyrics

Momma's heart is breaking
Daddy's drinking again
This old house aint' heard laughter
Since I don't know when

Got a call from her last Sunday
She said everything was fine
But I know my baby sister
I could tell she'd been cryin'
She never was good at lyin'

So I'm saving Savannah
The city ain't where she belongs
If I have to burn down Atlanta
I'm bringing Savannah back home

Twenty miles out of Marietta
Might as well be driving blind
No idea where to start looking
Afraid of what I'm gonna find

Cashed my paycheck on Friday
And I'll be here 'till it's gone
After that I'll think of something
Only thing I really know is I ain't goin' back alone

[Repeat Chorus]

Nothing she could do to make me not love her
I ain't trying to be no hero
Just a brother

If I have to burn down Atlanta I'm bringin' Savannah back home

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